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Delphi Breaks

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Summary: Kyria feels that they are not, as they say, Gods.

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Stargate > General > General: SG-1MatryaFR711,232031,04026 May 1126 May 11Yes
Story Title: Delphi Breaks
Story Title: Kyria, Daughter of Thanos
Series Title: To the Wild
Series Title: By the Ocean

Author: Matrya
Disclaimer: Familiar characters, concepts and settings are not mine; they are largely the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Productions, Twentieth Century Fox, MGM, SciFi/SyFy, Showtime, Gecko Productions and various related entities. I.E. I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate: SG-1, their worlds or concepts. I do own these characters.
Feedback: is like a Slayer on a far-away planet.
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Universe)/Stargate (Universe)
In Canon: Canonless
Characters/Pairings: Original (Kyria)
Word Count: ~1100
Author's Notes: The theory here is that Slayer's are only Daughter of Eve (to put it in Lewis' terms), and whether one may have been born from a lineage taken from Earth long ago...well, stuff happens. It was originally intended to start a longer story, but I simply kept killing my heroine in the second chapter, so decided it would fit well as the opening to my unfound Slayers series.
Summary: Kyria feels that they are not, as they say, Gods.

"I feel a quake in my bones," Kyria muttered to Erasmus as they gathered together kindle for the hearth.

"You feel fear for deceit of the Gods, Sister," Erasmus returned as quietly as he were able. "You were told and yet you still call to question."

She dropped more sticks into her faggot. "I fear no man, Brother, and your Gods are nothing more than men with means of power."

"Men who are so as divinity are as good as Lord Gods, Kyria."

Her head shook. "No, Erasmus. There is no Lord God and these men who pose as the many of such are no better than beggars."

"Oh, Sister, if Iphigenia heard you she would purge your soul with the fruit of labour and pain."

"It is left to me to free us from this persecution," she replied in pausing her work. "I feel the truth of it in my womb."

He dropped his faggot onto hers. "What would our dear father Thanos say of such ideas?"

"Much different from our mother, Briseis. Justly Gods would not do as these men do!" she insisted more loudly than she had intended, reaching the attention of the lower priest, Vernados.

"You doubt, Kyria, daughter of Thanos?"

"I do, Priest. What do you do of it?"

He approached slowly, all watching. "You will come now, to the temple, and we will speak of your doubts." He clasped her shoulder with one great hand and turned his dark eyes on her brother. "Erasmus, honour your father in gathering enough to last your hearth until the moon turns over."

"But Priest--"

"It is the will of the Gods, Erasmus, son of Thanos. Do you wish to dishonour your father and displease the Gods?"

Erasmus turned his back to the lower priest and his sister. "I will gather enough to last until the trees run ablaze."

"Good, good," offered Vernados, leading Kyria through the field to the temple, outlined by the low-hanging star wishing to give way again to Nyx. The star, burnt to nearly the colour of blood, lowered by enough degrees to allow the sky overhead to start fading into an inky oblivion.

On the steps to the temple, Vernados began to speak, but did not stop their stride. "Kyria, why do you doubt?"

She waited to speak, gathering her thought into coherence, and he allowed her time to do so. He led her into the temple and then fully through it and out into the back courtyard. "Is it the will of the Gods that my father, a good and just man who served them laboriously through festival and famine alike, should be struck down by their own guards? For a simple infraction, Vernados! He spoke out of turn, to ask mercy for an innocent man, and for that they took his life and fouled his good name." She continued with vehemence and righteousness on every syllable, "I am not unwise, I hear the words of others as clearly as any and I know what the name Thanos has come to. None would wisely name there son something so fouled; yet my father was long revered as a just and devout man!"

"That is not your reason. It has been years on since Thanos departed, and I was there as you grieved. As fiery as your passion for justice was, that flame has been doused as you have lived and your mother has taken another husband." He sat on a bench, not inviting her to do the same but not giving her forbiddance. "What is your true reason?"

"I feel it," she admitted quietly, sitting beside him. "I feel they are not as they say," she said, spitting the words. "They are not Gods, Vernados."

"They are not," confirmed the lower priest.

She looked to him, surprised but not. "I knew it. They are evil things, are they not?" asked Kyria. "I have felt it, for nearly a year now. It quakes my bones and strangles my womb with hatred. They are daemons"

Vernados looked straight to her. "There are stories, from prior to the Gods taking us from the encroaching fires of Hades and bringing us to this land for it to always provide us health and glory. Stories of women warriors."


"Something else, the word is lost to time. They were charged, though, to defeat evil as it existed in unhumanly means." He shook his head. "One at a time, only, for no such army could ever be..." Standing, Vernados gestured to the sky. "She alone was to stand against that which was unlike man in soul, and it was her right from birth only; yet, it was only to be fulfilled by another of her lineage being struck down.

"She could feel evil."

Kyria looked to the sky. "You think," she began with caution and worry. "That I am her?"

"You have the strength of Gods, which you hide beneath the veil of womanhood," he told her. "I have seen you, Kyria. I have watched you, and this confirms it, this feeling in your bones and womb. You are glorious, my girl, and a warrior for the people."

"What is it I must do, Vernados?"

"Most greatly, tell no one. Not Erasmus, son of Thanos. Not Briseis, wife of Spyridon. Not even High Priestess Iphigenia. We are few who wish to bring rebellion to the Gods, and our names are guarded as our faces."

"What is it you speak on about?"

He glanced around the courtyard to check, again, their lonesomeness. "We wish to bring the false Gods from their thrones of gold to the brambles of truth, Kyria."

"Why do you not just take them in battle?" she asked, liking the idea for its lack of convolution. "It is not ichor which flows through them!"

"They are not Gods, Kyria, but they are more than any man and could take out a hundred for every one which we felled." He shook his head. "We must use cunning and faith to free ourselves from their enslavement."

She wringed her fingers, looked around unsettled. "What is it I can do?"

"Arrive to the Chambers of Hephaistos after the next departure of the Gods through the chappa'ai."

"But that is such a long time to wait!" she argued in righteousness. "How are we to do anything if we let them frighten us as mice?"

He spoke in a tone booming but low. "We must, or we will surely perish. Is that how you would like our victory to be, at such cost?"

Kyria stood. "Then I will wait," she promised. "I will arrive."

"This, you know, is cause for death; treason to the Gods?"

Walking back toward the temple, heading again to the fields, she nodded. "They are no Gods of mine."

The End

You have reached the end of "Delphi Breaks". This story is complete.

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