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Reality and Choices

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This story is No. 2 in the series "JLA and the Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and the JLA deal with the the consequences of Xanders actions, and old friends come knocking at his door.

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DC Universe > Justice League(Past Donor)NycorsonFR15717,3563536371,14022 May 117 Aug 11Yes


The party had lasted well into the night, ending at 3 am, when even the mystically enhanced had worn themselves out. For a while some of the slayers and guests had drifted into work out areas and impromptu competitions of "look what I can do" sprouted up. But Xander, Pat, and Lamont made sure it didn't get out of hand, and by the time everyone left a few good friendships had sprouted up, most surprisingly between Jo and Cassie S, aka Wonder Girl. A lot of crushes on Kon-el and surprisingly Garth, who for all his greenness was fun to be around. All in all Xander was much happier having the girls crush on someone that wasn't him.

Faith and Dawn crashed in Xander's bed and he took the couch, waking up a bit stiff around 7 am. Yawning he headed out for coffee, only to find Alfred there setting up a rather large breakfast.

Arching an eyebrow, "Did I hire you, and forget that little fact?"

A smile twitched across his face, "No, but neither Master Bruce or Master Grayson needed my help this morning, and I heard your dance was quite the rousing success, though the pre-party activities seem to have ruffled some feathers." Alfred handed Xander a cup of coffee and a bagel wrapped sausage.

"Yeah.. family, what can I say." Xander shrugged a bit, still avoiding the very tender topic of Willow and Buffy, not sure he had made the right choice, but not seeing any other options.

"Indeed, they do seem to bring out the best and the worse in us." Alfred's calm acknowledgement made Xander smile.

"That they do. So you just here for the post party gossip?" Xander asked sipping his excellent coffee.

Alfred drew himself, and affected an offended look, "Butlers do not gossip." Giving Xander the evil eye, then smiled a tiny bit, "Though I might be interested in hearing how the ladies enjoyed their evening. But I was actually unofficially asked by Master Bruce to see if you needed some help with your friend, the one that will be staying."

Xander sagged a bit in relief, then bit his lip. "I think... she will need an identity, but I am not sure how much I should or can be involved, we may need to leave this all with Diana. She may already have it in hand, she might not, and I don't know if I should help, or let Willow have this life without me in it. I just can't answer that Alfred."

There was a long slow nod, "I do understand, I helped occasionally in relocating survivors of the camps. Sometimes having someone with no history with that person was much easier than even the most loving family member. I shall contact Princess Diana and offer her any assistance she might require."

About this time Faith stumbled out wearing nothing but a pair of Xander boxer's, and an undershirt. Pouring herself a cup of coffee she looked at Alfred for a long moment, then snorted, "Got your own personal Jeeves now huh? Couldn't live without the accent?"

Xander almost choked on his coffee, then handled the introductions. Alfred looked more bemused by Faith than offended, and she was most appreciative of his breakfast offerings. "So Xan, I guess Dawnie and I should be headed home soon."

There was a long pause, and finally Xander lifted up his head and looked at her. "Yeah. I wish you could stay, but I think you are right, are you are the last, and you are needed there, and that is Buffy's home, I don't think she could handle it here, not and keep quiet about secret identities and what not. And she will need Dawn, she isn't going to be happy once she wakes up."

"Maybe not, but in the long run, I think she'll be happier. She never really wanted this life, and now she can do something a bit more normal, actually given my experiences, I kinda hope she'll finish college and get that counseling cert, I think we could use it, and she would sure as hell understand what the girls are talking about."

A warm smile crossed his face, "That sounds like a great idea Faith, I hope you and Dawn can talk her into it. "

Dawn's voice butted in, "Oh I am sure I can, I've been practicing my puppy dog look for just such an occasion." She was showered and dressed in the clothes from yesterday. "But I think it would be best if when she woke up she was home, and I am really hoping that Hecate fixed everyone else's memory at the same time, if not, the next month or so is going to be rather odd."

