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Nine Months Earlier

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Random Plot Twists". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Martha had always had a thing for rogues....

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Television > CastleGrayCardinalFR151144052,21022 Feb 1122 Feb 11Yes
Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to some combination of Joss Whedon, the Kuzuis, Fox, Mutant Enemy, etc.; the Castleverse belongs to some combination of Andrew Marlowe, ABC, and the relevant production companies.


She’d always had a thing for rogues.

Her current husband, for one. Screwing Rosie? Understandable; the ingénue went through men like Kleenex. But seducing Colleen, their Liesl? Scandalous.

So she’d found another – young, risqué, altogether dangerous. He’d picked her from the ensemble, sent flowers, led her to a tawdry pub and a tawdrier walk-up. The sex might have been kinkier than Martha liked – pentagrams, indeed! – but it had been devilishly energetic.

Now, though, the run was ending. “Back to New York for me,” she told him. “So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu...”

Ethan Rayne merely grinned. “A pleasure, Ms. Rodgers.”


A/N: I find the conclusion one extrapolates from this distinctly terrifying (if perversely logical). That said, if someone should choose to follow up on this premise in the present-day Castleverse -- I'll definitely look forward to reading about the ensuing fireworks.

The End

You have reached the end of "Nine Months Earlier". This story is complete.

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