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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Rune

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Wizarding Key". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It's time for Harry to begin Hogwarts - and he's not the only one.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredHermionetobeFR15921,24736923,7209 Jun 1114 May 13Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own any parts of the characters or places herein. BtVS is the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant, Inc., etc. Harry Potter is the property of J. K. Rowlings, Scholastic, etc.
There are lines take directly from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (1997).
BtVS only through television series.

Story: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Rune
Author: Hermionetobe
Crossover: BtVS/HP
Chapter 1: Half-Truths

Harry Potter was no ordinary boy. With green eyes and messy black hair he was easy to miss. But if one were to glimpse the lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead they’d know that he was the Boy Who Lived, if they were Wizards.

Harry was one too. And soon he’d being going to Hogwarts – a magic school. For the last ten years he was known as Harry Summers. When he was seven it had been explained that to the Muggles of the world he was to be known as Summers; and Potter was a name the Wizarding world knew him by.

“Harry,” Dawn Summers knocked on the door to his room.

“I’m almost ready,” he called back, careful to keep his voice down. His godfather, Sirius, and sister, Jocelyn, were not the early risers Sirius’s wife was.

Ever since Jocelyn had been six months old, Harry and Dawn had been training together. Only seven years old at the time, Harry had been eager to start his training.

So every morning Dawn and he jogged a few miles, when he was seven it had only been one and Dawn’s speed had been half of what she was capable of. Now they could manage five miles. They looped around the city then would get home and start target training. Dawn would throw simple spells at him in the backyard. He’d try and stay out of the way.

Sirius had insisted it wasn’t fair. But Dawn had hmmphed and reminded him that she had grown up without anything more defensive than quick reaction.

When they finished, Harry would wait for Dawn to shower while he started breakfast for four. Dawn would get dressed and get Sirius up, while Harry showered. Then she’d go into Jocelyn’s room and wake the five year old.

Harry would arrive at the table as Sirius finished cooking. The day would be spent however they saw fit. Normally it ended with a family meal and Harry or Sirius reading a story to Jocelyn at bedtime.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Jocelyn said suddenly pointing at the window. “There are owls!”

The rest of the family looked to the window. In fact there were two owls sitting on the kitchen windowsill. Dawn rushed over to open the window.

The brown one landed in front of Harry and held out its leg. The boy fumbled with the knot.

A large grey barn owl landed at Dawn’s seat. She shared a look with Sirius before removing the letter attached to the owl. The bird hopped over towards Jocelyn who carefully extended a finger and stroked the side of the owl’s head. The owl hooted and took off through the open window.

Harry was pouring over the letter he’d received. He read it three times before looking up.

“Who is yours from?” he asked looking at Dawn’s envelope.

“Hogwarts,” she answered.

Harry knew about Dawn’s world. Not about her being the Key or from the future, but about her sister being a Vampire Slayer and the things that went bump in the night. He knew about the Wizarding world from Sirius, though Dawn had restricted him from giving his opinions on things.

“It’s your world to figure out Harry,” she’d said. “We can tell you about it, but I don’t want to color it in for you. That’s what you get to do, decide the blacks, whites, and grays.”

He still didn’t understand what she meant by that.

“May I see your letter?” Dawn asked dragging Harry back to the moment at hand.

He handed it to her. She read it, nodding several times.

“When can we go?”

“Your birthday,” Sirius told him. He and Dawn had talked about it a few weeks prior.

“Do I get to go Daddy?” Jocelyn jumped up asking.

“Yes,” he smiled down at her. Harry and Dawn shared a look, while Jocelyn’s looks were the balance of her parents, she was daddy’s little girl.


Harry and Jocelyn went for a walk in the park that afternoon. Sirius, disguised as the family dog, Padfoot bounded down the street in front of them, tugging on the leash. Jocelyn kicked a stone down the street, every now and then breaking her stride to send it further ahead. Her dark brown – nearly black – hair was braided on either side of her head and she was playing with one side.

They walked down by the river and through a field of wildflowers. As they started back towards the house Jocelyn looked up at him.


