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Just A Little Girl

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Summary: Faith finds a long lost family member in Seattle.

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Television > Grey's AnatomyDamiaFR1314,121572,25731 May 1131 May 11Yes
Song: Just a Little Girl
Artist: Trading yesterday

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Greys Anatomy


She took a deep breath and brought both hands to the thick hair on her head, mussing the already tousled curls a bit more. She wasn't all that fond of the west coast, too many residual feelings from her time in prison. Still, that was years ago and two states away. She was in Seattle for another reason though. A family she'd tried to pretend no longer existed. So she was standing in front of a hospital in a sweater little D had gotten her 'too look nice' and still standing out. Maybe it was the black jeans and the leather jacket over the top of the blood red cashmere creation, maybe it was the messy hair or the way she stood ready to pounce. That or it was the fact that she was the last Slayer, the last of the Chosen. Buffy was beyond them all, too much destiny and sorcery. That left Faith, it had been the dark slayer that the spell had gone through to make all the potential slayers into actual slayers. Buffy and Willow and Xander, they were gods, or at least Demi-gods, even if they didn't want to admit it, they were more than simply human. So Faith let them be special, let the mini slayers worship them. She had more interesting things to do.

It had been simple at first. She and Robin were in charge of Cleveland, Buffy and Xander and Willow were locked away in Scotland training the newbies with Giles for awhile. Then they split up for awhile. Xander to Africa, Willow to South America, Buffy to Italy. Dawn went off to college and Giles stayed in Scotland. Faith and Robin stayed in Cleveland. She stayed there for a while anyway. She and Robin played house and made with the nasty for a long time but it wasn't for her and eventually she lost patience with him as he continued to try and change her ways. She was the product of a lonely broken home. Her only happy memories being the few short weekends she got to see her older brother. Her father was married to her brothers mother. Her own mother, the junky, was one of those mistakes men don't like to admit to. At least he'd admitted that Faith was his, not that he could have denied it for long. She was the spitting image of him if he'd been female. She had the same wicked smile, the same twinkle in her eyes, though hers were brown and his were blue. Robin was treated like he was part of a family, like he was the child of his mothers watcher. He'd been very very lucky. Faith wasn't willing to turn into a mirror of his sainted mother though, and those were the breaks.

When Faith had turned 12 she'd discovered how far her mother would go for a fix. She'd traded Faith for heroin. Mark and her father had found out and Faith had been thrown into foster care because her fathers wife didn't want her in the house. From there it went downhill. Fighting, running away, causing trouble in any way possible. She didn't always do it on purpose, but she couldn't seem to help herself. Mark, being 9 years older than herself, was already in college. It didn't take her long to realize that despite the fact that he was willing to drop everything to come to her rescue, he shouldn't have to. He was going to make something of himself, gonna do something amazing with his life. Do something good. So she broke off contact and started fending for herself. She was tough. A Southie upbringing will do that to you. The streets of Boston weren't kind so she learned to survive. Eventually she was called and met her watcher. She threw herself into training, she wanted to be amazing like Mark. She wanted to make a difference, to save lives. So she studied but all she did was destroy things. Again and again and again. When she'd left Cleveland 2 years before Dawn had caught up with her. Explained how Slayers weren't meant to be alone anymore and then she'd sort of attached herself to The Dark Slayer and refused to be shaken. She'd been the one to discover that Faith had a brother in the first place. She'd gotten hold of Willow and the Red Witch had worked her computer magic. Which was why Dawn and Faith had moved up to Seattle a few weeks ago.

You never cared to hear the other side

So why would you care to keep this thing alive?

You paint me into the memory of all your pain

But I will not be drawn into the past again

She crossed her arms over her chest, locking her jaw as she stared up at the building she still hadn't been able to enter. She froze every time she came up to the large glass doors. Just stood there staring a them as though they were some kind of immovable barrier. Like Dawn without Coffee multiplied by three thousand. The wind was starting to pick up again, making her long loose curls snake through the air a bit. Today was the day she would go in and visit her brother. Maybe. She was Faith LeHane, the Dark Slayer, the woman that could conquer the world if she chose to, but wouldn't because she was 'reformed' or something that vaguely resembled it.

"So what is it?" The voice startled Faith, and she glanced over at a curious face framed with straight blond hair. She'd known someone was walking up to her, but she hadn't expected anyone to speak to her. In the last 4 days no one had done anything but glance at her and then continue on about their business.

"What is what?" Faith asked, brows furrowed a little as she stared at the wide blue eyes gazing out at her. There was something oddly compelling about the eyes. An innocence that pulled at her and told her to trust them. She wasn't sure she liked it.

