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Relative Troubles

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This story is No. 20 in the series "2011 Calendar Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Goblins request help from SWIC to deal with their demonic cousins.

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Requesting Help

Requesting Help
Chapter Number: 02/??
Story Summary: Goblins request help from SWIC to deal with their demonic cousins.
Chapter Summary: The goblins come to SWIC for help.
DISCLAIMER: I Do Not Own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, or anything related to them.
Date (Upload Date): 03/10/11
Date (2011 Calendar Date): 03/10
Word: Width
More information on Goblin Titles can be found in Hunters chapter 3.
It wasn’t often anyone saw a goblin outside Gringotts, even at SWIC.

“Is there something I can do for you Goblin…er?” the secretary, Jennifer Monroe, asked.

“Griphook. Account Manager Griphook.”

“Of course, my apologies. Is there something I can do for you Account Manager Griphook?”

“I formally request a meeting with the Committee.” Jennifer blinked in surprise.

“Alright. If you would have a seat,” she gestured to the chairs. “I’ll start calling the members of the Committee for a meeting.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re most welcome.” Griphook sat down in the chair closest to the secretary’s desk.


It took fifteen minutes for them to gather together. The secretary led Griphook up a few minutes later.

“Good morning Account Manager Griphook,” Giles said. “How may we be of assistance?”

“The Goblin Nation is under attack from the Tabblez and we are in need of aid,” Griphook said.

“What are the Tabblez?” Dawn asked. “I’ve never heard of them.”

“Many centuries ago, there were four Goblin Clan Leaders. The fourth, Markburrow, decided he wished to rule alone. He led an army of his loyal goblins against the other three. When they defeated him, they sentenced him, his followers, and their immediate families to the Underground – a sort of prison world beneath the mines.

“After several decades there, Markburrow made a deal with a demon for power, changing all the goblins with him into the demonic versions that attack us today. They were sealed away even further, but now they are nearly overrunning us. We have started to withdraw from the deeper pits of the mines, because we’re losing too many workers.”

“And what type of aid do you require?” Giles asked. “Help for our armies to push them back, and for our mystics to re-seal them away.”

“So Slayers and Magic Users,” Buffy said. “We don’t have a lot of stuff prepared for a large, unknown number of battles.”

“We could send a smaller team in first,” Xander suggested. “See exactly how much of what and who we need to send in.”

“Someone who isn’t going to piss of the goblins,” Dawn added, before seeming to remember that Griphook was still in the room. “No offence meant of course, Account Manager Griphook.”

“None taken. We goblins are rather foul-tempered to those who care nothing for our ways and traditions. Your people have made the best attempt to understand them yet. It is why I convinced the Clan Leaders to request aid from you.”


“Is this all SWIC sends us?” Traillot sneered. “A little girl?”

“My name is Dawn Summers, and I’ve been helping in apocalypse situations since before I was a teenager. I am here to see exactly what you need, and how best SWIC can provide for that need.”

“No need to take offence young warrior. Traillot is getting old,” Ragnok said, then he leaned in a little closer to her to whisper, “and cranky too.”

“We are attacked two to three times a week, in random places. As we withdraw from the mines, they advance, and continue the random attacks. The attacks are escalating now,” Koregrinder said.

“Do you know how many there are?” Dawn asked.

“When they were banished there were two hundred army-goblins that remained alive after the battle. With them were the immediate families of all that fought with Markburrow, numbering eighteen hundred. We know nothing of their numbers now.”

“What about your numbers?”

“We each have personal armies of five hundred. The bank itself has an army of seven hundred, along with four hundred guard-goblins.”

“So over two thousand on your end. At least a thousand on their end can be assumed. Do they have any extras that make them different from you? Stronger? Weaker? Smarter? Stupider?”

“The ones doing the attacking appear to be of lesser intelligence than the average goblin,” Ragnok said. “And yet, they have the strength of five of us. The smarter ones we have managed to glimpse have all stayed back to direct the attacks. They are surrounded by their own guards, though we do not know if this is because they are ‘leaders’ and can’t afford the distraction of being attacked, or because they are weaker than their compatriots.”

“Exactly how strong is the average goblin? In human terms, if possible please.”

“The average goblin would be on par with the strongest of your humans, and the strongest goblins on par with your Slayers.”

“So the Tabblez are likely even stronger than the Slayers. This isn’t going to be good.”
To Be Continued
Next Date (2011CD) for this Story: 04/07

The End?

You have reached the end of "Relative Troubles" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Mar 11.

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