He glanced at her, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Yes?”

“You’re going away to school,” she said softly.

“In September.”

“And I have to stay here and go to school?”

“I went to school from the time I was your age.”

“But you knew you’d be going to Hogwarts…” she whispered.

Harry knelt down so he was looking her straight in the eyes, “If that’s the case you’ll learn magic like in Dawn’s world.”

“And if I can’t do that?” she whined.

He pulled her into a hug, “you’ll still be my little sister.”

She grinned, “promise?”

“Promise.” He stood up, “Race you home.”

Sirius took off after them.

When they arrived home Dawn was closing the kitchen window.

“Did you three have fun?”


Harry tossed and turned the night before his birthday. Something was causing his reoccurring nightmares. A scream, a high, evil laugh, and a green light. It had been the same for as long as he could remember.

The sound of the door opening made him give up attempting to sleep. Dawn sat down on the edge of his bed.

“Nightmares?” she asked.

He nodded and grabbed his glasses from his bedside table. “I keep dreaming of…”

“Your mom,” she finished looking guilty. “I have the same dream from time to time. There is this woman’s scream and a bright flash of green light, and then you crying.”

“How did you know?”

“I’ve had the same dream for several years since the night your parents died.”

“You were there…the night my parents died?”

“For reasons far beyond my understanding, I was,” she brushed his messy fringe aside to display his scars. “Your parents were murdered, we’ve told you that every time you asked. What you didn’t know was they died because they stood up to a dark wizard. He saw you as a threat and tried to kill you too. But somehow the Curse rebounded and killed him.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” he asked.

“Can you imagine trying to explain to Jocelyn what happened if Sirius and I disappeared tomorrow?”

The mere thought made him sick and he shook his head. “Why tell me now?”

“You knew about the Wizarding world, we wanted to make sure you weren’t blindsided by being a wizard,” she told him. “What we didn’t tell you was you’re very famous in the Wizarding world. The Boy Who Lived survived the Killing Curse cast by the Dark Lord Voldemort.”

She picked something up off the floor. “This is full of newspaper clippings about the War. Most are from the Daily Prophet, a few are Muggle.”

He took the book flipping through it carefully. Afraid of what the book would reveal.

“Harry,” Dawn touched this hand, “today you go back into the Wizarding world. Your name, Harry Potter, is a household name. It’s the reason we traveled until you started school. It’s why we live as Muggles.”

“Because of me?”

“No. If Sirius and I hadn’t been willing to disappear, you’d be living with your mother’s Muggle relatives. It was a choice, one we’d make again in a second.”

“So you two gave up everything to protect me?”

“Oh no,” she leaned forward her blue eyes looking into his green ones, “you are one of the greatest things in our lives. Because of you we have the greatest things in our lives.”

“So what am I supposed to do? What… does all of this mean?”

“Be Harry,” she smiled, “grow into a good man. That’s all we’ve ever asked.”

Harry watched her.

“We didn’t keep it from you to be secretive,” she said softly, “and we wrestled with telling you. But I wanted… I wanted you to be a kid, to just figure out who you were before being saddle with a title you can’t even remember getting.”

“Except for the nightmares,” he said.

“Yeah, except for those.”

He smiled at her. He should feel deceived, but he only felt their love and protection. He launched himself at her.

“Thank you,” he hugged Dawn until he heard her sniffle.

She had glassy eyes and was blinking rapidly. “Happy birthday,” she smiled brightly. “I’d turn into a tiger and let you ride around but you’re getting a bit big.”

Harry laughed.


They landed after a stretch in darkness. Sirius had a hold of Harry’s shoulder. A moment later, Dawn popped in with Jocelyn in her arms.

They were standing in the corner of a dark, dingy pub.

“Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron, I’m Tom,” a bald bartender said. His eyes stopped on Harry, “I’ll be… Is that Harry Potter?”

The place went quiet.

Tom moved forward and shook his hand. This started the rest of the place moving. Everyone seemed eager to have a word.

