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A Power Darkly

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Summary: As the Wild Force Rangers battle on the Orgs a new enemy prepares to rise and a new breed of Rangers are needed

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A Mystery To Me

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Power Rangers, Buffy the vampire slayer, Kim Possible or the Twilight series (still not that sad about that) nor dark angel. Facts will be bent, broken and at times completely ignored to fit my twisted vision. I wil not profit from this.


A Mystery To Me

Xander followed the power rangers as they raced to scene of an attack, trying not to laugh at the fact that he was using batman’s philosophy that people hardly if ever looked up to track a team of superheroes. Two minutes later he was standing on a roof watching the rangers fight against a group of putrids and what looked like a cross between a toad and a tiger, and while slightly amusing it was beginning to get a bit “….repetitive, don’t you think?”

Pulled from his thoughts he looked to his left and saw Ron lying on the ledge of the roof. “I mean we watch them, they fight, the monster grows, they destroy it with the megazord, and once again we are left wondering when we get some action.” Rolling his head to look at Xander and cracking one eye open he continued “Aren’t we supposed to be ‘standing against a great evil?’, well I ask you where’s the evil?”

The sky began to rapidly darken and a portal opened, disgorging a group of ten monsters. Surprisingly they attacked both the rangers and the Orgs with the same ferocity. (A/N: this is what I want those to look like I don’t own that either) Xander looked at Ron “I am soooo kicking your ass when this is over.” and stepped off the edge of the roof. A confused Ron rolled off his perch and landed standing next to Xander.

“How is *this* ^my^ fault?”

“You taunted Murphy…and for that you get to fight whatever these are first!” putting deed to word Xander grabbed Ron’s collar and tossed him at two of the creatures. Only to be disappointed and impressed when instead of colliding with them, Ron twisted in mid-air grabbed onto one's shoulder and landed on its back. This grabbed the attention of the gathered fighters.

Ron, being who he was, couldn’t resist a good pun “Hey you’ve got a monkey on your back!”, followed by a broad smile and a series of punches to its face and head. He continued to rain blows down on its head as he rode it to the ground, stopping crouched over it. “That wasn’t toooooaaaaaAAHHHHH!!” screaming as he flew through the air he saw the creature he had pummeled stand back up, looking hardly worse for the wear. Once again displaying great agility he grabbed a hold of a streetlight as he flew by, redirected his momentum and body into the air and landed crouched on top of it.

With a look of shock morphing into a smile he turned to Xander “Tough little buggers, to this I can only say….” A feral smile on Xanders face as he looked back at him “RUMBLE!!!” as if shot from cannons, both Ron and Xander surged into battle. As quickly as the brief respite had come, it was gone again as the fight descended into chaos.

(A/N: I’m getting tired of calling them creatures so they will now be known as Extrids)

[Cue ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool]

Xanders fist struck out, catching an extrid in the jaw and staggered it back, dropping down he swept its legs out from under it. He’d seen how tough these things could be and he wasn’t taking any chances, so when the extrid landed on its back Xander drove his fist down and crushed its throat. As the extrid started to melt he rose to his feet and caught a punch that turned him around, using the motion he did a 180 and drawing on his internal power drove a spear hand through the extrids eyes. When it pulled back in pain he grabbed its forehead jumped and rammed his knee into the back of its neck, dropping it to the ground paralyzed. Kicking a putrid out his way he headed for another extrid.

Where Xander waded through the fight like a veritable juggernaut, Ron was deadly combination of agility and grace. His leap had brought him near the extrid that had thrown him, deciding to get a little payback he struck. Spinning he hit it with two spin kicks, bending at his hips and using the power of his second kick he slammed his foot into its chin, sending it into the air. Having learned his lesson about underestimating these things he jumped on it, redirecting its landing onto a fire hydrant. Dropping off the impaled extrid he ran at a heavily built ranger, who had just missed a punch, he used the outstretched arm as a vault and launched himself at another extrid, coincidently pulling the ranger out of the way of a counterpunch. Catching the extrid by surprise he hooked his feet around its neck he used a double hurricanrana to throw it into another. Landing he charged at them.

As Xander and Ron put their training and skills to putting down their enemies the rangers were barely holding their own –the red and yellow rangers doing the best-, the putrids had been defeated and the org was being worn down. The battle continued until only three of the original extrids were left. Noticing they were outnumbered and outmatched they retreated and jumped into a portal that appeared behind them.

[End ‘Bodies’]

“Well that was a bracing bit of fun.” said Xander as he cracked his neck.

“Who are you?” demanded Taylor (wild force yellow ranger) as she stalked towards the two mystery fighters.

“Well, we could stay here and tell you who we are,” Ron said a look of pure innocence on his face “or you could chase after your big friend trying to run away over there.” When the org saw that it had been spotted, it took off in a faster limp four out of five rangers giving immediate chase. Turning back to speak to the men Taylor found herself alone, and with a growl sped off after the org and her fellow rangers.


Cole (wild force red) spoke as he watched Taylor angrily pace back and forth. “They were great warriors.”

“They made us look like Chumps!” shouted Max (wild force blue) jumping to his feet “Those things came out of nowhere, stomped over us and the Orgs and these two just waltzed right through them.”

“Do you know who they are?” asked princess Shayla, sitting on a boulder. The gathered ranger’s responded to her question with negatives.

“No….but the brunette, I recognized some of his moves. Whoever he is he’s had Military training, maybe even Special Ops training.” stated Taylor.

“You recognized that did you?” the voice caused the princess and the rangers to search for whoever owned it. Stepping from behind a tree Shade looked at the princess “Hello Shayla.”

The End

I’m gonna end this with a dramatic moment in honor of how a LOT of the Power Rangers episodes did; I’ll probably do it again too. Just for effect of course, not because I can. ☻ And if you think Ron and Xander had too easy a time remember, they are trained fighters with actual combat experience....unlike most power rangers.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "A Power Darkly" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 May 11.

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