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Anatomical Correctness

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Summary: Slash (non-explicit). Xander is getting a glass eye. At Seattle Grace Hospital. Seriously.

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Television > Grey's AnatomychurkeyFR1351,864168,4007 Mar 119 Mar 11Yes

One Month Later

One Month Later

Xander was back at Seattle Grace for his one-month-post-surgery check up. He was going to see Dr. Sloan again. He had agreed to have dinner, then sex with this man. He was very, very nervous.

He walked onto the surgical floor and spotted Dr. Yang straight away. Smiling, he snuck up on her and yelled, “Pug!” (trans: Pounce + Hug = a Pug). He enveloped her in his arms and spun her around. She responded by kneeing him in the balls.

As he was writhing in agony on the floor, she simply said, “I told you I wouldn’t be responsible.”

Sometime later, when the Chief of Surgery was questioning him about the incident, he took all responsibility for it and apologized profusely: he really had been warned.

Coincidentally, he was Dr. Sloan’s last patient of the day (‘call me Mark’). Okay, so Mark’s last patient of the day. This meant that before he knew it, he was being shuffled off to have dinner. Xander wasn’t quite sure how this happened. One minute his was looking into Mark’s eyes and the next they were sitting down to dinner. Xander blinked again and they were at his hotel and Mark was drawing him closer for a kiss. The solid feeling of Mark’s arms around him, of his chest against his chest, and Xander’s (almost non-existent) resolve melted.

In the early morning light, when Mark’s eyes were luminous, Xander reflected that Mark had made good on his word. He had been incredibly gentle. More gentle than most of the women Xander had been with. The experience had been…indescribable. And Xander didn’t know where to go from here.

But looking at the pale light illuminating Mark’s eyes, he realized he wasn’t quite ready to go and got back into bed. Mark smirked.

AN: I was going to revise this, because everything seems so quick, but I was trying to capture that disjointed, dreamy feeling you get when very attracted to someone and have that first date. How everything just slides by, until the next morning and you're wondering how everything happened so fast.

Anyway, this is the end. A short treat for those who like this sort of thing. Thanks to all of the reviewers! I really, really appreciate your comments and taking time out of your busy day to put a smile on my face.

The End

You have reached the end of "Anatomical Correctness". This story is complete.

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