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The Machine Wars

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers Of Dune Book III". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: An ancient enemy not seen since the old days of the Butlerian Jihad returns.

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Chapter One

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“When the Destroyer popped out of his box and reentered the world of Man it was cause for Surayya herself to pronounce the end of the demon age which was true in its own way. Because of that we thought we were safe. But none of us could have seen the return of an ancient enemy not seen since the old days of the Butlerian Jihad. The slayers like to think of themselves as the supreme authority over all things supernatural. But there were others who actively challenged that authority. And I have always wondered, does not the end of the demon age also mean the end of the slayers as well?

Liam Atreides

“Notes from the machine wars.”

Liam stood with his hands behind his back staring out of the gold and white trimmed window of the Imperial palace. He wore a flat black one piece suit made from a plant that could only be found in the deep desert. His hair was cut to a near military precision. It was flat on the top with a sharp right angle that was level with his ears. Liams stood straight and silent staring out of the window at the untamed desert beyond the Imperial walls. He meditated on the sands that revealed none of the secrets they held.

The rebuilding of Arrakis had begun. The First had inflicted heavy damage on the capital city as it emerged from its multidimensional prison. Liam had seen the death rolls. Thousands had died. The imperial palace was blackened and cracked by battle scars.

Liam was still recovering from the wounds he’d suffered killing the First. There were still burns along his arms and back. A trillion evil stars had fallen on him. Their fire burned his lungs. Sometime it still hurt to breathe. Liam wore his pain as a badge of honor. The Powers that be had taken thousands of years to breed him. The Destroyer, the god-source of the slayers, had provoked his existence here on Arrakis. Only weeks ago, he had stepped up and performed his duty. He had killed the First by absorbing it into the infinite volume of the multiverse. He was the Kwisatz Haderach, the shorting of the way. He had access to higher spatial dimensions. His scars proved that he had the sheer will to do the work of the gods.

“Time to go home daddy.” She said. She waved her hand and Liam disappeared in a burst of light. Microseconds after he was gone she destroyed the pocket universe she had built and then she turned her anger on the gods who had betrayed her.

“My daughter is one of the Powers-that-be.” Liam thought. He was both awed and terrified. “And she’s not even born yet.”

Duncan Idaho, the golem of house Atreides, walked up behind him. Over the past few weeks they had become fast friends. Duncan had fallen into the role of man servant and weapons trainer. Liam had come to accept the obscene gift of resurrected flesh.

The cloister bell began to ring. It was a reminder that break time was over, that it was time for him to return to his duties.

“Young sir.” Duncan said. “The court is waiting.” Liam exhaled. This was the part he hated.

They were in the fourth week of the trials. The Fish Speakers, Bene Gesserit and Slayers had banded together to form the Human Defense Alliance. They had formed a strategic partnership for the mutual defense of the human race. With all that power came corruption. The Human Defense Alliance had invaded sovereign planets, bombed civilian populations and in the case of the planet Trellian had committed genocide. Under the command of the HDA, a slayer captain had fired an antimatter weapon into the heart of a civilian population. Millions had died. But there was something else that made him angry and turned his stomach. The HDA had genetically altered slayers to use as weapons of war. They turned them into berserkers. Liam has seen this with own eyes on Trellian.

“There is too much power here without wisdom. “ He thought. “The only answer I see is the one my father took.” Liam knew the answer to the problem yet he dreaded to admit it to himself.
“I must resurrect the Atreides throne.” He was loath to admit. “I must become the third Arrakis Emperor if both slayer and humans are to merge as one.” He remembered the vision of the Destroyer.

“The power of the slayer must be shared.” The Destroyer had said. “In a hundred thousand years, all humans will be slayers.” Liam pushed those thoughts from his mind and focused on the task at hand. Only one thing bothered him. “Has there been any word of my mother?” He asked Duncan.

Duncan nodded the negative. “There has been no sign of Buffy Summers anywhere in the empire.” He said. Buffy had been missing for weeks. She had grabbed the “Stiech Tabr” and disappeared into the night sky after receiving a distress call from an old friend of hers named Willow Rosenberg.

“Keep me apprised of the status of the search.” Liam said to Duncan as he turned and entered the grand hall of the Imperial court.

Buffy wore a white jacket that wrapped its arms around her. It was what she liked to call her “love me” jacket. The asylum used it to keep her restrained. She had been here every since she had told her parents about the vampires she saw. They had pumped her full of drugs to keep her calm. Every few days her doctor would come to see her. Today her mother was here with the doctor.

“As you see, her fantasies have become quite elaborate and have changed recently.” Her doctor said. He was a dark skinned man in his late forties. Joyce Summers pressed in closer to get a better look at her daughter.

“In addition to her previous set of monsters, she now believes that she’s on a desert planet that is at the political center of a vast galactic empire and there, she is surrounded by women like her, the so called “slayers of dune”, in addition, she has a family there, a son no less. “The doctor took a moment for his words to sink in. I think this marks a radical change in the direction of her delusions. She is starting to build a family for herself. I think this marks a shift towards normalcy. I think Buffy is getting better.”

“You mean…?” Joyce dared to hope.

“Yes.” The doctor said to her. “Buffy may be going home soon.”

From her cell, Buffy watched the girl in the courtyard outside her window. She was young with blond hair and looked just like her.

“How in the hell is the Buffybot here?” Crazy Buffy thought. The BuffyBot just stared at her. Buffy could swear she could hear it thinking. “As soon as I am out of this asylum, I’m going to have a long talk with that robot.” She said. Buffy drew her “love me” jacket just a little tighter around her.

It sat like a gargoyle in the dark and watched them with cold uncaring eyes. Dracula watched the slayers from his secret perch above the courtyard of the royal palace. It had been weeks since he had returned to the mortal world. Weeks ago the Kwisatz Haderach had destroyed the First. It had gone down in the flames of a trillion evil stars. Sparks from that fire had been thrown far into the desert. The First was a well spring of mystical energy. Thaumogenesis transformed the magic of the First into life.

Dracula was that life.

His memories were hazy. He only caught a glimpse of his former life. He remembered his killings in London and Sunnydale. Dracula knew what he was and enjoyed the feeling of power it gave him. He had at his call the memories of hundreds of years of life, yet something was missing. There was a spark, a spark of power that drew him like no other being could. The spark had a name and it was Buffy.

Dracula lusted for her and found her missing.

“Her power, so much like my own.” He thought. ”We are the face of that which created us. We are one and I must have her.”
He was going to find his slayer. Dracula took off in search of her.
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