Faith laughed, "True, but still better than the fear, the place reeked of it, seriously." Dawn nodded in agreement, and Xander smiled sadly. Tossing back the rest of her coffee, and one more bite of breakfast, she nodded at Alfred, "Thanks Jeeves... let me go shower Dawnie, then I think it is time to go home."

Dawn nodded still sipping her coffee as Faith strode back to the bedroom. "I hate to say this Xander, cause I really wanted you to come home with us... but, " A deep breath, "You are needed here. I saw those girls, they all but worship you. Not to mention the superhero club, you always did gravitate towards the weird."

A low laugh, "True, but this time at least I can claim they gravitated towards me. Tell you what I'll see if I can sweet talk Za into creating an inter-reality phone, so at least we can keep in touch, okay?"

The smile on Dawn's face was brilliant as she launched herself at Xander for a hard hug. Zatanna once awake, agreed to think about the problem, and all too soon, Faith, Dawn, and a still sleeping Buffy were ready to go. "I'm going to miss you guys. Give Buffy my love and explain for me, I think she'll understand. Once she finishes being pissed off."

They both laughed, "True, the only advantage this time, is at least I can let her rant and not worry about her breaking anything truly irreplaceable. Like a support beam." Dawn snickers as she said this, but the hand running down her sister's hair was full of love and forgiveness. She took a deep breath, gave him one more hard hug, and then cut her finger with a small silver knife. With the bloody finger she drew a circle in the air while chanting softly. Zatanna and a few of the slayers who had managed to drag themselves out of bed before 10am watched, a soft chorus of oohs.

Faith gently laid Buffy down, and walked over to Xander. "You take care, okay? And let the girls take care of you."

"I will.. you...." The rest of what Xander was going to say was cut off as Faith pulled him hard into a kiss that was threatening to smolder the clothes between them, and created gasps of both astonishment and envy from the onlookers, and Zatanna started to wonder if she really was too old for Xander, as he responded in kind.

When the kiss ended, both of them looked a little dazed, a lot aroused, and more than a few watchers were feeling the affect. "Damn Xan, you only got better with age. Anya was a lucky chick." With that she picked up Buffy and strode through the portal.

Dawn laughed, walked over and kissed Xander chastely on the lips, "You know where we are if you need us. Love you." And with that she was gone too, leaving a rather distracted Xander staring at a green portal slowly closing.

The slayers slowly drifted away, more than one tossing envious glances at the space where Faith and Dawn had disappeared. But if most of them were honest, they liked having a crush on Xander, but few really wanted to date him, it was more fun to have him as an ideal, up close, he was too scary.

Zatanna bumped her shoulder against his, "So a pensive, and now a inter-dimensional/reality phone? What I'm your private magical artificer now?"

Her tone was amused so he knew she wasn't really mad at him, but he blushed a bit anyhow, "Sorry Zatanna, please feel free to tell me to go jump in a lake, I didn't mean to make you feel used, just so many ideas, and I was sure you could come up with them."

His obvious embarrassment amused her, and the laughter that pealed forth made him relax a little. "In all honestly I don't mind. I rarely use my magic for crafting, and it is an entire skill set I've never really used, then you add in that the stuff you are asking me to make is fascinating... well I am learning a lot. Crafting magic is completely different from casting spells, probably why it is taking me so long, it has been a long time since I had to open a book to figure out how to do something. So if anything I am looking forward to what you ask me to make next."

"Thanks, your friendship means a lot to me Za, getting use to having you around." Xander smile was warm and welcoming. "But enough of that, I believe, " turning to the slayers that were drifting into the kitchen, "I have a slaying schedule to post."

With that the kitchen came to life with chattering teenagers, smiling adults, and breath of hope for the future washed through most of them. There was always danger, but the slayers now knew Xander would never willingly leave them, and the adults just wondered what excitement was to come their way.

AN: Done for now until I get another bug and manage to kick Murphy to the curb.

The End

You have reached the end of "Reality and Choices". This story is complete.

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