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A Xander in Germany.

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Revising History.". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander made it on his Cross Country Journey; his misfortune is to stop in a small town in West Virginia to gas up. On a Sunday.

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Literature > Sci-FiLetomoFR13129,58089428,49624 May 1127 Sep 11No

1: Some gas.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, nor any others from the series "1632" by Eric Flint.
A/N: I am delaying the start of 1632 to after school has been out a week, so about mid-late May, not April, and just after Xander's Grad, should still be 2000.

Chapter 1: Some gas.

Xander looked at his gas gauge. 'Yep, need to fill up.' He was glad he had thought to have Oz look the car over before he headed out - otherwise it would have lasted about a day, if that. Instead, here he was, driving through the backhills of, uh, where was he?

He looked over at the map, and tried to figure it out. Okay, took that road, turned there, so, looks like West Virginia. Huh. Isn't that - right, gun-nut capital of the world.

Well, if any of the hillbillies caused him trouble, he had his trusty axe.

Following the signs [including the hilarious 60mph speed limit signs - when he hadn't hit 30 in 3 hours], he reached a small town. It was Sunday, so he hoped there was a station open. In some of these small towns, gas stations closed on Sundays. Well, it wasn't like he was on schedule. Well, other than get back to Sunnydale before the summer lull ended. So, he still had a couple months.

It didn't take him long to find the station, which was thankfully open. He smiled through the window at the attendent, as he started to fuel his car.


Despite being a bit shocked by the bright light, he was in the old car, with his axe in hand, before it ended, before he could even see again.

It didn't help. There seemed to be a dome of light, covering the area, judging from the afterimage in his eyes. It only lasted a short time, and then was over.

The guy from the counter came out. "Hey, what was that?"

"Not a clue, man, not a clue. Uh, any chance we're near an Army Base, or something?" Xander looked around. Something . . . something was off, but he wasn't sure what. Oh, well, he'd figure out what had happened, and if it was demon related, kill it. Though, really, this didn't seem to fit. It was the middle of the day, and a Sunday to boot.

"Well, there's the National Guard Armory, about a half hour away . . . "

"Huh. Could that have been an explosion?" It didn't seem likely. Hadn't looked like one of the A-bomb shots, or what the school had looked like when it was blown up.

When he had fueled up, he paid for the gas. He was glad he was carrying all cash, since the power seemed to have gone out, so a credit card would have been useless. Getting the car into gear, he prepared to leave, only to find that the town didn't want him to.

Where the small area had previously been in the hills, it seemed to now be in a valley, beneath the mountains. And, wasn't the sun supposed to be over on that side?

Backing up, he headed the other way, seeing if he could go the way he had come. He was almost there, could see the road had changed, when he heard some popping from ahead of him. Well, more like a car backfiring, in the distance. He sped up, to see if he could help.

Only to find another car, half-buried under the dirt from one of the walls around the area. Okay, a normal person would say this was creepy. To Xander, it made me wonder - Had the Hellmouth moved? Did another one open up?

He was too late to help with the - gun battle?!? - but he had enough first aid experience to help with the clean up, wrapping bandages around some guy that had taken a nasty wound to the ribs.

What had happened?

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