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Winds of Magic

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Dark Choices". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Seq to Dark Choices: Xander arrives in San Fran. to locate the Charmed Ones to gain their help in finding out how he and Janna have become bonded, only to be swept up in a family secret, which leads them into a war and the discovery of a whole new world

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Charmed > Xander-Centered
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Chapter One

Winds of Magic

Beta: CBriggs1019, Inachis & Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the other characters in this story, they belong to Joss Whedon. Charmed and all related characters belong to whoever created it and Harry Potter and all related characters belong to JKR.

Summary: Xander and his friends arrived in San Francisco to locate the Charmed Ones to gain their help in finding out how he and Janna have become bonded, only to end being swept up in a family secret, which leads them into a war and the discovery of a whole new world they had no idea existed.

Chapter 1

(Surrey, England)

Harry Potter groaned as he tried to move off his bed without making himself dizzy. It had been three weeks since he had returned to his relatives' home, just after seeing his fellow student Cedric Diggory being murdered right before his eyes by Peter Pettigrew.

Peter Pettigrew, the one who not only betrayed his parents, but also framed his godfather for it and the murdered thirteen muggles. Harry was also forced to bear witness to the rebirth of Lord Voldemort, his greatest enemy and the bane of the Wizarding world. Harry shivered as he remembered how close he had come to his death that night. He shook his head and tried to push himself to his feet.

It didn't matter that he had survived such a terrible ordeal for the headmaster had still sent him back ‘home' to the Dursley's. His guardians were more abusive than they had been in years. Harry had already suffered multiple beatings by both Vernon and Dudley, whilst his Aunt Petunia just watched with a dead look on her face, as if she didn't care about a thing in the world. He had not been able to answer any posts from his friends, as they had not bothered to try and contact him. His anger and resentment fought with his fear for his friends as he tried again to get out of bed. He managed to stand up, but had to quickly grab his desk as a wave of dizziness swept over him.

He was also very hungry since the Dursley's were not feeding him enough, as usual, and he could barely care anymore. The worst were the nightmares he suffered when he tried to sleep. Seeing all of the horrors he had witnessed in his short life again and again, culminating with Cedric's death, which usually caused him to wake up shouting. This in turn led to him being beaten by Vernon to shut him up. He didn't know how much more he could take anymore. Why hadn't anyone contacted him? Why did Dumbledore insist that he come back here again and again? Always the same questions of why, why, why, with no answers to follow.

Harry began to move towards the door when it was thrown open and Vernon entered with a wild and sadistic look on his face. Harry barely had time to utter a groan as his uncle was upon him once more, knocking him to the floor easily. As the beating went on Harry could feel his magic rolling and knotting within him, when suddenly he felt it pulse before exploding outwards, knocking Vernon into the wall and knocking him out by the force of the onslaught. Harry's last image was a shower of sparkling white lights above him before he too blacked out.


(Halliwell Manor, San Francisco, an hour before)

Prue Halliwell looked up from her paper as someone knocked on the door. Sighing she got up and went to open it. Prue started to build her ire at whoever decided to call on their house this morning. With Phoebe at college, Piper at the club and Leo leaving her alone for some much needed peace and quiet. Whoever it was would not be having a good morning once she was done with them. Opening it she was surprised to find a small group of mostly teenagers standing in front of her. In the lead was a tall young man with black hair and brown eyes, who seemed quite serious.

"May I help you?" she asked, but remained on guard just in case there was more here than meets the eye, as she and her sisters had long ago learned to do.

"I'm looking for the Halliwell sisters and I was told they live here," the man replied. "We are in need of their help," he added, causing a small frown to appear on her face.

"I'm Prue Halliwell. My sisters aren't here right now. Just what kind of help do you think we can provide?" she inquired, deciding to take a gamble as she didn't sense anything off about them.

"I don't think discussing it here would be a good idea for either of us," the man replied. "Look, my name is Xander Harris and these are my friends Amy Madison, Janna Kalderdash, Faith Lehane and Jessica Rine. We mean you no harm, I promise," he finished as he introduced himself and his friends.

