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Hermione Granger and the Buffy Holos

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Summary: On board the USS Relativity, Ensign McClain has recreated his favorite tv show, BTVS. But he soon discovers that not everything is fiction.

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Hermione Weasley, nee Granger

Dusty sunlight filtered in through the shade on the windows, the still silence of the room surrounding Hermione Weasley like a warm, comfortable blanket as she gently rose out of her slumber. She stretched her entire body before she was fully awake, noting that Ron's side of the bed was cold. And that he was missing from it.

A distant cry rang out from the room across the hall, muffled, no doubt, by a charm Ron had placed upon the door so that Hermione wouldn't be disturbed. He's got rounds in half an hour! she thought grumpily to herself. Still groggy, she pulled herself out of bed, and, without once managing to stub her toe on anything, made it to the door and opened it, to be greeted by the most wonderful smell in the world.

Coffee. The automated brewer was one of the things she'd insisted on bringing back to England. Hermione had found a great love for the coveted bean, especially that of Guatamalan stock, during the two years she'd spent in the States advocating for the furtherment of rights for the House Elves and other ill-treated creatures of the Faye. Working as a liason for the British Ministry of Magic with the American Cabinet of the Supernatural, Hermione had rubbed elbows with some very influential people, wizards and muggles alike. A few things had rubbed off on her. . .

Like coffee. And JellyBellies. Different from Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, these candies did not hold the possibility that one could happen upon an earwax or diahrrea flavored bean, and therefore were all the more enjoyable because of the fact of their predictability. Even Ron loved them.

Ron. Hermione couldn't help the little smile that ghosted her lips as she thought about him. Walking into the kitchen and stepping over a plastic toy that had somehow escaped the cleaning charm's influences, Hermione poured herself a mug of coffee and set on a kettle of water, deciding she would make a cup of tea for Ron. A high giggle from behind her told her that Rose was feeling better. Turning to face her husband, Hermione couldn't help but to catch her breath at the sight of him, all grizzled and handsome. She couldn't remember when he'd become so manly, but after leaving his brother's shop, he'd become one of the best Aurors that Hermione had working for her.

"Hey, sexy," Ron grinned as he dipped Rose around so that she giggled some more.

"Ron! Not in front of Rose!" she scolded him half-heartedly. The truth was, she probably wouldn't deny him anything as long as he looked like he did now, with his chin unshaven and barechested, muscles rippling in a deceptively lean manner, holding the fruit of their loins. Damn, was he gorgeous.

Setting down her mug, she moved over to the two and took Rose out of his arms and set her in her high chair. This done, she moved sinuously in for an embrace, basking in the warmth and smell of his skin against her face. His whiskers were growing in rather nicely, and scratched a bit as she pulled him in for a deep, passionate kiss. "Do you think we have time?"

"For what?" Ron asked, knowing what she was asking but revelling in making her say it.

Even having been married for a few years, Hermione was still a bit shy in saying it. "You know, for. . . us. To. . ."

"Hermione Jean Weasley, nee Granger?" came an odd voice from the hallway, cutting off any thoughts of a morning quickie.

Reacting on instinct, Hermione and Ron both turned to the intruder and threw up their hands, shouting "Stupefy!" The intruder was blown back, crashing into the other end of hall. "Ron! Take Rose out of here!" The steel anger in his eyes would have chilled her to the bone had she not also been trained in the secret Dark Arts reserved especially for the Ministry's elite Auror team. Gathering up the stray magics around her, she headed for the intruder while Ron took down the cookie jar on top fo the refridgerator and opened it up, dipping his cupped palm into the Floo Powder hidden there. She could here him say, "Come on, Rosie. I think it's time for your first trip through the Floo!" Rose's giggle was all she needed to hear as she came upon the motionless intruder, who was slumped against the wall between Hermione and Ron's bedroom and the baby's.

Seeing he wasn't breathing, she whispered a Libra charm, and came up with nothing. Surprised, she knelt to touch his skin. Strange feeling. Even if he was a golem or simulucrum, she was sure that she would have sensed the trace of magic that had sparked its purpose, or even smelled the ionization of the atmosphere around her from the odd man's apparation into her hallway. Either way, though, he/it seemed dead.

And then it opened its eyes. . . Standing up as though nothing had happened, the man brushed himself off and said in an even and calm voice, "I would advise against any further action on your part, Mrs. Weasley, as I am not your enemy and would regret having to neutralize you."

What? Neutralize her? "I assure you, whatever you are, that you would have a difficult time with that," she ground out slowly, her voice low and her eyes smoldering with unspent power.

A slight smirk threw her off. "Yes, I am sure that I would." Holding out his right hand, he smiled brightly and announced, "Captain Data of the TimeShip Relativity, madam."

Hermoine, not knowing what to think, took the proffered hand out of reflex, not out of any reason to be polite to the stranger that that just violated her personal space. "What do you want, Captain Data?" She knew that the most important question would be that of obtaining information about his goals towards her and family, and everything else, like what a TimeShip is, would come from any explanation as to why this person/thing had just broken into her house. And how.

A broad smile crossed his lips as he touched his lapel and announced, "Two to beam up, Relativity." Hermione staggered as an intense cold came over her and she could feel the magic in her bones being left behind as she was broken apart, bit by bit, and her essence stored in a great artificial mind. Finally, when she was reassembled again (perfectly, she might add), she found herself in a small room with very bright lights seemingly come from nowhere and everywhere at once.

"Welcome to the Relativity," came a soothing female voice behind her.

Hermione whirled around, her hand flying up, but unable to call upon the the magics that had been there since before she could remember. "What? What have you done to me? And where am I?"

"Do not fear, Mrs. Weasley," came the same controlled voice of the simulucrum beside her. "We do not mean you any harm. I do not know what has happened to you, but we will investigate it at once." A strong hand on her shoulder pinched a nerve near her neck, causing her to slip into unconciousness, but she was sure she heard Captain Data's next sentence very clearly. "As to where you are, you are in the Medical Suite called Sick Bay. After Dr. Saunders runs some tests, my crew and I would like to talk with you about magic."

Author's Note: I am taking some liberties here with both universes, yes, in both the coldness of the transporter beam and Hermione's and Ron's ability to cast spells without wands, but I promise: there is a reason for these things, and I will explain them in the very next chapter, I promise. And no, it's nothing like, "Oh, I want to make Hermione and Ron so powerful they can take on anything that can come their way and they can cast magic using just their hands because they're special and all powerful, and did I mean that they are more powerful than anybody else ever in the history of the universe and therefore can and will defeat anyone that comes up against them within two seconds flat?" I hate those stories, and I can assure you, this is not going to be one of those stories, either. Hermione is not all powerful, and there is both science (okay, science fiction) and reasons for the little extras that I add in there. . .

Review! Please? Whether you liked it, hated it, or just downright loved it, just let me know! I am also open to technical questions and the like, but I won't give any spoilers. That's just no fun, now is it? Lol, whatever you think about this fic, just type it out and send it to me.
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