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Undercover Spy for the Admiralty

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Summary: The PTB sends Faith to London, England as a spy for the Admiralty. Will Faith be able to make it through this mission alive and saved the Indy's crew?

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredBritneyandJacobFR734,7640187330 Mar 1123 May 11No

Faith Boards The Indy

On board the HMS Indefatigable, Lieutenant Bracegirdle spots through his telescope the jollyboat containing Lieutenant Hornblower, Acting Lieutenant Kennedy and their spy the Admiralty sent them approaching the ship. Mr. Bracegirdle calls the nearest midshipman over to tell him "informs Captain Pellew that Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy are back with our spy." "Aye Aye, sir." The midshipman states to Lieutenant Bracegirdle and salutes him before making his way to the captain's cabin.

The midshipman arrives at Captain Pellew's cabin and knocks on the door waiting for permission to enter. His permission comes when Captain Pellew calls out "come". The midshipman opens the door and enters it closing it behind him as he approaches Captain Pellew's desk to inform him about the arrival of their spy. Captain Pellew looks up at the midshipman who has entered his cabin "Yes what it is?" Captain Pellew demands. "Sir, Lieutenant Bracegirdle wanted me to info you that Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy have arrived back at the ship with our spy."

Captain Pellew is relieve that the spy has finally arrived. "Thank you." "Please info Mr. Bracegirdle that I'll be right out." "Aye, aye sir." The midshipman salutes Captain Pellew as he dismisses the midshipman. The midshipman leaves the captain's cabin and makes his way back to the deck to info Mr. Bracegirdle about what Captain Pellew said. When the midshipman arrives back onto the boat desk, he sees Mr. Bracegirdle welcoming Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy back aboard with their spy with them.

He approaches Lieutenant Bracegirdle and says, "Sir, Captain Pellew will be out shortly." "Thank you that will be all." Lieutenant Bracegirdle says as he dismisses the midshipman who nods and makes his way back to his duties. "Mr. Hornblower, Mr. Kennedy." He nods in greeting as he turns to Miss Lehane. "Miss Lehane, I trust you had a safe journey." "Yes sir, I did." "That's good I'm glad to hear it." "Captain Pellew will be out shortly to meet you." No sooner had the words come out of his mouth, Captain Pellew appear out on the boat dock as Faith watches the men stand at attention when the appearance of their captain appears out on deck.

"At ease gentlemen." Captain Pellew informs his men as they relax. Captain Pellew approaches Faith as she eyes the captain. He's tall with brown hair and brown eyes. "Miss Lehane, my name is Captain Pellew, I'm glad you could join us for this mission." "It's a pleasure making your acquaintance, sir." "I'm glad I could be here to help you sir." Captain Pellew nods. "Miss Lehane, if you'll follow me to my cabin, we can discuss the mission." Captain Pellew then dismisses his back to their duties.

As Faith follows Captain Pellew, she can hear whispers of the men aboard the ship talking about her and looking at her as if they haven't seen a woman in 6 months. With the time they have at sea, that probably haven't. She will have the watch her back and make sure none of the men tries to get grabby with her or she will kick their ass. They finally arrived at the captain's cabin. Captain Pellew opens his door and motions for Miss Lehane to go inside. She enters the captain's cabin as Captain Pellew comes inside behind her and closes the door. "Have a sit, Miss Lehane." Faith sits down in the chair offer her as she watches Captain Pellew table his place behind his desk.

While waiting for the captain to speak, she uses the time to look around his cabin. It's a big cabin with a lot of moving room. It also has a view. Faith is impress with the size of it as well as the ship. This job might not be so bad as she figure it be. Hopefully there won't be any supernatural creatures at sea. If there were, how would she explain to these men about something she sees and kills everyday of her life? Anyway, Faith looks up as Captain Pellew begin to speak.

"Miss Lehane, I'm sure Lord Hood has informed you about our mission that will be taking." "Yes sir, I just came from seeing him." "He has informed me about the mission, sir." "Lord Hood has also given me my order as well as a disguise as a midshipman aboard your ship, so there will be no question asks."

