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Five Reasons Xander is No Longer allowed out

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Summary: Why Xander is no longer allowed out, of the dimension that is, or at least without a responsible chaperone. (Story has been completed, all future insanity that would go here will be placed i Odd's and End's)

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all associated characters. Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling. If I was any of these people I would be rich, alas I am not. :(

Five Reasons Xander is No Longer allowed out of the Dimension By Himself

Reason 1: Contributing to the delinquency of a minor (or Teaching the Chosen One about the wonders of high explosives)

As Willow step out of the shimmering portal she stopped, stunned by the sight that greeted her. She had come to check up on Xander, who was supposed to be on vacation where there weren’t people/things that wanted to kill him. At the moment she wasn’t sure if she counted herself among them.

About 12 feet from her in the field she found herself stood Xander, a teenage boy with messy hair and an older vaguely snake-like man. This wouldn’t be all that weird except for the fact that the man was trussed up like a turkey, gagged and struggling against his bonds with Xander and the boy crowded over him.

WHAT in the name of the goddess are you doing!” she screamed, drawing the attention of all three. When they turned she could see something in the boys hand.

“Hey Wills.” Xander awkwardly got out, while trying to hide what the boy was holding. Before he could though she recognized it –a detonator-, eyes flicking to the man on the floor she recognized what was strapped around his torso. Her eyes going wide as she flashed back on memories of Xander and explosives. Blowing up the high school, firebombing a clutch of Fyrals. that one time when he attached a proxy mine to the back of a vampires head and many more. None of these memories filled her with comfort.

“Please tell me you weren’t going to blow that man up?!” Xander looked offended before he responded.

“No," pointing at the boy beside him "Harry was.” The boy beside him, Harry she realized, waved at her shyly. Seeing that this wasn’t the right thing to say Xander quickly tried to explain, in as few words as possible to avoid The Wrath of Willow.

“Evil,” pointing at the man on the ground, “Chosen One,” pointing at Harry, “Big boom, no more bad guy.” pointing at the detonator in Harry's hand. The look on Willows face did not fill him with joy. Whispering to the boy beside him Xander slowly stared backing up “You’ve got a female brain in your group right?”

Harry nodded, saying “Hermione.” as he too started backing away.

“So you know what that face means, right?” again Harry nodded before both he and Xander turned and ran like the devil himself was after them.

“Alexander LaVelle Harris!!!” yelled the voice of Willow as chased after the both of them. On the ground Voldemort sighed in relief, or as much as he was able while he was gagged. He would get out of this, yes he would be free and then he would hunt down Potter and that muggle and kill them both. The tortures he would heap upon them would be legendary, the pain and humiliation they would endure would be unequaled, the *BEEP*. ‘I wonder what that red light means?’ he thought.


Hehehehe Voldemort go BOOM

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