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This story is No. 10 in the series "Grim up North.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xover with the movie ‘Severance’. Faith and Dawn are sent on a ‘Team Building’ weekend with horrific consequences. Just how grim can that be?

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Movies > Severance(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15925,8620294,60617 Apr 1129 Apr 11Yes

Chapter One

By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Buffyverse or the film ‘Severance’. The Buffyverse belongs to Joss and Mutant Enemy. Severance was written by, James Moran and Christopher Smith who also directed the film. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: The Buffyverse with the film ‘Severance’.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation; Written in glorious English-English. American and English idioms are used throughout this fic.

Timeline: Post BtVS season 7 (no comics).

Words: Nine chapters each of 2500+ words.

Warnings: Minor femslash, violence and non-consensual sex and friendly fire isn’t.

Summary: Xover with the movie ‘Severance’. Faith and Dawn are sent on a ‘Team Building’ weekend with horrific consciences. Just how grim can that be?


Dawn’s Apartment, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, UK.

Walking up the stairs to her apartment, Dawn sighed with relief; she’d just finished her last ‘A’ Level exam. Now she was free to enjoy whatever life and northern England had to offer. Free, that is, until August came ‘round and her results came out, then she’d find out if she’d done well enough to get a place at university. Stopping on the stairs she stared at the wall, her shoulders slumped and she let out a long sad sigh.

Sometimes it felt that life simply consisted of school, her Saturday job (working as a waitress in a coffee bar) and helping Giles research the monster of the week. When was she supposed to have a life? Where was the fun? Was this all there was going to be to her life? Dawn sincerely hoped not. Lifting her foot she started to climb the stairs again. The weight of her school bag dragged on her soul like a ball and chain holding her back. Would she never be able to do…well, to do anything that wasn’t connected with monsters and school? Was she doomed to be a waitress for the rest of her life?

Finding herself at the door to her apartment she started to search in her bag for her keys; oh god, she though, Faith. Was it only yesterday that Faith had moved in? The story went like this; Faith had worked for several months as a barmaid in a local biker’s pub. The landlady had, regretfully, had to let Faith go. Too many missed shifts due to Faith having to go off and slay things. As Faith had lived in the pub this meant she’d also lost her home.

For a month or so, Faith had slept on Xander’s couch at his apartment. However, living in close proximity to Faith, who seemed to be running hot and cold in her relationship with him, had driven Xander to distraction. He’d eventually begged Giles to do something about her; there’d was also the wet towel issue, but that was a whole different story. Giles had tried to find Faith somewhere to live and a job. But because of a slayer’s (and in particular, Faith’s) special requirements he’d not been very successful.

Faith had hated living at Slayer Central in one of the holiday camp's old chalets and she was never going to make a waitress. Barmaid jobs (which she did like) required you to work at night so you ended up with the same problem that had caused her to be homeless and jobless in the first place. Then there’d been a stroke of luck, at least everyone said it was, Dawn wasn’t so sure. Violet had moved in with her boyfriend leaving her room at Dawn’s place empty; Giles had talked Dawn into letting Faith share, at least for the time being.

Looking at the key in her hand, Dawn sighed long and hard. Vi had a boyfriend, a nice (rich) young man who was very understanding of Vi’s little secret (being a slayer and all the baggage that brought). He had a nice apartment on the coast out of town away from the docks and the industry. Dawn looked miserably at the key in the lock, when would she get a boyfriend? Every time a guy showed any interest in her, Buffy would frighten him away. Willow had grown so fed up with doing magical checks of any guy who came within three feet of Dawn that she’d told Buffy to stick it! Well, not exactly ‘stick it’ but she refused to do it anymore. This’d had the effect of making Buffy even more paranoid. Sighing yet again and feeling very sorry for herself, Dawn turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open.

“Hi, Dawn!” Faith appeared at the other end of the short corridor leading from the front door to the living room.

“Oh, hi Faith,” Dawn grinned at the older woman nervously, she still wasn’t sure how to react to Faith, there was a lot of history between them, some of it not so good.