"What is it that keeps you from moving forward," The woman made a large gesture with a hand clutching a cup of coffee before turning back to look at Faith expectantly.

"I don't know you," The brunette informed the woman as she realized she was wearing blue scrubs and a lab coat. The fuzzy little bear on the lapel made her shoulder twitch. She wasn't good with cute, and the woman seemed to embody it.

"No, you don't," The woman nodded as she turned toward the building, coffee still clutched firmly in her hand. "That's why I came out here actually. You see, I find it a easier to talk to people that I don't know; no predispositions, no expectations, no losing face. I thought that maybe you need to talk it out a little and that you didn't have anyone to talk to. I like to think I'm a good listener," She shrugged a little and didn't so much as glance over at Faith. That was exactly what Faith needed.

"I have family working here. My only family actually. I haven't seen him in almost 15 years. How do you face someone that did something amazing with their life when all you ever did was screw yours up?" Faith asked, honestly wanting to hear the answer. Her friends would tell her that she was strong now. That she'd been making good decisions and was an amazing person. They would tell her that he had to love her because he was her brother. Then they would threaten bodily harm if he crossed her or hurt her in any way. That wasn't what she wanted to hear.

"I don't know. I supposed the first step would be a literal one. You have to walk in and find them," The woman offered the brunette a bright smile when Faith chuckled. "Family isn't easy, we all make bad choices and then have to work to mend the fences. 15 years is an awfully long time and you couldn't have been very old when you last saw him. To be honest he has no business judging your life and you have no business judging his. You were too long apart. I think it would make more sense to start over. If I had a little sister suddenly appear after 15 years I'd be insanely happy," The woman patted Faith on the shoulder and walked forward. Faith laughed when she noticed that the woman's shoes had skates. Had to be a pediatrician of some sort.

Cause all of this is all that I can take

And you could never understand the demons that I face

So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world

For with everything you are, you're just a little girl

Faith didn't go in after the blond chick left. She went across the street to the bar, had a couple shots, and then went home. Then she went on patrol and let go of some of her tension while Dawn was doing who knew what. Faith fully applauded an active libido and the younger woman knew she didn't have to worry about Faith mentioning anything to anyone else. Besides, it was kind of the two of them against the world. After a shower and a nap Faith woke up feeling invigorated. Today was the day. She hopped in her jeep and drove to Seattle Grace Hospital. She'd opted out of Dawn purchased outfits and wore something to be comfortable in. Black leather pants, maroon camisole and black leather jacket. Too much black eyeliner and mascara later, no other makeup needed, she was walking into the hospital, hands in pockets and black boots making muffled noises on the floor.

The first thing she did was look at the directory. The second thing she did was grab someone who looked like they knew what they were doing and ask them to point her in the right direction. She could get through New York subway systems faster than she could find her way in a hospital. Part of it was that she just didn't like being inside the sterile buildings. Seattle Grace was a lot different from Sunnydale Memorial, windows and open space everywhere. It wasn't homey, but it was certainly welcoming. None of that creepy tan and green color scheme either, everything was crisp white and blue.

"You came in! Did you find him?" The petite blond was wheeling toward her, a bright smile on her face. Behind her watching them with a smile was a taller brunette with long black hair.

"Not yet," Faith told her with a slight smirk at the woman's excitement.

"Why not? Is he not here?" The smile on the woman's face was replaced with a look of intense concentration that was focused completely on the Dark Slayer. Faith recognized it from Dawn and Willow, it was the need to have all the information there was so they could find the answers. She was of the Watcher mentality. Faith couldn't help but laugh a little.

"I just got here, I haven't had time to check yet," She told her.

"Oh," A look of understanding passed over her face and then she was smiling brightly again. "I'm Arizona by the way, well Dr. Arizona Robbins, but Arizona to my friends and I like having new friends so I'm hoping you'll like having me as a new friend."

"Faith LeHane," The brunette took the other woman's hand and shook it as the other woman came over, standing a little too close to Arizona. Faith recognized the look the two shared. She'd seen it on Willow and Tara, on Xander and Anya, and even on Buffy and Captain America. She shoved her hands into her pockets again and nodded to the new woman.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Callie Torres," She held out a hand and Faith repeated her name again as she shook it.

"So who is it you're looking for? What's his name? What's his specialty? We can find him." Arizona was eager to help and Faith simply stared at her for a moment. Definitely a watcher.

"She's right, we can. It's a perk of being Attendings." Callie was smirking a little, crossing her arms.

