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To touch the face of God

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Summary: YAHF: Feeling inferior due to Buffy's intervention earlier in the day; Xander finds the most powerful character he can for Halloween and his life will never be the same.

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Marvel Universe > Infinity Gauntlet, TheanomolyFR1312,50210266,0258 Mar 118 Mar 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dogma, or Marvel Comics (more's the pity). All Characters associated with them belong to their creators. I am only borrowing for some fun.

Xander swore as he looked down into the empty bin that had once held the coveted toy guns. There was only dust and a few price tags, shining orange in the store light, left. With a sigh he turned and set his shoulders to try and find something else. Inside he was deeply disappointed. He had hoped to be able to use the fatigues he had at home along with an inexpensive toy gun to make a soldier costume, but now he was faced with spending much more to placate Principal Snyder; the little troll.

On top of that, he no longer had a manly man costume to wear. After the humiliation of Buffy beating up on Larry, who was getting ready to beat up on him earlier that day, it wore him down that he wasn’t going to be able to dress as anything powerful; like a trained soldier.

So here he was; meandering through the surprisingly large store looking for something to wear. He had been at it for a while and knew time was running out when he saw it. Tucked back in a corner a stand up display case held the best costume he had ever seen in his life. There was nothing more powerful than this. Bust as soon as his excitement built it came to a crashing halt.

There was no way he was going to be able to afford this costume. The cloak alone would be out of his price range; let alone the rest of the costume.

“Ah, I see you found something at last.” Said a voice from right next to his shoulder.

“GYAAAaaah,” screamed the teen, “Don’t DO that!!!”

Ethan Rayne chuckled to himself as he evaluated the child before him. There was something about him that screamed clown and that made the possibilities for chaos much higher. Rayne quickly glanced at the costume in the case. He had put it there to show off the workmanship and materials that went into all of the pieces. To be honest he couldn’t quite remember what it was supposed to be. Some hero of some kind.

He glanced at his watch and back to the boy, “Care to try it on?”

“Yeah I wish,” sighed Xander, “No way can I afford that.”

“Nonsense my boy, as I told your blonde friend earlier; I am moved to make a deal you cannot refuse.”

Xander’s eyes widened as he looked back and forth between the costume to end all costumes and the shop keep.

“Don’t toy with me on this.”

“My boy,” said Ethan as he threw and arm around the young man’s shoulders, “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

The doorbell rang at the Summers house and Joyce moved to open the door. The sight that greeted her was strange to say the least. It took her a moment before she realized who it was.


“Hi Mrs. S, are the girls ready yet?”

Just then he caught the sound of taffeta brushing against itself and looked up.

“Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe! I completely renounce spandex.”

“Why thank you good sir,” she said with a curtsey, “If you think this is good wait until you see…”

A sound at the top of the stairs caught her attention and both of them looked up to see a ghost with a big “BOO” written across its chest come down the stairs.


“Hi,” said Willow in a small voice.

“That’s a might fine Boo you’ve got there Will.”

A spell of chaos rolled over Sunnydale; changing its citizens for one night of fun. The wave of energy washed out and over the town until it hit a certain costume and stopped. This costume drew more and more power as it tried to manifest.

Alone in the back of his shop Ethan Rayne screamed like he had never screamed before. On a celestial plane another entity screamed with him. Others rushed to his side and added their power to his own. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of them all lent their power to the one who was dying in pain.

In a completely removed and separate continuity a being of immeasurable power felt a slight tug from the metaphysical world. His interest peaked he left his traveling companions for a moment and investigated the pull. To his shock he found an open conduit to a completely different causality. This intrigued him even more so he stepped through to investigate. What he found as he emerged was shocking. Thousands of higher beings were dumping all of their power into one to try and save its, here to fore, immortal life. And the reason it was in danger of dying was a spell that was cast by a lowly human mage. The mage had called upon this being’s power but the terms of the spell led it to try and force the Being to inhabit the body of a young human boy. The whole situation was fascinating.