Prue took a longer look at the small group and wished her sisters were here right now. Again, she could sense nothing off about any of them and they really seemed to need help and they believed she and her sisters could provide it. Finally, she stepped back and allowed them in, casually noting how they all looked around, impressed at the interior of the manor. This caused her to smile slightly, before she settled next to the fire place and spoke.

"Now, what exactly is it you think we can help you with?" she asked again, just as the door opened and Phoebe entered, looking cheerful and happy before stopping as she noted that they had company.

"Hey Prue, who are our guests and what do they want?" Phoebe inquired as she looked the newcomers over.

Prue quickly introduced them, happy to have at least one of her sisters here. If these people were trouble, it raised her odds of getting out of here in one piece.

"As I said, we need your help. We know that you three are the fabled Charmed Ones," Xander spoke up again and then raised his hands as both sisters went to object. "We're no threat to you. We know all about magic. We have three magic users within our group and Faith is a slayer, which I am sure you have heard about," he explained.

Prue and Phoebe shared a glance and although they were confused as to what a slayer was, it was clear these people at least knew that magic was real. Their claim to have three witches in the group surprised them and they both wished Leo was here. Prue whispered into Phoebe's ear to call Piper and have her and Leo get here as fast as possible, but not to orb in as they have company. She watched as her younger sister quickly went to do just that.

"And the reason you have come here?" Prue asked, fully on guard just in case.

"A couple of weeks ago there was a spell cast by a trinity of witches which seemed to have had some unbelievable and very unexpected results. We need help to find out how and why it happened," Xander explained. "I remembered reading about the Charmed Ones and their family line and I thought if anyone could help us find the answers, it would be you," he added.

"And how did you locate us?" Prue asked, intrigued despite herself at the problem and wondering exactly how this spell had gone wrong.

"Well, the book I read gave me most of the clues as to where you were located. As to your identities, we luckily ran into a witch who knew who you were and after extracting a magical promise that we meant no harm, she told us where to find you," Xander answered with a small smile. "She seemed very protective of you," he added and Prue noted the looks that passed between the group, and it was amusement, not anything dark or suspicious which she saw on their faces.

Phoebe returned and nodded pointedly at Prue, letting her know Piper and Leo were on their way back. She wondered why Xander felt the term slayer would mean anything to them before shaking her head and deciding for now to invite them to sit down, while Phoebe made some tea. Fifteen minutes later, Piper and Leo finally walked through the door, looking nervous and Leo actually looked confused, which did not sit well with Prue at all.

"You are not meant to be here," Leo said right off the bat, surprising Prue as Leo was usually very easy going.

"Excuse me?" Jessica asked, raising her right eyebrow at this remark, while Amy and Faith traded confused looks. Meanwhile, Janna and Xander started at Leo, wondering just what he meant.

"You are not meant to be here. The Powers That Be have no jurisdiction here as it is outside their area of control," Leo responded. "San Francisco is under the watch of the Elders. You are supposed to be either in Boston or at the Hellmouth," he added, somewhat panicked while running a hand through his hair.

"We were at both those locations, but we needed help with something that couldn't be found at either," said Xander in response as he stood. "Something has occurred that is outside our knowledge or expertise and is right up your alley. Now exactly who are the Elders? I think I've heard of the Powers from Giles, but I don't know too much about them. So, do you want to explain that statement?" he asked.

"The Powers are a group of upper level beings who supervise the balance in the war against the demons and vampires of the world. Slayers come under their purview, as do many other champions of that type, whilst the Elders are another branch, who oversees the witches of the world, especially here. We mostly fight demons, although we do sometimes end up fighting vampires as well," Leo explained to everyone, as he noticed the sisters also wanted to hear this. "They each have their own territory, where the other is not supposed to operate. I'm sorry, I thought you had come here to fight, not for help," he added with a small apologetic smile.

"This sounds complicated," Amy finally spoke up. "How come we didn't know any of this before?" she asked, turning to Jessica.

"The Watchers know of the Powers, but they refuse to acknowledge them as their overlords. However, this is the first I have heard of the Elders, although I was aware that there are hundreds of witches around the world," Jessica answered.