"Good, Miss Lehane." "I also want you to know that there will be three ships coming with us as well." "More men are aboard those three ships." "Yes sir." "Also before you get changed into your disguise, I need you to accompany Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy to see that Marquis de Moncoutant, Lord Edrington and Charette and their men get safety load up into the boat and get back to the Indy." "Yes sir." Faith states. "Good."

Captain Pellew gets up from his desk and motion for Miss Lehane to follow him. The Captain with Faith behind him makes their way back onto the boat deck. When Faith appears back onto the boat deck with Captain Pellew in front of her, she sees boat being put into the watch and rowing toward the boat deck.

"Mr. Hornblower" Captain Pellew calls. Mr. Hornblower appears within minutes in front of his Captain. "Sir." "Are the boat ready for loading, Mr. Hornblower." "Aye, sir." "Good". "Take Miss Lehane with you to supervise the loading on our supplies and our guest as well." "Aye sir." "This way Miss Lehane". Faith follows Mr. Hornblower to a waiting jollyboat. She climbs inside and sits down next to Mr. Kennedy who has also gotten into the boat with Mr. Hornblower behind her. After they're settle into the jollyboat, Mr Hornblower commands the seamen to row.

As they row to the dock to load up their passengers and their supplies, Faith uses the time to look around at all the other ships in the harbor. This is so beautiful. I love feeling the wind in my hair. This is what it feels like to live on the sea. I would take this over any other job. I wonder, if the Captain will let me stay after this mission. I like it here. Maybe I could help out with other mission Lord Hood has plan for these crew. Faith looks up as they near the boat dock. The jollyboat arrives at the boat dock as the men climbs onto the deck and Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Kennedy aide Faith onto the boat dock.

After everyone is up on the boat dock, Mr. Hornblower commands the seamen to start loading up their supplies while they wait for their guest coming along with them. As Faith watches the seamen gather their supplies, she hears footsteps on the ground and drumming nearby as looks up to see men on horses and men matching in their direction. This must be the men coming along with them on this mission. As she looks at the men coming matching toward the boat dock, she hears one of the seamen named Styles state "frogs, what the bloody hell they doing here?"

As the seamen continue to get their supplies in the jollyboat, Faith observes the men coming up as she answers the seamen's question stating, "these men are going to be accompany us on this mission." The seamen groan at her answers. She figures they are too happy to work with the enemy, but Captain Pellew wouldn't do this if he's men are in danger. She was order here, to makes sure the mission is complete and the men are safety aboard unharm as she promise Admiral Hood. She won't mess this up. She will do her job and not let Captain Pellew, Admiral or the men of the Indy down.

As Faith, the seamen, Mr. Hornblower, and Mr. Kennedy look at the men matching, she hears Mr. Kennedy ask Mr. Hornblower "what do you make of them, Horatio." She looks over to Mr. Hornblower as she waits for his answers as he says, "they seems a little disorderly." Mr. Kennedy responds by saying, "the word shambles might be more appropriate." Horatio laughs as well as Faith does. She has to agree with him. They don't look ready to go off into the battle zone. She hopes these have what it takes to make it out alive on this mission.

As she looks up to see men in red and white coming along also, she hears one of the seamen with orange hair state "lookout for the lobsters." She also recognizes the song there playing call Girl I left behind.

What an appropriate song to play when going off to war, she thought. As she continues to look at the men, they finally stop marching as they have been order to by someone calling battalion halt" as well as the music. Faith was glad it stop. It was starting to get on her nerves. She sees a man on a horse ride over to them as he says "Good morning gentlemen and lady" as she sees Faith standing beside the men in uniform.

He tips his hat at them as she states "Major Edrington, 95th foot, I was told someone here could see with the embankment of my men onto the Indefatigable." Mr. Hornblower steps up as he states "Lieutenant Hornblower and Acting Lieutenant Kennedy and this is Miss Faith Lehane, sir." After the introductions are over Mr. Hornblower states that "I will seen to the embankment of your men myself" as Lord Edrington states "excellent." She looks over to Mr. Kennedy as he states to Lord Edrington about his men saying,

"Your men look good major, almost too good for battle." The Major says "really I usually find the more able the officer the better turned out the men at least in the army." Faith turns around as she hearing a commanding officer saying "Battalions, right face!"

