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The dark Prince

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This story is No. 2 in the series "There will always be Hope". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A few months have passed since Pan and Mirai returned to their own dimensions. But life on the Hellmouth would be boring, if nothing happened. The Scoobies and Z-Warriors will meet again to fight against one common enemy - the dark Prince.

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The dark Prince


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners Akira Toriyama and Joss Whedon. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


This is the sequel to my first DBZ/GT/BtVS Crossover… It’s almost finished – only about two more chapters to go, so I thought I could start posting it here on tth. I hope to upload about one chapter per week – just check for a new chapter on the weekends – but I’ll be on vacation from July 20 to August 6 (USA – here I come!!!) so there probably won’t be any updates in those two weeks.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this story! And please, be so nice and leave a review! J






It was night, dark clouds were hanging in the sky, shielding any light that the stars or the moon could have thrown on earth. It had rained recently and the smell of water mixed with grass and earth was still hanging in the now fresh air. It was almost completely silent. Almost.

Fast heavy footsteps could be heard on the wet ground and a dark figure could be seen running past several headstones and crypts. When the cloud cover tore open a bit, the light of the almost full moon was shining down to the cemetery and you could see that the figure was a young man. He turned his head around again and again, as if afraid of being followed by someone. And indeed in addition to his footsteps others could be heard, lighter and faster ones.

Running around a corner he almost slipped on the moist grass, more sliding than running and lost the balance, but fortunately for him didn’t fall. It took him just a bit to regain his composure, helping his follower to catch up to him. He turned his head again to see how close his pursuer was and he was surprised to see that she almost had him.

Long brown hair was flying in the wind, some of it was sticking to her sweaty face, her breathing had become fast during the chase and her blood was pumping wildly through her veins. But she was close – she smiled – she almost had him. When she saw how close he really was, she fastened her pace one last time and tackled him down when she finally reached him. He struggled, trying to break free, but just managed to shove her off and get up, before she swiped him off his legs again. She got up again and pulled a pointy wooden object out of her jeans, which she imbedded in his chest, before he had a chance to get on his feet again. She pulled it out again and the man exploded in a cloud of dust.

After taking a few deep breaths she got up again and dusted herself off, before she could hear other footsteps coming closer. She turned around and saw three persons running up to her. “Dawn!” one of them shouted and Dawn rolled with her eyes, waiting for them to arrive. When they finally did a young blond woman walked up to her with a scowl on her face. “Dawn! What was that for?”

“What?” she asked annoyed. “I got him!”

“But did you have to chase him over the whole cemetery to do that?” the blond woman asked her exasperated. “You know that you could have gotten him much faster than that if you just had flown!”

“I know, Buffy,” Dawn said. “But where is the fun when it’s over that fast?”

“The Nibblet is right, luv,” a young man with bleach blond hair said.

Buffy groaned. “Spike, not you too! Please Faith, tell me that you’re on my side…”

“I’m sorry, B,” the young woman with the long dark hair, Faith, answered. “I already told you a few years ago that slaying is what we’re built for. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing something wrong. But I can see that our little Dawnie here knows how to have fun.”

“And now you’ll start with all the grunting again and tell me that I will get turned on, when I’ve slain a few vampires,” Buffy guessed. “What I definitely won’t.”

“You’re sure about that, pet?” Spike couldn’t help but ask chuckling. “As far as I remember you could never get enough of me after a hot night of slaying.” He immediately regretted saying this because of the angry glare Buffy was giving him.

“Oh god, please… No mental images,” Dawn whined. “It’s hard enough to know that my sister and her boyfriend have sex, but that they actually talk about it in front of me is just so eww.”

“Is that so, Dawn?” her sister countered smirking. “Aren’t you the one to say that you’re old enough to know everything?”

“Of course I am!” she argued. “I’m sixteen years old and old enough to explore my own sexuality, but it’s still disturbing to hear you talking about yours. But now let’s go home. I’m all sweaty and dirty and in desperate need of a shower.” Without saying more Dawn turned around and walked towards the entrance of the cemetery, Buffy being hot on her heels.

“You wouldn’t be all sweaty and dirty if you hadn’t chased that vampire and what were you talking about with exploring your own sexuality? Do you have a boyfriend I don’t know about?”

Hearing the two sisters bickering in the distance Spike had to chuckle again and looked at Faith. “Well, pet. What do you think? Should we follow them?”

Faith grinned. “I think we should do that, before they kill each other…”



Little did they notice, when they were walking away that they had been watched the whole time. A vampire was standing behind the bushes, game face on, holding a green amulet in his hands, which glowing slowly subsided. Smirking he retreated into the forest and left as well.

About half an hour later he arrived in an old factory in the bad part of Sunnydale, where a few vamps were either sitting around or working on one thing or another. Ignoring all of them he determinedly made his way over to a small room in the back. This room looked completely different from the rest of the factory – it looked actually inhabitable. There was a king sized bed with blood red sheets, a chest of drawers, some shelves, which were all occupied by different kinds of dolls and a desk, where a dark haired woman was sitting at. He cleared his throat, getting her attention. She turned her around, her pale face standing out to the dark hair and blood red dress she was wearing and looked at him questioningly. “Have you found it, the green glowing thingy?” she wanted to know.

The vampire smirked triumphantly. “Oh yes, I have. Just like you said. The amulet reacted to the Slayer’s sister…”

She clapped her hands in excitement and turned back to the tarot cards on the table, putting another one on it. “Miss Edith told me that it is here and Miss Edith is never wrong,” she said in a singsong voice. “The stars say that it won’t be long until I will finally be with my dark prince…”

“The stars are right,” the vampire agreed, used to the craziness of the dark-haired beauty. “We have the spell and in a few days the moon will draw a full circle. The only thing we still need is the Key to carry the ritual out.”

“Don’t worry about the Key. It will be there for the ritual, trust me…” Her voice faded, when she began again to concentrate on the tarot cards in front of her and the vampire took this as a sign and left the room.

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