"So, what you're saying is we aren't supposed to know about each other or fight together, right?" Faith asked as she stood and moved to stand next to Xander.

"Something like that. It has happened in the past, but the Elders and the Powers prefer to keep their followers separate, and before you ask, I'm not entirely sure why," Leo answered as he noted the looks Piper shared with Prue and Phoebe.

"Politics in a war of this magnitude is stupid," Janna stated, annoyed by the very notion of it. "It's getting people killed," she added before cutting off and remembering her own status.

"It's the way it is and there is nothing any of us can do to change it, I'm afraid. Now, what exactly is it that you need help with?" Leo replied and decided to move the topic onto their reason for being here.

"A spell was performed a few weeks ago by a trinity of witches which has had some unexpected... and unbelievable effects," Xander answered.

"Why don't you start at the beginning," Prue said as she sat down along with the others.

They listened as Xander explained the full tale of what had occurred during the past half year, starting with the events surrounding both his exile from Sunnydale and his return, then moving onto Janna's status. First as a ghost and then later, after the spell, she seemed to be very much alive again. He also discussed the mystical bonding, which seemed to have been created between Janna and himself. Throughout it all, the sisters and their Whitelighter listened, showing shock at first and then surprise as they learned what the spell seemed to have done. By the end, they were unsure exactly where to even begin to look to help them learn what had happened.

"This is amazing," Leo said as he leaned back into his seat. "I have never heard of something like this happening before, but with the Hellmouth as a factor, nothing is impossible. I'm going to go and check with the Elders to see if they have any clues. I suggest you have a look in the Book of Shadows," he added before orbing out, surprising Xander and his friends.

"What is he?" Faith asked, very unsure.

"He is a Whitelighter Faith and don't worry, they're not a threat," Jessica said with a laugh. "They guide and advise witches," she added before following the sisters up to the attic, where on a pedestal lay a large tome.

"This is our family book of magic, called the Book of Shadows," Prue explained. "It should have something that could give us some clue as to what may have happened to you," she added. But before she could open it, the book flew open and began flipping through pages until stopping near the back of the book. On the two open pages was an intricately drawn family tree.

"What just happened?" Amy inquired, amazed at what she had just seen.

"That sometimes happens. The book has many secrets and even we don't know them all, but we do know it can be helpful when we really need it and it can protect itself against evil," Piper responded before she noted a name was flashing on the page in an angry red color. "Look at this Prue," she drew her sister's attention to the name and followed the path up.

"How the hell do we have a cousin we didn't even know existed?" Phoebe asked in shock as she realized what the book had just revealed to them.

"Our family has more secrets than we know what to do with, remember?" Prue shot back with a shake of her head. "We wouldn't even know we were the Charmed Ones had you not found the book and read the spell which unbound our powers," she reminded her sister. "It seems this cousin comes from a cousin of our mother, but why is his name flashing red? What is the book trying to tell us and why now?" she asked.

"He could be in trouble," Xander spoke up, having watched the conversation and noting how well the three worked together and how comfortable they seemed in their work.

"What makes you think that?" Prue asked, looking up and locking eyes on the young man, noting he looked deadly serious at the moment.

"Red usually points to danger," Xander said. "And, if he is related to you, then he maybe magical and could be under attack," he added.

"He's right Prue, he could be magical," Piper said before shouting for Leo, who quickly appeared.

"What's wrong, I was only gone for a few minutes?" Leo asked, wondering why he had been recalled so fast.

"We have to get to Harry Potter. It seems he is a cousin of ours we didn't know we had and it also seems he might be in danger and needs our help," Phoebe answered. "The book opened by itself and showed us the family tree and his name is flashing red. Something is wrong and we need to check it out. Can you locate him?" she explained.

Leo looked at the book and noted what they were pointing at. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the family bonds of the Halliwell lines, starting with Prue as the eldest, before moving along and was shocked as he suddenly veered off after Phoebe to someone in Surrey, England, which it had never done before. It was as if a block had suddenly been removed from his sensing ability.

