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Pieces of Self

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Summary: It's amazing what you can overcome when you have to. Buffy centric.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don not own BTVS nor Criminal Minds. They belong to their respective owners and I make no profit from this aside from my own personal amusement.

A/N: This is what happens when my insomnia kicks in and I've been watching Criminal Minds and NCIS eps right before bed.

This is the first story in a series that will eventually be a three way cross between BTVS/NCIS/CM. But for now its strictly BTVS and CM. Many thanks to the always amazing KerryKhat who has agreed to be my first beta ever and for putting up with me.

This is set post season 7 BTVS and between the eps Hopeless and Cradle to the Grave of Season 5 Criminal Minds.

Many and abundant thanks to elfTLG for the great banner.


Jose de San Martin said “If there is victory in overcoming the enemy, there is a greater victory when a man overcomes himself.”

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
October 26, 2009

Burning. Numb. Wet.

Just keep moving.

Right. Left. Right. Left.

Don't stop. Stop and die.

Cold. So cold.

Rule One. Can't break it.

Sounds. Tires and shushing noises.

Don't quit. Too close now.

One more step. More branches in her way.

Help. Have to get help.

A road. More steps. Pavement. Headlights.

The sounds of screeching tires. Darkness.

Buffy's gonna be so pissed.


B.A.U. Quantico Virginia

The picture on the screen before them was of a smiling young brunette with vividly blue eyes, a picture of her in a cap and gown, clearly a graduation picture. A sight that contrasted blatantly with the other pictures that crossed the screen. Bloody, beaten, and cut, the contrast was the type of horror he'd become distastefully accustomed to over the years.

“This is Dawn Summers, age twenty two. Three hours ago she stumbled out onto a road at the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Forest beaten, raped, stabbed, half starved and suffering from hypothermia.” J.J. put down the remote and picked up her copy of the file they all had.

“She walked out?” Prentess looked up sharply.

“Yes, however she collapsed right after waving down a vehicle for help. She regained consciousness while being air lifted to the hospital. According to the paramedics she only said one thing. 'Save the others.'” J.J looked up from the folder in her hands.

“It's a miracle she's still alive.” he looked at the contrasting pictures again, his mind working over the fact that Dawn Summers had not only escaped her captor but had managed to find help in the condition she'd been found in. Clearly the young woman was much stronger than her captor had anticipated.

He listened to the conversation of his team around him as his eyes scanned the file before him. There'd been no report of her missing by friends or family and she'd been found near the edge of thousands of acres of National Forest in the beginnings of winter. As the others debated victimology and the other issues of the case he focused on Dawn Summers herself. Clearly they were dealing with a sexual sadist based on the evidence of rape and torture the doctors had reported.

“...sister is on her way from California.” he tuned back in and gave a nod.

“There is one more thing.”

He tuned his attention back to J.J. “There's a blizzard about to hit the area which will make things more difficult.”'

He turned his attention to Garcia. “Garcia, you're going to need a go bag.”

The annalist looked surprised. “I'm going with you?”

“The weather could make communications difficult and we don't have much time. The Unsub has lost his victim, he's going to be looking for another.”

“This UnSub has done this before.” he agreed with Rossi on that point. The torture was too precise for Dawn to have been the first victim. But she was the first to escape. Which meant one of two possible things-she'd been let go or she'd managed to escape.

“We leave in half an hour.” he stood up and gathered the file in front of him, the others following suit.


In Flight

The coffee he'd gotten for himself at the start of the flight had gotten cold as they'd worked over the information they had so far. “This can't be right.” he turned his attention to where Garcia had set up her laptop to find any and all information on Dawn Summers.

“What's wrong baby girl?”

“Dawn Summers is what's wrong. I've searched everything. Banking, school, birth records, you name it.”

“And?” he prompted.

“And nothing about this girl adds up.”

David looked more interested than worried. “How so?”

“Dawn Summers, born to Joyce and Hank Summers in LA. Parents divorce when she's nine and she and her sister move to Sunnydale California with mom. But as soon as she hits thirteen everything just stops making sense.”

“What sort of not making sense?” and now Reid looked interested too.

“All information on her comes up as classified. As in all I can manage to get after that is that she's been attending Oxford since 2003 and is currently listed as being part of their PHD program. Working on her second PHD actually.” Garcia began to play with one of her hot pink pens, a sure sign of her agitation.

His brow furrowed, classified information on a thirteen year old girl? “Classified by who?”

“Us. Well, the US government if you want to get specific. And its not the little I can hack this in ten minutes kind of classified but the hacker suicide run kind of classified.”

“Why would a thirteen year old girl have a file like that?” Morgan began to lean back a bit and cross his arms, his movements saying everything to those who knew him.

“I don't know!”

Alright, so a teenaged girl had a classified file. Why? “Garcia, check Dawn's immediate family for the same kind of classified status. There has to be a reason our government would do something like that to a teenagers file.”

He turned his attention away from Garcia and met Dave's eyes. The older agent had a thoughtful look on his face. “A teenaged girl with a classified file that manages to escape a sexual sadist in the middle of a national forest and make it to safety. Does any of this sound strange to you?”