In the short term he needed to save this being’s life so he stepped into the body of the boy and took control. As he capitulated to the terms of the spell the chaos mage fell unconscious and the being powering the spell fell into the arms of his siblings. The assembled beings looked upon the one that had caused the problem and trembled with unbridled fear. Nothing they had ever experienced before save one had held this kind of power in its grasp and that one was not in the habit of interacting with the world directly.

The Being sent soothing energy and reassurance to the assembled masses and restored the strength of the one that called him. Then he turned his attention to the spell and the affects it was having on the little human town around him. In the back of his mind he heard the soul of the body cry out in pain and rage at the devastation taking place around him. The Being delved into the mind and soul of the one he was possessing and found a warrior for the light. A boy that, though he had no special power of his own, shone like a candle in the dark; pushing back the night and casting revealing light on the universe. He could even appreciate the boy’s sense of humor.

With a breath of his power time stopped dead for the whole of this causality. Instantly a small figure of a woman appeared before him.

“Why have you stopped it?”

“Interesting. You are the creator of this causality are you not?”

“Yes. I will ask you again, why have you stopped it?”

“I wanted to have a quiet word with the owner of this body before I leave. Though he doesn’t know it yet, he is a beacon of light that influences those around him to fight the good fight. It was my intention to gift him with some of my power. I was not aware that there was an active creator here as there is not one where I come from. I will follow your wishes as you are the creator of this causality.”

“You may bequeath a part of your power to this one, but he will remain subordinate to me in all things. This is non-negotiable.”

“I agree to your terms, and am pleased to have met you.”

The female smiled slightly, “The pleasure is mutual. Feel free to come back and see me whenever you like. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.”

The Being smiled and nodded as the woman dissolved in a flash of light. He then stepped out of the body he was inhabiting.

Xander came back to himself with a groan as he held his head in his hands.

“Anybody get the name of the truck that hit me?”

Suddenly his headache was gone.

‘Oh man, that’s weird.’ He thought.

“Anybody get the name of the beautiful woman that hit me?”

A decidedly male chuckle greeted the joke.

Xander pinched the bridge of his nose and he looked up.

“Hey it was worth a sho…. HOLY CRAP!!”

The Being smiled.

“Hello Xander, let’s take a walk and see what we can do about this spell.”

Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles all sat around one of the tables in the Library the next morning discussing the previous night.

“Well, that was an extraordinary night.”

“It was freaky being a ghost.”

“Yeah well, at least you didn’t go as little miss useless in a fight.”

“Actually I did. Couldn’t touch anything remember?”

“Oh yeah, well at least you don’t feel a lingering compulsion to sew.”

“Definitely ok without that.”

“Xander,” said Giles, “You seem particularly circumspect. Are you still feeling the effects from last night?”

“Something like that,” said Xander with a small smile, “There are some lasting and permanent changes from last night.”

“Really? How so?”

“Well, I went as a character from Marvel comics.”

“Right,” said Willow, “Adam Warlock.”

“Yeah,” he said with a small wince, “But the Adam Warlock from the very end of the Infinity Gauntlet series.”

Willow gasped and slumped back in her chair. Buffy and Giles looked back and forth between the two with blank expressions.

“And this means?” Said Buffy.

“Well Willow? Want to tell them?” Said Xander to his life long friend.

Without taking her eyes off of Xander she began to speak.

“In the universe of marvel comics the beginning goes something like this. First there was god. Then god created the universe and before long god got lonely so he created a group of beings from his flesh but didn’t influence how they came into being. And so the demons were born. God looked upon this work and knew despair so he cast them out. In his despair over not only making something evil but also being alone again he allowed himself to die. In doing so his body became the universe we know but his heart and power, his essence if you will, broke into pieces and scattered to the ends of the universe. More specifically god’s essence broke into six separate gems. Each gem governed a different part of reality. Apart they were devastatingly powerful weapons. Together they were power infinite. One being brought all six gems together and mounted them on a gauntlet. For a brief time he was God; but his own subconscious got the better of him and he lost the gauntlet. It passed into other hands that lost it again almost instantly, and then a spirit that had inhabited one of the gems took control of the gauntlet. This spirit was Adam Warlock and he is GOD in his universe.”