"I've got him," Leo said, opening his eyes and facing the sisters.

"Then take me and Phoebe to him. Piper, you stay here and look after our guests," Prue ordered, quickly making a choice on how to do this.

Piper nodded her head in understanding. She was the best one to be left behind as a precaution, just in case their visitors were after the book. If so, then she could freeze them and stop them from taking it. Even if the book had its own defenses against evil, they didn't want to run the risk of ever loosing it. She watched as Prue, Phoebe and Leo vanished, orbing out, before turning back to the small group who stand off to the side.

"Sorry about that. I'll start looking for something to help you," she said before flipping the book back to the beginning and began to search for references to bonds, all the while wondering what her sisters would find out when they reached this unknown cousin, and why they were only learning of his existence now?


(Surrey, England)

Prue and Phoebe almost winced as they finished reforming due to the loud screeching noise that suddenly assaulted their ears. The noted the tall thin woman the noise was coming from leaning over a large fat man who seemed to be unconscious on the floor. Meanwhile across from them, a large fat boy was kicking a small thin boy on the ground, who already seemed to have been beaten quite a bit. Prue's eyes narrowed as she suddenly felt a connection to the boy on the ground and realized that he was her cousin. Her hand quickly shot out as she unleashed her gift, sending the large boy into the wall and knocking him unconscious. This caused the thin woman to shriek even louder until Phoebe told her to shut up, which amazingly enough, she did.

"Leo, check the kid on the ground," Prue ordered as she glared at the woman. "Why did you allow him to be beaten like that?" she growled out, instantly disliking the woman.

"He deserves it. He's a freak. He's unnatural," the woman protested before backing off as Prue's eyes visibly darkened in anger.

"Prue, Harry has a couple of broken ribs, broken right leg and his left arm has been broken in two places. He also has multiple concussions," Leo said, appalled at the level of abuse that he was seeing. "My god. How could any human being be this cruel to a child?" he asked before he quickly went to work on healing what he could of the worst of the damage.

"Phoebe, grab his stuff, including the owl. Somehow I doubt it's theirs," Prue said in a very dangerous tone, which surprised her sister before she nodded and quickly went about collecting everything she believed belonged to the boy and stuffed it into a large trunk by the bed. When she picked up a small stick that was on the boy's desk, she paused.

"Prue... this has a lot of magic in it," Phoebe said to her sister, finally snapping her out of glaring at the thin woman and directing her attention to the stick.

"I'll take it. It might be important to Harry," Prue said as she took the stick from her sister and shoved it in her coat pocket. "We're taking Harry with us. Got it?" she told the thin woman.

"You can't, the other freaks want him here," the woman protested fearfully.

"How do we contact these others?" Phoebe asked with interest at this new piece of information, while she bent down next to Leo. He continued to work on Harry as swiftly as he could. Noise from the owl cage in her left hand caused her to look more closely at the bird, a beautiful snowy owl that seemed to look back at her with a startling amount of intelligence.

"The owl takes letters to them. That's what they use them for," the woman answered as she recalled what her sister had told her about her world, as well as having watched her nephew receiving post brought by owls.

"Thank you. Leo, how is he doing?" Prue said, keeping an eye on the thin woman and the fat man, who seemed to be waking up.

"He'll live, but it's going to take some time for him to fully heal," Leo answered. "I've done what I can in healing the broken ribs, arm and leg, but as for the concussions, he is going to have to heal from those with time," he continued. "We should go," Leo prompted, taking hold of Harry while Phoebe reached out and placed her right hand on his and Prue grabbed onto both the trunk with one hand and then Leo's shoulder with the other. In an instant all three vanished from the room, leaving a shell shocked Petunia Dursley standing in the room as Vernon finally came to and began yelling, demanding to know where the freak was before checking on his son.

Outside Mundungus Fletcher leaned against a tree under an invisibility cloak, passed out from one to many fire whiskeys and unaware of the happenings inside and so he continued to sleep in blissful ignorance, having not heard anything to alert him to a problem at in 4, Privet Drive.
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