"Mark Sloan, Plastics," Faith told them as another group of surgeons came near, babbling to each other. "10 bucks says she's knocked up," "You're on," "Wife," "Ex-wife," "She's not exactly Addison or Lexie," "Because those two are so much alike?" Faith ignored the babbling as it continued on with the doctors grouping behind the nurses station. She was more interested in the sudden look of surprise on Arizona and the near shock on Callie. The obviously knew Mark. He probably hadn't mentioned her to them, not that Faith would be at all surprised. She hadn't mentioned him either.

I never meant for you to feel this way

The Decembers were never meant to be our graves

It's not a question of who is wrong and what is right

But time can not heal what you will never recognize

"There's a woman looking for you," Callie announced as she entered the room. Mark Derek and Owen were looking at the films from a car crash victim. She walked forward and crossed her arms as she looked at the man's right femur. "He'll need pins in that,"

"You'll have to be more specific," Mark informed her dryly.

"There have been a lot of women in Mark's life," Derek reminded her with a laugh.

"She says her name is Faith and that you're her brother," Callie had barely finished when Mark went flying out of the room, only to turn back and grab hold of the door as he stared at her.

"Where is she?" He asked.

"Nurses station down the hall," Callie told him, Derek right beside her as they followed their friend. Well her friend, Derek was still on and off about it. When they got there Derek was on his back on the floor, Faith was leaning over him with her mouth open and no words coming out and Arizona was standing beside them looking at a loss. Christina was laughing hysterically while Meredith simply stared on, bemused. The guys all seemed to be a bit shocked.

"That wasn't quite what I was expecting," Mark said after a moment. Faith held out a hand and he took it as she helped pull him up.

"Yeah, not quite the impression I was hoping to make either," Faith agreed. Mark laughed a little and Arizona offered a tiny laugh that sounded a bit fake as she glanced hopefully at her girlfriend for some kind of help.

"What happened?" Derek asked a moment later.

"He grabbed her arm while she was talking to Dr. Robbins and then he was on the floor," Meredith informed him, bemused expression still on her face.

Cause all of this is all that I can take

And you could never understand the demons that I face

So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world

For with everything you are, you're just a little girl

"So who won?" Faith asked Meredith casually as she leaned her elbows on the counter behind her, watching Derek and Mark go over something with Callie.

"No one," Meredith responded, looking at the sultry woman beside her. "You two have that same sexy come-hither thing going on for you. It's strange. You don't meet a lot of people with that kind of Siren feel about them," The brunette laughed out loud, the sound throaty and just as sexy as the rest of her.

"Thanks I think," She responded as she looked over at the woman with the tired blue eyes.

"I think I might be mad at Derek. If he'd told me Mark had a sister I could have gotten the pot." Meredith informed her, also watching the three doctors in the other room. Dr. Robbins had an emergency she'd had to go take care of so Meredith had been put on babysitting duty, something she was actually rather happy to do this time.

"You and Dr. Shepherd an item then?" She asked the woman.

"We're married," Meredith smiled a bit as she thought of the post-it note.

"Was it the hair?" Faith was wiggling her eyebrows a bit and Meredith laughed as well.

"A little," She nodded as she continued to chuckle. She decided that she liked Faith and would have to bug Derek later for more information.

"So what did I hear the others calling Mark?" Faith asked casually after Meredith had stopped chuckling.

"McSteamy. It started because I had to give Derek a code name," Meredith gave an exaggerated sigh and shook her head, "It's a long story. Anyway, Derek got McDreamy, and then when Sloan came he was dubbed McSteamy,"

"I like it," Faith decided, smiling widely for the other woman.

So go ahead and cry, go ahead believe that you are right

To keep away the dark

To help you sleep tonight

Go on and decide

Who is wrong, what is right

Cause you know inside

And then suddenly they were alone. Faith had been happily shoved off on various doctors while Mark had given her strange looks that could have been interpreted as rage or wonder or sadness or irritation. Faith had never been good at reading peoples emotions. Probably because she'd never bothered trying to hide her own. Then he'd come up to her, dressed in jeans and a light weight blue sweater under a leather jacket, and asked if she wanted to eat. She'd followed him to a little seafood restaurant where they'd both been a little nervous for about ten silent minutes before Mark decided to break the ice.

"I tried to find you," He told her, staring down at his salmon. He had searched everywhere he could think and had brought up nothing. It was like she'd disappeared and after a while he'd given up, doing a quick search every year on her birthday to see if she'd pop up. Nothing in 15 years.

"I didn't want to be found," She shrugged a little and continued to eat her Swordfish. Something flashed on his face, rage or sadness. Again, Faith dropped her eyes, she wasn't good at reading peoples emotions. Especially not estranged family members.