But Faith was reformed now; wasn’t she? Dawn turned her nervous grin into a genuine smile as she dumped her school bag on the floor.

“How’s it goin’ Dawnie?” Faith disappeared into the living room; she called over her shoulder, “Tea?” Faith like most of the Sunnydale contingent had grown addicted to tea since they'd moved to England, “I just made a fresh pot.”

“Yeah, like thanks,” Dawn walked on into living room and looked around in shock.

To hear Xander talk, Faith was a slob. Apparently she left wet towels and pieces of underwear all over his apartment making it look like a cross between a Chinese laundry and a brothel. Dawn looked around the living room with something close to a look of amazement on her face. Everything was so tidy and clean. A damn sight cleaner than she’d left it that morning; okay, Vi and herself weren’t exactly messy but they were teenage girls so you had to expect a little clutter.

“Here,” Faith walked over to Dawn and handed her a steaming mug of tea, “one sugar, right?”

“Yeah,” bewildered Dawn accepted to tea, she slumped down into an armchair, “thanks.”

“Hope you don’t mind,” Faith stood in the middle of the room fiddling with the rings on her fingers, “I gave the place a quick clean up.”

“‘Clean up’?” Dawn looked up at Faith, “It looks like you scrubbed the walls or something!”

“Yeah, well they were dirty, Dawn,” Faith went and sat down on the couch.

‘Dirty Dawn’, Dawn sighed and missed out the comma between the two words, she groaned miserably, the chance would be a fine thing.

“Hey, yeah,” Dawn dragged her mind back from her black thoughts, “thanks Faith but you didn’t have to totally do it by yourself I’d…”

“No problemo,” Faith gave Dawn a quick smile, “tell the truth I wanted you in a good mood.”

“You did?” Dawn sipped her tea…it was just how she liked it.

“Yeah,” Faith looked at the carpet; Dawn could tell there was something bugging her new and unexpectedly helpful flatmate.

“What’s up?” Dawn asked after a moment..

“Look,” Faith took a deep breath, “you know I wasn’t so great at school…even when I bothered turning up?”

Dawn nodded her head, she'd heard the stories.

“Well,” Faith was finding this really hard to say so Dawn decided to stay quiet until she’d said it, “Y’know I’ve been trying to ‘improve’ myself, right?”

Again Dawn nodded, she’d heard the rumours that Faith had actually been seen reading…books!

“I’d hear you guys talk and most of the time I didn’t understand what ya talkin’ about,” Faith paused to gather her thoughts, “so, like I thought I’d try and learn stuff?”

“That’s cool,” Dawn said encouragingly, “so, what’s the problem?”

“Y’know, I thought it’d be easy,” Faith’s shoulders slumped, “just read some books like you guys an’ I’d be able to mix it up with the best of ya…but, look I don’t understand half the words in the books,” Faith looked close to tears, as a slayer she was unused to failure, “I might as well admit it I’m stupid…but then I thought of you.”

“You did?” Dawn shifted uneasily in her seat.

“Yeah,” Faith smiled a little as she looked hopefully at Dawn, “you’re clever, you can teach me!”

“Hey look,” Dawn started but closed her mouth with a snap; Faith for the first time since she’d known her was showing an interest in something other than slaying or sex. “Yeah, okay,” Dawn said slowly, “look, I need a shower then after that I’ll make us something to eat,” Dawn noticed that Faith made no effort to volunteer for kitchen duty…thank god! “Then we’ll talk about it some more, okay?”


After they’d eaten, Dawn sat down with Faith and talked about the things that she might be interested in. It was very soon evident that all Faith did care about was sex, fighting and her recent conversion to Rugby Union (which was very much like sex [there being a lot of grunting and groaning] and fighting, but with a leather ball thrown into the mix). Dawn thought for a while, what could she get Faith to read that would hold her interest and contain at least two of Faith’s great interests in life? After several minutes of hard thinking the idea popped into her mind; local history! Okay, at first glance it sounded dull, in fact Faith’s jaw dropped almost to the carpet when Dawn suggested it.