Faiths watching the men turn around as order by their officer, getting ready to climb into the jollyboat as the seamen into have boat waiting for them. She also looks over at the French soldiers as they shout "Charette." This must be the man whose plan were stolen.

This is the reason why she was sent here. She looks over as the man whom is Charette as he comes over to his men and hold up his hand to quiet his men. All the men behind her look over at him as well as she hears seaman Style state "bloody frogs." She hears him talking to his men in French stating "Mes camarades, aujourd'hul c'est un grand jour."

She continues to listen to him as well as the men behind her. He says "aujourd'hul nous embarquons pour une croisade sacree a fin de liberer notre France adoree." Faith hears all the men cheer along with Charette. Major Edrington asks Lt. Hornblower "does anyone know what he's saying?" Mr. Hornblower who can understand French states to the Major translating Charette.

He says "He's saying today is a great day." "They are on a crusade to free their beloved France." Faith looks over at Charette as he says in French "ensemble, nous nous battrons jusqu'a la mort" as Mr. Hornblower translate again saying "together we will fight perhaps to the death as Charette continues to speak in French to his men stating " pour la cause la plus importate du monde" as Mr. Hornblower translate saying "but it will be for the greatest cause in the world."

Charette says " L'histoire va tenir chaqu'un d'entre nous, pour des homes quin'avaient pas peur de donner leur vie poru la France." Mr. Hornblower translates this statement saying, "Every one of us will be remembered by history as men who were not afraid to lay down their lives for France." She hears Charette yelling to his men " a la victoire.

She also hears him yell "vive le roil as well as the men around him, they also cheers as well. She turns around when she hears orange hair seamen yell " yah vive le roil" as Style try to smack him one as he ducks smiling at him. She turns to Major Edrington as he says, "I suppose what they lack in discipline they make up for in enthusiasm."

Mr. Hornblower turns to Edrington and says "Major if you would like your personal baggage transferred to the jollyboat I'll see it reaches the Indefatigable." Edrington says "very well." He also informs Mr. Hornblower" by the by, it might be better if you were to address me as my lord as I am in fact the earl of edrington." They watch him proceed to move over to the where the jollyboat is preparing to departure to the Indefatigable as she hears Mr. Kennedy tell Mr. Hornblower " You see Horatio, had you been rich enough to buy a commission as well as a new uniform you could have join the army instead."

Faith stands back as all the soldiers are loaded into the jollyboat and the horses as well as their supplies. She watches a carriage with horse attach like the one she came in on as he comes to a stop at the dock and watches the seamen unload the items on board into the boat. She sees Mr. Hornblower approach a French soldier as he introduces himself to him. She finds out he can speak English. She over hears him telling Hornblower his name which is Colonel Marquis de Moncoutant. Another men coming with them beside Major Edrington and Charette. Faith hears everything he says including calling the seamen idiots for not being careful of his personal baggage. She looks over to see a guillotine that he is bring with them. What does this have to do with putting King Louie on the throne? I made just have to keep an eye of him as well as the others. For some reason my slayers sense are telling me not to trust him. She can also hear the men talking about it as well. There could be only one reason for why he's bringing that. He has his own agenda for Muzillac. Maybe keep an eye on him will be not be a bad idea after all.

After all the men including Charette, Lord Edrington and Colonial Marquis de Moncoutant and their men and their supplies are boarded, Mr. Hornblower, Mr. Kennedy and Faith and the seamen climb into the last jollyboat and make their way back to the ship. Once she's back aboard the Indy, she will go to the cabin she 's sharing with Hornblower and Kennedy to get change into her uniform and read her orders to prepare herself for when they arrived in Muzillac.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Undercover Spy for the Admiralty" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 May 11.

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