"You could have come to me," He managed to get it out in a muffled growl.

"I didn't want to ruin your life the way I did mine." She admitted after a few moments of silence. There were no sounds from her brother and Faith carefully lifted her dark gaze to Mark's. His blue eyes were wide and there was a look of intense sadness on his face. It was the mirror of the look on her own face when she looked in the mirror and was disappointed in herself for not being able to save someone else.

"You were 12. You didn't ruin anything. You were a kid who got a bad deal and I should have been there for you." Mark finally told her, his voice even. Faith shook her head, dark curls sliding across the back of her shoulders.

"No. You were where you should have been: School. You were making a life for yourself, a name for yourself. You did good Mark, really good. I tried to keep an eye on you. Heard when you graduated, when you got all those awards. I didn't know you moved to Seattle until a friend of mine told me it was time to stop running." Faith didn't want to admit that she was trying to prove she was worthy of his time, didn't want to admit she still felt he deserved better. His mother had been right. Faith would have brought him down.

"How long are you in town for?" Mark took a deep breath and a sip of wine, almost afraid that he only had a day or two to take hold of the tangled feelings and try to unwind them without scaring off the girl he'd been searching for. He looked up at her dark brown eyes and felt his lips twitch up into a sad smile. She was a woman now.

"I got a condo near the hospital a week or so ago ..." She let her voice trail off as her fingers played with the edge of her own wineglass. It took her a few moments to realize that Mark wasn't going to respond and when she looked up he had a delighted smile on his face.

"I knew you missed me." He told her smugly as he leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest in a self satisfied manner and she couldn’t help but grin a little in response. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Cause all of this is all that I can take

And you could never understand the demons that I face

So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world

For with everything you are ...

“Put that suture down,” A smooth voice boomed across the room as an unamused Mark Sloane came through the door. Dawn Summers smirked from where she’d sprawled behind her slayer on the exam table, an old magazine in her hands. Mark sneered at the poor E.R. physician as he scrambled to set things down and scamper out of the larger mans way. “You honestly thought I’d be alright with you doing some kind of half-assed job on my baby sisters face? Really?” He was already gloving up as the other man edged toward the door.

“You just like making the minions cower,” Dawn informed the man, getting a blinding smile in return for her snark. Over the past few weeks he’d firmly planted himself in the middle of Faith’s life and become a friend to both his sister and Dawn (who had always wanted an older brother.) Faith had filled him in on the things that went bump in the night and Mark had been surprisingly unruffled about it. He’d said that so long as Faith and Dawn didn’t end up dead he was proud of them. He’d also mentioned that he would be doing the patching up from then on.

“That is true,” Mark agreed, leaning his head out the door and barking for Avery. The man came running and Mark set him to cleaning up Dawn’s bloody knuckles and various other scrapes as he set to work on his sister.

“This one’s pretty, has a brain too if he’s here.” Faith was eyeballing the young man, who flashed her a bright smile as he settled onto a stool in front of the girl beside her.

“Careful, she’ll eat you alive with a smile,” Mark said dryly from his position between his sisters knees, carefully stitching the gash over her left eyebrows.

“I promise you’ll enjoy yourself the entire time,” Faith purred with a laconic smile.

“You probably would. Then you’d have to deal with her big brother,” Dawn pointed at Mark and Avery sighed a bit and shrugged at Faith. Everyone knew she was Mark’s baby sister and she was becoming a common site in the hospital as often as she came to visit him.

“Are you picking on the interns again?” An unamused voice whipped out and Mark gave Baily an affronted look, taking Faith’s chin in his hands and moving it about so the short woman could see it perfectly.

“Do you see this lovely face?” He demanded, obviously much put upon. “It’s gorgeous and that hack was going to sully it,” He informed her, dropping Faith’s chin and going back to the suturing.

“Ooh, you made Bailey mad,” Faith started taunting him as Avery poked at her Dawn’s with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

“You really want to start with me? I know what you were up to in the on call room with Kirev last week,” Bailey gave the young lady a pointed stare before she moved out of the room.

“They were having sex,” Dawn informed the confused looking Avery.

“You’re dating Alex?” Avery asked a moment later. Dawn grinned a bit as the siblings beside her smiled widely.

“Nah, he’s just fun to screw around with.” Faith informed him as Mark chuckled at the look on Avery’s faces. Faith was definitely his sister.

Cause all of this is all that I can take

And you could never understand the demons that I face

So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world

For with everything you are, you're just a little girl.

The End

You have reached the end of "Just A Little Girl". This story is complete.

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