But, as Dawn explained about rampaging Scots coming down from the north, Vikings raping and pillaging across the land; German battleships shelling the town (not all on the same afternoon of course), Faith started to look more interested. Dawn knew of a few good historical novels covering various periods that would get her started; the novels also contained sex and romance so Faith’s other areas of interest would be covered, all she needed to do was bring in Rugby Union and Faith would be in hog heaven.

“But what use will it be?” Faith complained, after an initial show of interest she was beginning to doubt herself again. “It’s not like the stuff you and Giles do.”

“Well that’s where you’re wrong, Miss Gloomy Draws,” Dawn grinned infectiously, “Remember the ‘Hartlepool Monkey Incident’?”

Faith nodded her head; how could she forget? A maniac, giant, monkey rampaging around Hartlepool, killing people with deep frozen bananas.

“Well,” Dawn smiled smugly, “if you’d known your local history you’d have known all about the background to that.”

“Yeah I would’a, wouldn’t I?” Faith imagined the looks on the faces of Giles and Xander and especially Buffy if she’d been able to tell them the back story on that one.

“Okay,” Dawn started to get up, “I’ll work up a reading list for you, then tomorrow we’ll go down to the book store.”

“Hey,” Faith looked up at Dawn as she made her way over to where she’d left her schoolbag, “what d’ya think you’re doing?”

“I was just…” Dawn started to explain.

“No way,” Faith sprang up from the couch, “that can wait ‘til tomorrow, you deserve some fun!”

“Huh?” Dawn looked at Faith as if she was mad, “What is this ‘fun’ that you speak of?”

“See what I mean,” Faith walked over and put her arm around Dawn’s shoulder, “you an’ me are goin’ out.”

“Out?” Dawn replied uncertainly.

“Yeah, out,” Faith’s smiled lasciviously; at least Dawn thought she did, it could have been gas. “You’ve finished all ya school stuff right?”

Dawn nodded her head.

“You reckon you passed everythin’, right?”

Dawn nodded her head once more.

“So, you deserve to go out an’ party down some, right?”

Dawn was beginning to feel like one of those nodding dog toys as Faith’s honeyed words washed over her.

“So, why don’t we go put on our hottest, sexiest clothes, go out, grab a couple of cuties,” Faith winked like some sort of disreputable older sister, “and party on!”

“B-but,” Dawn stammered at the enormity of the entire idea, “what about Buffy?”

“I wasn’t planning on inviting her,” Faith replied a puzzled frown crossing her face.

“No,” Dawn baulked at the idea of not telling her sister, “I mean, she won’t approve.”

“I wasn’t planning on telling her either,” Faith smiled, rather like Dawn imagined the devil would smile as he tempted some straight laced puritan, “were you?”

“No,” Dawn replied softly.


A night club, later that night.

Lights flashed and music pulsed as what seemed like hundreds of young people danced franticly about trying to blot out the tedium of their drab, humdrum lives. Faith and Dawn danced in the middle of the dance floor objects of extreme desire for every young male within fifty yards of them. Although the original idea had been for them to pick up a couple of guys, the two young women had actually spent most of the evening dancing with each other.

Of course they had danced teasingly with a few guys earlier on; once or twice Dawn had thought Faith was going to screw the guy she’d been dancing with right there on the dance floor! But she’d always brush the guy off and dance off into the crowd again. Once, some guy, hadn’t liked the idea of Faith leaving him standing looking slightly foolish in the middle of the floor. He’d gone after Faith and grabbed hold of her arm; Dawn hadn’t heard what the guy had said; she’d seen Faith smile (in a nasty way) then the next thing she’d seen was the guy rolling about on the floor clutching his crutch. The bouncers had come over; exchanged words with Faith then picked the guy up and carried him out, no questions asked. As a member of the Hartlepool Ladies Rugby Union team, Faith was quite well known and no one wanted her upset.

