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Mass Effect: Last Hope

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Summary: While in her coma Faith is giving the chance to be what was denied to her by the other side. The PTBs have giving her one last chance as the Watchers set out to end her life on Earth. Warning may contain Femslash, Warning Need good understanding of ME1&2

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect TrilogyCmillerFR18710,853284,2488 Jul 119 Jul 11No

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Same as previous chapter.

Beta’ed by OmegaPrime


Chapter 1



Faith was standing trial for destroying a Mass Relay and killing thousands of people because of it, while she stood there in her dress blues she couldn’t help but discreetly look around the room and found her brother, his wife, and their daughter, she also saw Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau standing off to the side. Not far from him were those that had made the jump through the Omega 4 Relay, she also noticed that standing next to Councillor Anderson was former Gunnery Chief, now Lieutenant Ashley Williams, who was also the newest human spectre.

Faith started to think of what is was that lead her to this point, thinking back to three years ago on a bloody routine mission, she guessed that’s where it all started.



The year was 2183; Faith and her brother were on the new stealth frigate called the ‘SSV Normandy,’ Faith had just been named XO under the command of Captain David Anderson while her brother was a biotic specialist on the ship, the twins figured that Anderson didn’t really want to separate the two.

The two Shepards found their way to the bridge where they found Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko and Flight Lieutenant Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau, who was bringing the Normandy into a Mass Relay for a jump.

The two also noticed the Turian that had been on the ship since the Citadel standing behind Joker, Nihlus made a comment about something being good but Faith really wasn’t paying attention to that, it wasn’t until she heard Joker’s comment to the Captain did she focus back into what was going on.

Joker spoke over the intercom, “Nihlus is heading your way Captain.”

Anderson replied, “He’s already here, send both Commander Shepards.”

With that the siblings headed to the debriefing room, after learning why Nihlus was on the Normandy they heard a distress call.

The ground team landed on Eden Prime then the mission had gone from bad to worse as the small ground team lost a member before meeting up with the only surviving Marine.

After dispatching the creatures the Marine introduced herself, “Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams, are you in charge?”

Looking at John, who shook his head before pointing at his sister, Faith stepped forward saying, “I’m Commander Faith Shepard, this is my brother Commander John Shepard and that’s Lieutenant Alenko,” She studied the woman for a moment before adding, trying to lighten the mood, “You still owe me a rematch Chief.”

Ashley looked started before realizing why the other woman looked familiar, “That I do Commander.”

After that she gave a report of what happened then the small group headed to the space port where they found out that Nihlus was dead, after fighting their way through more Geth and taking a tram to the other port where they found bombs. After deactivating them they found the beacon which activated when John stepped too close, Faith shot forward but was unable to shake her brother loose before they were both hit by a vision from the beacon.


Both Shepards found themselves in front of the Council where Faith couldn’t help but think, ‘Huh, I still can’t get along with a Council no matter where I am.’

They worked to find evidence to support their case and collected three more members and the two Shepards were given the honor of becoming the first human Spectres.

Faith and John were given the Normandy for their mission and after debating a bit the two decided to start with the lead that dealt with Liara T’Soni. After saving the Asari from Therum she offered to try and decipher the vision.

After explaining about the mind meld Faith spoke up saying, “If you do, go with Johnny,” she didn’t want anyone knowing about what was in her head.

The Normandy’s crew dealt with problems on Feros and Noveria before heading to Virmire where Faith had to sacrifice one of her crew, the Slayer Commander felt sick at having to leave Alenko behind but she decided it was for the best.

Upon going back to the Citadel the Normandy got grounded, Ashley found Faith in the gym while Liara found John leaning on his locker and just before John could kiss his love they heard a loud roar come from the gym.

Ashley watched as her skipper pounded away at the heavy bag when suddenly Faith roared in anger and kicked the bag off its chain, not expecting it Ash didn’t move in time but she was lucky that Liara caught the bag in a Mass Effect field as John headed to his sister to calm her.

