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The Grass is Greener

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Summary: What would happen if Xander left the Scoobie Gang to start his own group away from Buffy? Ok. The updates are going to be slow.

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Charmed > Xander-CenteredAgRoseFR1821,8060165,66517 Jun 111 Sep 12No

Looking Back and On My Way Out

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charmed.

It had been a long time and coming. They were growing apart and he had been a fool not to see it from the beginning. At first it had been little things like forgetting about studying together or ditching him to go to the mall. He thought she was just becoming more like a girl after all didn’t girls like shopping. But then it became the big this. Not getting him when a Big Bad came to town or telling him he would be safer else where. It wasn’t until he was packing for hit trip that it really hit him. She wasn’t there to go with him or wish him off. She had even sent him a note telling him that he should leave Sunnydale to be safe. That he was just getting in the way and she would feel better if he wasn’t there. He knew the reason she was doing this. Buffy.

Buffy Summers, when she became their friend he knew Willow might not have all the much time for him. He was happy for her, but now looking back she had just replaced Jesse for Buffy. If he didn’t know any better he would say she had used her magic to make herself forget about Jesse. And Buffy, the Chosen One, probably just keeps Willow around for her magic. If she knew what he could really do she would more than likely try to control him. But he will not bow down to her. Unlike everyone else except her mom, Mrs. S, he will not just let her run the group however she wants. Not with all the mistakes she makes and reckless way she treats her life. At one point he had loved her or at least was deeply infatuated with her. That died a horrible death when she used him as a stripper pole just to make Angel jealous.

Angel, even now he can’t believe how guilty he feels for how he treated him. They could have been the best of friends, instead he had to let his hormones rule him and ruin everything between them. He didn’t even get to tell him how he felt or about being mates. That’s right, no one is having hearing problems. Angel is his mate. Before Buffy came to town Xander had been a witch and not a practitioner, but a naturally born witch. He couldn’t practice all that much because otherwise the Hellmouth would corrupt him and his magic. Making him into a magic hungry husk that would need to be put down. He had done some research to find out why he was so drawn to him and he had found out that every witch, even if they never find them has a mate. He would have done a spell to make sure, but the only problem with that is his magic will act up if it is being performed on him. The Hellmouth has in the past made him forget that particular fact and so he has had spells done on him or for him which his magic has either amplified, negated, or warped so much disasters such as the Fluke happens. He doesn’t know what Willow was doing, but if she hadn’t been concentrating on him then he wouldn’t have felt a pull to her. It wasn’t big and up front, but it had been there and it had gotten stronger by the day to make him want her more.

So much, so much has happened and yet it is supposed to be his fault. He will admit he should have know magic was at work when his eyes wondered away from Cordelia, but it wasn’t his fault that magic was performed on him. Now Willow who hasn’t been his best friend since Buffy showed up will talk to him. At least he has made things up to Cordy. They will never be what they were, but they can be friends, distant friends, but friends.

Driving by the Welcome to Sunnydale sign Xander sighs and with a shake of his head he makes his way to San francisco. To his Aunt’s house to see if they will put up with him while he finds a way to stay in the good fight. With or without the Scoobies.

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