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Key to the Serum

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Summary: Because Dawn's blood is the reason no one can recreate the super serum

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Marvel Universe > Ultimate UniverseDearestDrusillaFR1869,99333213,07818 May 1126 Oct 12No

Chapter One

I do not Own BtVS or Marvel's Ultimate series. I'm in college so I don't even have the money to own a potato.

((Also! So totes forgot I even had this thing! I wrote it like, last summer I think, yeah, because of the pantslessness))


It was getting too hot to keep wearing pants. That was one thing in her life Dawn was sure of. Another thing she was sure of was that she didn't care if the first slayer was in the bathroom, she was going in and taking a cold shower. In the end, Dawn did end up flinging the door open on someone and glaring until they left the bathroom. Poor Andrew. Of course, she did end up having to throw several of his dolls -action figures- out into the hallway after him, along with a towel and his clothes. Several moments later, Dawn was relaxing in the tub as the cool spray of water poured down on her from the shower head.

Adequately cooled off, the young woman turned the pressure down and reached for her shaving cream. Many of the slayers may have stopped shaving their legs, but Dawn had not. She didn't like looking down and seeing the magical elven forest. Not at all. She'd finished most of both legs, having only one strip of foam and hair left to rid herself of. Slowly and carefully, she took the blade and rid herself of the bane. Only to wobble as a spell shook the entire castle.

“Ow!” she hissed as the blade bit into her skin. She watched as the dribble of blood fell from her legs into the water she stood in, spreading throughout and beginning to glow a faint green. “Oh crap...” the green glow was brighter now, ever brighter and whiter it grew until the seventeen year old couldn't bear to look at it any longer.

As the light began to pull her down, she grabbed anything she could to try and stay in her own world. Dawn succeeded only in pulling the shower curtain from its rod. Falling through the portal was nothing like any of Willow's portals, a simple and easy step through with a feeling of minor weightlessness. No, nothing like that at all. Dawn's accidental portal was wild and violent. Her body was whipped about and the air was torn from her lungs as she was vaulted into a place unknown. Her lungs burned and her vision grew hazy before a jolting pain washed over her and something solid connected with her skull.

There was only darkness.


“Doctor...I think your experiment worked.”

Dr. Erskine shook his frizzy head wildly, both his assistant and himself turned away from the subject. “No, I wanted to open a portal to another world.”

“I think you did sir. You just managed to pull something out instead of going through.”


When Dawn awoke, she found herself in a rather large room. The oak paneled walls were lined with books and all manner of odd things, and for a moment, she thought herself to be in the library of the castle. But then she remembered the portal and falling. Sitting up slowly, she tried not to be sick from the pain in her head and took in her surroundings. It wasn't working too well.

She was laying on a couch and wearing a lab coat. Okay, step up from shower curtain and nudity. Dawn was inside, better than being outside she supposed as the other side of the window showed only darkness and rain. The was a fire going as well. Another step up because the window seemed fairly cold. There were books everywhere in multiple languages, some of which she recognized. Very good, she could communicate with someone. Her head still ached however, and the feeling of nausea was only getting worse. Trashcan? Pot? Tin?

Looking around as quickly as she dared, Dawn was thankful to see a rather large vase on the table next to her. Not a moment too soon either.

Midway through her second heave, she heard the door open and voices. One was female and lamenting something or other while simultaneously scolding. The second was young, male, and apologetic. The third was male as well, though older and sounded as though Dawn had just done something amazing. She felt a warm hand on her back and heard the reassuring mutterings of the woman. Her heaving was done but she felt incredibly weak and allowed herself to be set back on the couch, the cool leather wonderful on her heated skin.

She got a look at those around her. Okay, the woman was plump and scolding the two men. She had dark hair once upon a time, though now she appeared to have silver hair with a few dark strands here and there. She was speaking, either Serbian or German...maybe. A dark red dress covered her frame, along with an apron. She smelled faintly of food and the scent made Dawn's stomach lurch in protest.

Back to the urn to rid herself of bile. Who really needed a stomach?

After pulling back a second time, she noticed the young man. He was missing a finger and he wore rather thick glasses. A mass of dark frizzy hair topped his head and he was very nervous looking. He was tall and thin and he wore a brown suit. Buffy had told her once to never trust a man in a brown suit. As had Cordelia and surprise of all surprises, Drusilla.

But as he was scolded by he woman beside Dawn, she was drawn finally to the old man in front of her. His hair was frizzy and he too wore glasses. He was studying her intently, just as she was studying him. He looked like a mad scientist.

Then he spoke to her.

“Hello there.” The other two fell silent as he spoke, slowly as though Dawn were an invalid. “I am Doctor Erskine.”

“And my name is Dawn Summers.” It must have been surprising that she could speak because now they were all babbling. She could only pick up pieces when they'd first come in, but now it was only too easy to figure out what they were saying. “Uhm excuse me?” The all paused to look at her. “Could I maybe get some clothes?”

The woman's eyes widened before pulling Dawn to her feet and out of the room, talking about idiot men and her own lack of thought.

“It's fine,” Dawn said as she was led up the stairs. She was still wobbly so the effort was slow going.

“No dear,” the woman said, shaking her head back and forth. “No it is not. I should have thought to bring a young lady such as you something to wear in this bachelor pad.”

“What's your name?” Dawn asked when they reached the top of the stair.

“My name? My name is Elsa. Elsa Wasche. I make sure the doctor eats and sleeps. I keep the house clean and I cook.”

“It's very nice to meet you Mrs. Wasche,” Dawn replied. “My name is Dawn Summers.”

“That is a lovely name. What does it mean in your language?”

“In English?” Dawn asked in confusion.

“English?” The maid parroted leaning back and looking at Dawn. “You are from England?”

“No, America.”

“Oh my...” Elsa said no more, instead ushering Dawn into a room. It was a very lovely room and looked as though it might belong to Dawn's great grandmother. But at the same time, it looked like the room of a young girl. A girl about Dawn's age.
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