Dancing close together surrounded by a multitude of hot, gyrating young bodies, Dawn found she couldn’t keep her eyes off Faith’s breasts. The way she could make them sort of wobble and bounce like that was starting to turn her on; Faith on the other hand couldn’t help but notice what Dawn could do with her hips. To be honest, Faith was jealous of Dawn’s hips; her own were a little narrow and she didn’t consider them as one of her best features, but Dawn’s… Just looking at them made Faith feel, well it made her feel like she shouldn’t when looking at another girl. Leaning forward, Faith put a hand on Dawn’s shoulder and yelled into her ear over the sound of the music.

“Come on, its time to go.” Faith grabbed hold of Dawn’s hand and towed her off the dance floor.


“But its still totally early yet,” Dawn complained as they walked down the stairs outside the night club and into the street, “I thought we were gonna party all night.”

Dawn did a little dance as she walked along beside Faith. Feeling a few unfamiliar urges (at least were girls were concerned) Faith turned away. Okay she’d flirted with girls before, but she’d never been serious, she’d even made a few suggestive comments to Buffy over the years but that had been mainly just to yank her chain.

“Yeah I know,” Faith admitted, “sorry, but I forgot, Giles wants us over at Slayer Central tomorrow A.M…don’t think it’d look good if we turn up all hung-over an’ asleep.”

“Oh,” Dawn sounded disappointed, “did he say what it was about?”

“Nah,” Faith shook her head and looked up and down the street, “think he wants to send us on some mission or something.”

“Oh,” Dawn didn’t sound happy, “no rest for the slayer and watcher junior, eh?” Dawn saw the distracted look on Faith’s face. “What’s up?”

The two young women looked up and down the street, it was well lit and apart from a few couples heading home or moving on to different clubs it was almost deserted. A police car came around the corner and drove slowly up the middle of the road. The two policemen inside checked out Dawn and Faith as they passed by; Dawn gave them a friendly wave and the cops drove off seemingly happy that all was well.

“There’s something down here,” Faith whispered as she nodded down the street, “if it attacks get behind me, okay?”

“Okay,” Dawn replied as she watched the deep, dark shadows cast by the orangey light of the streetlights.

No sooner had the word left her lips; something big and powerful jumped from a shadow and pushed her to the floor. Trying to keep out of the way and not be trampled on, Dawn rolled to the side of the pavement next to a shop front. She could hear the meaty sound of fists hitting flesh and the grunts of the two adversaries in combat. Looking up from her position on the ground, Dawn saw Faith kicking the crap out of some shambling monster that looked like a cross between a rug and a really weird two-legged dog.

A rapid series of punches and kicks sent the creature reeling down the street, eventually it landed on all fours. It looked up at Faith, snarled exposing a row of really nasty looking teeth before running off down the street and disappearing into a side alley. Faith took a couple of running paces after the monster before she stopped herself; turning back she trotted over to where Dawn lay.

“You okay?” she asked reaching out to take Dawn’s hand.

Being pulled easily to her feet, Dawn then found herself looking into Faith’s eyes from only a few inches away; she could feel Faith’s breasts squashed up against her own, the heat from her body, the warmth of Faith’s breath against her cheek all made Dawn feel…well, she didn’t really know like what? She could almost hear Faith’s heart beating like a drum as her body moved sensuously against her own, Dawn’s lips parted as she tilted her head to one side; she started to move closer towards those invitingly soft lips that seemed to be beckoning her to crush them against her own.

“Look,” with a force of will, Faith dragged her eyes away from Dawn’s, she’d been feeling strangely attracted towards Dawn all evening, “look, um, we-we better be gettin’ home, right?” Faith removed her hands from where they’d been resting on Dawn’s waist, “we don’t wanna be late for Giles.” Forcing a laugh Faith stepped away from Dawn, “Come on,” she called heading off down the road, “we better get home.”

“Yeah,” agreed Dawn putting the fingers of one hand to her lips, “yeah, totally.”

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