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A Power Darkly

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Summary: As the Wild Force Rangers battle on the Orgs a new enemy prepares to rise and a new breed of Rangers are needed

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Second Chance

As sort of an homage to the power rangers series (past ones only because at least they sort of good, this new one *shivers in disgust* sucks the big one) I will be trying to name the chapters after power rangers episode. This one is named after Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1, try and see if you can guess the other titles (if this story does good and I continue that is).


Second Chance

An Ancient Temple Currently out of Phase with all other Dimensions

‘It’s time’ he thought with a heavy heart, Shayla’s Chosen were good but they weren’t ready for what was coming…..and truthfully neither was she. Something was coming, something older than the Orgs, something infinitely darker than anything they were meant to face. Others would be needed to face this threat, unlike his cousin however he would not choose from those that came to him, no he would scour the Dimensions until he found what was needed. Shade’s last though before he threw his consciousness into the Void between dimensions a prayer for forgiveness ‘May they forgive me for what I do.’

Sunnydale, California graduation day 1999 mid-battle

Below him waged a battle in which the combatants fought not only for their lives but their very souls. As he watched he paid close attention to a certain boy, average looks, average height, brown hair and brown eyes. Not much to look at for those without the eyes to see (he’d disregard the irony in that for now). The boy, known to his friends as Xander Harris, fought bravely against the vampiric horde that assail him and his fellow students saving some, avenging others, becoming a rallying point when needed.

This wasn’t what drew Shades attention however, not that these actions weren’t important; he was however more interested in what the boy held within. Sealed inside him was full might of a primal beast, a hyena if he wasn’t mistaken, held in check not by the flimsy magic’s as the boy believed, but by his own force of will. An attempt to distance himself from his darker id no doubt, 'foolish but not irreparable.', yes he would do. As a vampire struck at the boys back, an attack that would have pierced his lung and led to him choking to death on his own blood, Alexander Harris vanished. ‘You have much more to accomplish my knight.’ thought Shade as he turned his attention away from the bloody battle below and back into the Void.

Middleton, Colorado 1999 atop Bueno Naco

‘Here.' Shade thought, as he focused upon the scene unfolding below, he had felt a power similar to Xanders and had tracked it back to here. Below a redheaded champion fought against great odds to stop a madman bent on world domination, but he wasn’t here for her…no he was here for the boy-king in hiding. He fought a short distance away from the redhead, clumsily and without any outward skill yet he too was succeeding against his opponents.

The boy’s name was Ron Stoppable and he possessed the ancient power of the monkey, a power he denied and refused to use. He was also trained in the ways of the ninja and held a genius level intellect, not that anyone could tell with the way he fought if it could be called fighting. As Ron tripped over his own feet, coincidently dodging his last opponents punch, he grabbed ahold of the minion’s head slamming it into ground and knocking him unconscious, Shade gathered himself. Ron rolled to his feet and charged towards where Kim Possible was fighting he missed the plasma charged knife hand chop aimed at his throat, but Shade didn’t. As Shego’s hand passed through the air, where just recently resided Ron’s neck, Shade gave a sad smile ‘You are called to battle once more.’ and rushed back into the Void.

Seattle 2018 stairwell of a rundown apartment building

Fear, pure unmitigated terror, which was the only thing Max’s felt as she lay on the stairs shaking uncontrollable. She was going to die alone, this wasn’t much of a shock she was after all made to be a soldier, no the thought that lingered was dying without finding her ‘siblings’. She had searched for 9 years for any of her ‘siblings’, and never found one, as she evaded the grasp and attention of Manticore. Now she was going to die all alone and unmourn. A tear slid down her cheek as she shakily placed the empty medicine bottle on the step above her head, closed her eyes and prepared for death.

‘Death shall not claim you yet young one.’ thought Shade as reach out his power and pulled. ‘A warrior’s death, if he must have you.’, on the stairs all that remained was an empty of tryptophan to attest that Max Guevara had existed. Then that too faded with a wave of Shades hand before he returned to the Void to continue his search.

Forest, Quileute Land, Forks, Washington 2007

As Leah ran she drew herself back and let the wolf part of have control as rode the feelings of freedom and joy. She knew that she shouldn’t do it, but it was the only time that she wasn’t completely angry at the world so she did it anyways. Right now she really needed to get away from it all, Sam and Emily, Jacob and his obsession with Bella, Bella and Edward, the Pack…just everything. So she just let it all fade away as she hurtled through the trees. She should have paid more attention to the world around her than escaping it.

Landing from bounding over a fallen tree, the earth gave way and she began to fall. Below her she could see a cavernous floor littered with stalagmites rising up to meet her. Mere seconds’ later dirt and debris hit the ground conspicuously devoid of Leah Clearwater’s body. As Shade felt his power flux he knew this was to be the last, he couldn’t survive searching for another ‘Not yet.’ and so he made the leap home. (A/N: Quantum Leap anyone…anyone? Sorry too good to resist)

An Ancient Temple Currently out of Phase with all other Dimensions

Xander suddenly found himself facing not a horde of vampires under the control of a demented version of Mr. Rogers hell-bent (pun intended) on becoming a giant snake, but three beings. Being’s being the operative word here because humans did not pop up out of nowhere, not including himself of course. The first was a blonde boy, roughly his height who looked as wigged out as he felt. The next was a raven haired beauty, who reminded him too much of faith if he was honest with himself, staring at her hands like she had never seen them before. It was the last being however that set him on edge; it was a large wolf that was observing the room with a cautious eye, him most of all.

Suddenly his Sunnydale senses (Patent pending) started screaming at him and he whirled around, a fraction of his attention noting the others had spun to look in the same direction, to see a man step out of nothing and into the large room. He was slightly taller than average, with dark black hair, blue eyes and dressed in….

“Why are you wearing a dress?” questioned the blonde boy.

“It’s a robe” Xander replied before he could stop himself, drawing the eyes of the room ‘Great Xan, make yourself the center of attention.’ “What?” he said when they continued to stare, “He’s a dude and dudes don’t wear dresses, at least not the normal ones, so it obviously a robe, plus you can see the buttons on it, only the only people I know that wear robe are usually evil and all about the world end-age, but you’re not….right?”

“No, I’m not.” said Shade “What I am is about offer you a choice and a chance...” A smile rising on his lips “to be a new breed of...Power Ranger!”


These are my rangers (DISCLAIMER: none of which I actually own or the shows/movies they are from that includes power rangers),

Alexander LaVelle ‘Xander’ Harris – Green – Hyena [Buffy the vampire slayer]
Ronald Dean ‘Ron’ Stoppable – Blue – Monkey [Kim Possible]
Max Guevara (X5-452) – Yellow – Tiger [Dark Angel]
Leah Clearwater – Black – Wolf [Twilight saga],

I chose them because I don’t want a group of kids, trying to play hero. What I want, what I need is a force both capable and willing to wipe away any threat to this planet with extreme and TOTAL prejudice. It’s a chance to do power rangers with (at least) some seriousness in it. Hope you enjoy and remember: Reviews are the coin of the realm.
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