“Mira Towl,” a short plump, blonde haired witch said, “an honor. A real honor Mr. Potter.”

He caught only pieces of what people said after that.

“I can’t believe-”

“-so long-”

“Good to meet-”

A pale man in a turban made his way forward, very nervously. One of his eyes twitched.

“Hello, P-P-Potter,” the man stammered. “I’m P-Professor Quirrell.”

“What do you teach?” Dawn asked. Quirrell was so surprised by her intrusion he actually jumped.

“D-Defense Against the D-D-Dark Arts,” he muttered as though afraid of the very thought. “N-Not that you n-need it, eh-h, P-P-Potter?” He laughed nervously.

The next person pushed in. At this time Sirius steered Harry towards the backdoor. Dawn was only a step behind them.

They ended up in a small, walled in courtyard. Sirius tapped the wall with his wand. The bricks separated and became an archway. A crowded street was just beyond it. Harry whipped his head around looking at everything around him. Jocelyn wiggled from Dawn’s arms and was doing the same thing.

“Gringotts,” Dawn pointed to a slanted white marble building. She fished a key from her pocket and handed it to Sirius. “You two go, we’ll meet you out here when you’re done.”

“Can’t we go in?” Jocelyn pouted.

“I was going to look at the cats, but if you want to ride the rollercoaster…” she shrugged.

The girl immediately went to her mother’s side, “where are the cats?”

Dawn shook her head, only her daughter would be afraid of a rollercoaster. Instead they headed for the Magical Menagerie. Inside the shop there were cages of weird looking animals. She found the section of cats and pointed it out to Jocelyn.

The girl looked around the store while Dawn tried to figure out what had set off her spidey senses. A part of her suspected it was just her worry over entering the Wizarding world. The part trained as a Slayer and Watcher wasn’t so sure, it was sure evil lurked close by.

“Mummy,” Jocelyn said, drawing her attention. “It looks just like you,” she whispered.

A tabby stood in the cage with red-orange fur and white legs and underbelly. It was no more than a foot long.

“It’s just a cat,” a woman with dark spectacles said. “We tried to breed more pleasing Kneazles by crossing with ordinary felines. Nothing for it.”

“Can we get it, Mummy?”

Dawn unlocked the cage and picked up the small tabby. She looked deep into its eyes. It was an ordinary cat except for the intelligence in those huge yellow orbs.

“Six sickles,” the shopkeeper jumped at the chance to get rid of the cat.

Dawn handed Jocelyn a coin purse.


Harry saw Jocelyn running towards them.

“Oh no,” Sirius said as the girl lifted a brown carrier to show them inside.

“She looks like Mummy,’ she told them.

“Hello,” a voice called.

“Hagrid,” Dawn smiled at the giant. “What are you doing here?”

“I wen’ into Gringotts,” he said, “Hogwarts business.”

“Children, this is Rubeus Hagrid, the groundskeeper of Hogwarts. Hagrid this is our daughter, Jocelyn; and I believe you know Harry.”

The large bearded man nodded, “Harry Potter, ya’re grown. Last time I saw ya, you fit in me palm.”

Harry smiled, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh no,” Jocelyn suddenly cried. “I haven’t gotten you anything for your birthday, Harry.”

Hagrid beamed, “I need to take care of that ‘ery thing. Would ya accompany me, Miss Black?”

Jocelyn looked at her parents. Sirius took the carrier, “Go ahead. We’ll meet you at Ollivanders when you’re done.”

The girl grabbed the giant’s hand and started talking as they walked. Sirius steered Harry and Dawn towards the robe shop.

“Why didn’t you correct Hagrid about Jocelyn’s last name?” Harry asked.

The adults shared a look. “I’ll explain tonight,” his godfather said.

“Do you want us to come in?” Dawn gestured to the door.

Harry shook his head, “I can do this alone.” He smiled at them then walked into the robe shop.

So begins my slight twist on Year 1. Any ideas on what you'd like to see change for Year 3?
Love the help and the reviews - Hermione2be
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