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Starship Troopers: The Betrayed

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Summary: I never liked the second Starship Troopers movie, so this is sort of a prequal/replacement for it. Now with 75% more Xander

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Left For Dead

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the vampire slayer or the Starship Troopers series (and I refuse to recognize Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation as part of the series), nor am I making or intending to make a profit by writing this story. (A/N: To any who read and liked the novel version, please do not be disappointed in the Mobile Infantry in this story, they will progress from movie version (cannon fodder) into something resembling the novel version (real deal elite killing machines))

A little Background: 1) Seven years after the formation of the new council, Giles died of a heart attack in his sleep and Robin Wood was appointed its new head. Not liking the direction the council was going in under Woods leadership Xander left, followed by three slayers. For a year they travelled the world fighting demons and evil men, leaving behind a growing legend (Odin and his Valkyries rode to battle once more.), before they were unofficially recruited by Brigadier General Jack O’Neill to create and lead a group of demon hunters clandestinely linked to the US government. Three years later the organization Malum Daemonis or Demon’s Bane sprung up fully formed and ready for war, since then they have gained respect and notoriety amongst the supernatural community.

2) This story takes place 6 years after the capture of the brain bug on planet P. These are troopers created by me; there will be no appearances by notable Movie or Novel characters, at the most someone will know or be related to one. The Troopers on RB3 are part of a R&D testing program so you will see weapons from the second movie. Make no mistake I HATE that movie, but they did try more than throwing more bullets at the bugs. NOW on to the story!

Left for Dead

Forward Command Bunker, Planet RB3 in the AQZ

“You can’t do this you bastards, you’re leaving us to die!!” Colonel Elizabeth Barnes screamed into the microphone on the communications array. She and those in the room had just been informed that the three Fleet ships orbiting the planet were being called away, and they were taking the 400 plus troopers that they had brought to reinforce the outpost with them. Without those men and women the upper command was signing a death certificate for the 150 or so troopers under her command.

“The orders come from on high colonel.” came the response over the speakers “You’re on your own. Good luck, Kraken out.” With that the connection was cut and the communications array shorted out, throwing off sparks and forcing them back. Immediately after this the room erupted in a storm of denials and questions.

“They’re going to come back for us….they have to, right colonel?” questioned PFC. John Thompson, her communications officer. He was answered by the angry voice of her second in command cutting through the din of voices.

“Hey dipshit, they just left us on this bug hill….alone, what do you think that means.” As she went to reprimand her 2IC a voice from the door drew the attention of the room.

“Colonel, I think you need to see this.” At the door stood a trooper who kept glancing between her and the man who stood at his side. A man who immediately sounded every warning bell she had. He stood perfectly calm and ready to act (a look she had seen on MI troopers who had survived multiple battles and come out all the more dangerous for it.), dressed in well-worn combat boots, a pair of jeans, and a black combat vest over a gray t-shirt, topped off by a heavy black duster hanging just past his ankles.

His most distinguishing feature however was his singular amber colored eye that took in the room, the troopers present, evaluated and categorized it all before finally settling on her. “Mind telling me where in the nine hells I am, and what sort of clusterfuck I’m caught up in?”

Fifteen Minutes Ago, half a Klick from the fence

A red and blue portal flashed into existence, spat out a figure, and just as quickly vanished. The figure rolled twice before stopping in a three-point stance, took a look around and stood up. Tapping a barely discernable communication unit in his ear he spoke “Odin to Valkyries….I repeat this is Odin, can anyone read me…Gunnr, Herja, Rota? Fuck!!” tapping it once more he spoke again “This is Odin, can any of the Einherjar hear me, if you can hear me respond.” After waiting a few moments Xander sighed and turned off his com’s unit. Turning around, he headed for the structure that he had seen in the distance only to be stopped by an ear piercing shriek.

Spinning back around he saw what appeared to be a giant mutated bug stepping from behind a small hill and point itself in his direction, he couldn’t tell if it actually saw him because he couldn’t make out any eyes on the creature. Deciding to take the civil route he spoke to it “Your one ugly son of bitch, you know that?” at this the creature shrieked again and charged at him. Jumping to the left as the creatures jaw snapped at where he had been, he pulled out his Desert Eagle and fired a short three round burst into it, turned a landing on his back into a backwards roll and came to his feet.

Seeing the creature shake off the bullets and reorient itself in his direction he put the Eagle away, pulled out his modified Colt Peacekeeper 357 (that the girls had jokingly dubbed Gungnir), checked his ammo and aimed at it. The creatures ensuing screech and charge was met by a “Fuck you.” and a two round burst. Five feet from Xander it exploded into a shower of guts and orange blood, eliciting a smile. Miraculously untouched by the raining shower of gore Xander started once more towards the structure.