“She's clearly above average intelligence.” they both looked over at Reid. “Dawn Summers was born in 1987 and started at one of the best universities in the world at sixteen years old. In six years she's managed to get two Bachelor's degrees, a Masters Degree and is working on a second PHD.”

“So she's an athletic female Reid.” the comment earned a look from their youngest member however true it might have been.

“I got it!” they all turned their attention back to Garcia. “The same time Dawn's file was made classified her sister Buffy's was as well.”

“Buffy?” Prentiss' eyebrows went up.

“Yes, Buffy. Now it looks like neither Joyce or Hank Summers had classified files but Buffy did. And her's was made classified two months before Dawn's was.”

“Had?” Morgan leaned himself over Garcia's shoulder to look at the screen.

“Joyce Summers died in 2001 from an aneurism and Hank Summers died in 2004 during a suicide bombing in Israel. From what I can tell he left the States in 1998 and never returned before his death.”

“What kind of parent just leaves his kids alone to fend for themselves after their mother's death?” the mother in J.J. was showing again.

Morgan straightened himself “A crappy one.”

And they were getting off subject. “Garcia, can you find anything else?”

“Yes and no. I've got nothing on Dawn, not even a credit card much less what she was doing so far away from England. I can get you her records from Oxford though.”

“We're going to have to talk to the sister cause none of this is making sense, Hotch.”

A nod. “Yes we are.”


Estes Park, Colorado

Pain. Pain was good. Pain meant alive. Rule One still not broken. Though everything else did. Sorta. It was all fuzzy, kinda wonky around the edges.

Something had happened. Apocalypse? No, wrong time of year.

And then it came back. A kick to her whole being. The pain in her neck, darkness. The room, the cold, the.....oh gods!

She jerked, she had to get up. Had to move. Find people. Get Buffy.

She felt hands push down on her, opened her eyes. Too bright! Had to get free. Get to Buffy. Buffy and safe.

Her hands moved on instinct, all those years of Buffy pushing her to learn how to fight finally working as muscle memory went into effect. Subdue and then run. Get free. She ignored the pain that shot though her like fire.


The Intensive Care Unit was like so many others he'd seen over the years, quietly busy and with a taste of desperation in the air. He reached the nurses' station first and pulled out his badge. “SSA Hotchner with the FBI. We're here to see Dawn Summers.”

The nurse inspected the badge for a moment but was cut off from saying anything as the sound of an alarm went off. The woman pivoted on her heel and set off at a run.

“Hotch, what's going on?” Derek came up behind him, Prentiss only a few steps behind.

“I'm not sure.” but any other reply was stopped when the shouting started along with the sounds of a fight. He and the others started down the sterile looking hall and three doors down and to the left found something that stopped him in his tracks for a heartbeat.

There stood Dawn Summers with one male nurse in an arm lock, her IV ripped out and favoring one leg, while three other nurses tried to reason with her. “Miss Summers, Dawn.” his voice caught her attention and she turned remarkably lucid looking eyes, considering that she'd only just gotten out of surgery a couple of hours before, in his direction. “My name is Aaron Hotchner. I'm with the FBI. You're safe now.”

“Not yet.” she grimaced in pain and he glanced down, blood was beginning to pool around her bare left foot. She'd ripped open her stitches, badly. “Where's my sister?”

“She's on her way.” he needed to talk her down, calm her. Before she bled to death. “But right now I need you to let the nurse go and let them see to your leg. No one is going to hurt you here.”

She seemed to consider it, he could clearly see her weighing her options even through the fog of pain killers he knew she had to be on coupled with quickly increasing blood loss . “Fine.” she let go of the male nurse. The man quickly scrambled out of the way, clearly wary of the wounded and traumatized young woman. Dawn visibly sagged once she was no longer holding the man and he felt Morgan move smoothly past him to help since the other three nurses in the room didn't move.

He watched Morgan move closer and something struck him as she allowed Morgan to help her back onto the bed. She didn't flinch like he'd seen so many other victims of rape do right afterward when a man came into their space. Instead she just met Morgan's eyes for a moment and then gave him a slight nod. Right before her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out.

That alone seemed to start the nurses back into action, one calling for a doctor while another tried to staunch the bleeding. Less than five seconds later he, Morgan and Prentiss were being shoved out of the room by doctors and medical staff as they rushed Dawn Summers back into surgery to repair a nicked artery.

“Ok, what the hell was that?” Prentiss glanced back at the pool of blood on the floor.

“Instinct. Fight or flight.” he pulled out his phone. He needed to let Reid and J.J. know that they hadn't been able to speak to the victim yet.

“That hold she was using, that was instinct to her. She's definitely been trained in how to defend herself. And not just basic self defense.”

The phone rang only two times before J.J picked up. “Dawn Summers just attacked a male nurse and ripped open the knife wound in her leg. They're taking her back to surgery.”

“Is she alright?”

He gave a nod she couldn't see. “She's in good hands. We need answers though. Has her sister arrived yet?”

“Yeah, I have.” the voice caught him off guard and from Morgan's body language it had him as well as all three of them turned to find a short blonde standing behind them with a file in one hand.


******Please review. This is my first attempt at Criminal Minds and I want to make sure I have all the characters voices right.
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