“Dear Lord,” said Giles as he immediately began cleaning his glasses, “Do you mean to tell me that Xander was possessed by GOD?”

“No,” said Xander, “The Supreme being that created this causality is different. It turns out that there can be more than one since the God of Adam's universe allowed itself to die. They seem to be facets of one another normally, and sometimes they all get together and chat. With Adam taking over for a dead aspect it was quite an eye opener for the rest of them. It seems they don't feel a universe anymore when their aspect leaves it.”

“Bloody hell.”

“Well put.”

“So you have the power of god?” Asked Buffy.

“Not quite,” replied Xander, “Here, let me show you.”

Slowly he stood up and took off his tacky Hawaiian shirt. Just then Cordelia Chase walked through the door.

“Put the shirt back on dork boy; you’re not impressing us.”

Xander smiled, “Maybe this will.”

He lifted his right hand and six Gems of different colors appeared on the back of his hand. Around them a silvery mounting appeared. The silver color spread out along his hand and forearm in graceful lines as runes and swirling designs appeared all the way up his arm and onto his shoulder. His already light skin faded out to an alabaster gleam and his black mop of hair grew out to shoulder length curls. His brown eyes faded to a shining gold and he began to grow taller. Muscles built on his frame as it increased in size until he was nearly eight feet tall. The assembled Scoobies watched in fascination as the changes rolled over Xander until with a grunt he sprouted a pair of gigantic black wings from his back. The wings extended out to a span of twenty-five feet before stopping. In each wing a multitude of stars were visible as if each feather were a different view of the night sky. Then suddenly from behind the wings of night a second set of ivory wings dropped down and an ephemeral set of wings made of light lifted up.

For a moment no one moved and then Xander grinned as a halo of beautiful white light appeared behind his head like the promise of a new dawn.

All of the women in the room had lost the ability to speak. Before them was a god among mortals and they all knew it. For his part, Giles had long since snapped the glasses he was cleaning in half but it didn’t even register with him in the face of what he was witnessing.

Xander smiled and reached out to touch the broken glasses. The two halves came together in Giles’s hand and the bridge melded back together as if they had never been broken.

Giles found his voice first, “Good Lord.”

“Xander?” squeaked a shocked Willow.

“What’s the opposite of wiggins?” Asked an awed Buffy.

“An ANGEL? YOU are an angel?”

“Archangel Cordelia,” choked out a stunned Giles, “Alexander is an Archangel.”

“Whatever. Just when you think you’ve got he world worked out. God must love geeks.”

“One of them does.” Said the giant Angelic teen.

“What does this mean for you Xander?” Asked a still shocked Giles.

“Well, I’m in the fight now. And I have the nifty tall thing going. Oh, and I have to watch out for doors so I don’t get the wings stuck.”

The group came back to themselves with an almost audible snap.

“Yes, quite droll. However I meant what can we expect from you? How much power have you been gifted with?”

“Oh. Well, he didn’t make me his equal if that’s what you’re asking. The creator of this multi-verse asked him not to. So basically he gifted me with a fraction of his power and then our creator gifted me with some of hers. It should be more than enough.”

“So you are not omnipotent.”

“No way G-man. There’s only one omnipotent being in this reality and she doesn’t like imitators.”

“She?” Asked a surprised Willow.

“What?” Said Xander with a sparkle in his eye.

“Ok, spill dweeb.”

Xander smiled and shifted back into his human form so that he could sit comfortably in a chair.

“What do you want to know?”


“Get comfortable.”

The End

You have reached the end of "To touch the face of God". This story is complete.

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