Coming to a stop in front of the military compound, that sported of all things an electrified barricade, he yelled “Somebody open the fucking gate and let me in!” seconds later a helmeted head peered down from a tower at him in surprise. The trooper and the others near this side of the fence had heard the shots and screeching from earlier, when the shooting stopped they hadn’t expect that anyone had survived. The cry of “Move it soldier!!” snapped him out of his thoughts.

Private Jimmy Headers might not know who this person was or where he came from but he damned sure knew that tone of voice, a superior officer expecting to be obeyed. Sliding down the lookouts ladder he disengaged the door section of the gate and let the man in, after re-engaging the door section he turned and regarded the man. He was dressed oddly ‘probably a higher up.’, stood an imposing 6’ 2’’ and had a look in his eye that reminded him of the eyes of legends like Rasczak. Noticing that the man is armed he starts to ask him to hand over his weapon, only to be interrupted “I need to see whoever is in charge here.”

Surprised private Headers responds “Excuse me sir?” his surprise evident on his face.

“I said that I need to see whoever is in charge here.” says Xander, a small smirk adorning his face “Where’s the forward command?”

Deciding its better safe than sorry when dealing with a potential superior the private capitulated “If you’ll follow me sir.” After the man’s nod he leads him to the command bunker, noticing the tumult of voices he calls out “Colonel, I think you need to see this.” drawing the attention of the room.

Hearing the man’s statement “Mind telling me where in the nine hells I am, and what sort of clusterfuck I’m caught up in?” he realized that he had probably just made a major if not career ending mistake.

“Cause if I didn’t know any better I’d swear I killed a giant, and I do mean giant, bug out there.” Xander spoke as he took a couple steps into the room, only to stop when many guns rose and pointed at him. A smirk rose on his lips “I wouldn’t do that if I was you…someone might get shot.” If anyone had been paying close attention to Xander instead of the way he had casually insulted them, they might have noticed a brief yellow glow from under the left wrist of his duster.

Colonel Barnes narrowed her eyes at the unknown man “Who are you and how did you get here?” deciding to forgo anger, for now, to get information. She felt like shooting him herself when his smirk grew and he stayed quiet. Turning to the trooper “Where’d you find him?” she demanded. The fear she saw in the troopers eyes making her fee a little better.

“Um…h-he was outside the fence, ma’am.”

“Outside the gate, and you didn’t think that was odd?!?” her amusement gone.

“I.I...I saw him outside the gate and assumed that Fleet had sent him down, Ma’am.”

Latching on to the small ray of hope that had just appeared one of the troopers in the room spoke up “Are you Fleet, sir?” the optimism evident in his voice.

“What’s Fleet?” Xander replied “Because if you mean those guys I heard on the radio, then…” Fearing what would happen if that information reached the general populace Col. Barnes called out to her head of security.

“Jinmen!!” who upon hearing the urgency in his C.O’s voice, slammed his rifle Xanders jaw, dropping him like a sack of potatoes. Thinking quickly Barnes spoke again “Throw him in a secure holding room and lock it. No one gets in or out without my say so, understood?” Nodding their affirmation Jinmen and the trooper who had brought Xander there picked him up by his shoulders and dragged him from the room. Once more the brief flash under his duster sleeve was missed.

As Xanders body came to a stop on the floor, the trooper closed and sealed the door and left. “Sloppy,” Xander rose into a sitting position and checked his jaw “and they hit like pussies.” Rolling up his left sleeve he looked at his watch and smirked. It was genetically linked to him, was nearly indestructible, had two limited A.I’s and it told time in three different countries. ‘incredible what you can get when you have ancient alien tech, human ingenuity, magic and someone crazy enough to blend it all together.’

“Thought, Memory report.” The screen of the watch shifted to show two small digital ravens. ‘Now if only I could change her sense of humor.’

~ From what I have found Commander, we are no longer in our proper time, timeline or dimension. ~ stated the proper sounding synthesized voice of Memory.

Next came Thoughts more normal sounding voice % We were only able to grab what they had on file because their com’s were shot to shit Boss. But from what we got these guys have been fighting giant alien bugs for a while now. % Three minutes later the A.I’s had completed their reports and Xander could only say one thing.

“It’s not bad enough I get tossed to ass end of a different reality…No, I have to end up the Orkin man’s worst Fucking Nightmare!!” looking up to the heavens he screamed “It’s gonna take a lot more than this to kill me you ASSHOLES!!!!”

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