Just as Joker came over the intercom saying, “Hey Commander, Anderson wants to meet with you.”

After the meeting with Anderson the Shepards headed to Ilos where they found out what was so important, the ground crew was able to get to the Conduit, save the Citadel and the Council, stop Saren and destroy Sovereign. The two Shepards agreed that Anderson would take Humanity’s seat on the Council.

Faith and John were then sent to clean up the remaining Geth and during that time Faith had gotten a dream from the PTB’s.



The Oracles spoke as one, “You have done well Dark One.”

Faith replied, “That’s all well and good but what happens if someone try’s to see my memories and notice the second set?”

The female oracle answered, “You memories as Faith Lehane the Dark Slayer are joined into your soul, not your mind. So while you know about your past life no one else will know unless you tell them.”


End Dream


When they were attacked by an unknown enemy Faith had told Ashley to get her brother and the rest of the crew off the ship. As Chief Williams got the rest of the crew including John and Liara, Faith forced Joker into the last escape pod before she herself went down with the ship.


Flashback ends


Faith Shepard caught the eyes of her former crew from the first Normandy and she could still see that they were backing her even now, she couldn’t help but think back to her resurrection at the hands of Cerberus.

At that thought Faith let her eyes drift to the still enigmatic scientist she met all those years ago but had just recently gotten to know, Faith studied the familiar plane of Miranda’s face before catching the woman’s eyes and found herself drifting into her memory to the first time she woke up in the Cerberus lab and the mission that followed it.




Faith found herself drifting into consciousness and heard two voices over her head; one was a female’s voice while the other was male.

“There,” The female spoke, “On the monitor, something’s wrong.”

“She’s reacting to outside stimuli,” the male stated, “Showing an awareness to her surroundings,” That’s when both speakers looked down at the figure on the table. It was just then that the man noticed Faith’s eyes open and he said, “Oh my God. Miranda, I think she’s waking up.”

“Damn it Wilson, she’s not ready yet,” the newly identified Miranda barked, “Give her the sedative.”

Faith used one hand to push herself up as the other reached for Miranda, the raven haired woman caught Faith’s out stretched hand before gently lying the barely conscious Commander back down saying, “Shepard, don’t try to move. Just lay still and remain calm.”

Faith felt her adrenaline spike in contest with her Slayer fighting the sedative they were giving her, the man named Wilson noticed this stated, “Heart rate still climbing, brain activity is off the charts,” He then added, “Stats pushing into the red zone. It’s not working.”

Miranda ordered, “Another dose, now!!”

Faith knew that if they were to knock her out then they’d need more than two doses, so she lifted her hand one more time with only three fingers up.

It was just as Wilson panicked, saying, “That didn’t work!”

Miranda noticed movement from the Commander and she caught the subject’s hand again but she noticed the three fingers being held up and said to Wilson, “One more dose.”

“But that could kill her!!”

“Do it.”

Wilson watched the monitor saying, “Heart rate dropping, Stats falling back into normal range. That was close, we almost lost her.”

Faith felt the third dose of sedative enter her body as she looked up into ice blue eyes staring down at her before the Slayer could no longer keep her eyes open.

She vaguely heard the woman, Miranda, say, “I told you that your estimates were off, run the numbers again.”

The next time Faith woke up was when the station was in udder chaos and she woke to Miranda’s voice over the speaker, after putting the armour on and grabbing the pistol Faith fought her way out of the medbay and towards the escape shuttles. Along the way she met up with two station workers who helped her move forward, she also learned that it was Cerberus that brought her back.

One of the men was Wilson who was there when she first woke up; the other was a solider named Jacob. Along the way Faith found progress updates on how they put her back together and one of the updates mentioned an oddity of her healing quicker once the body was reconstructed. At the shuttles the three met with Miranda, who shot Wilson and after a short conversation about why she did it they left.

On the way to the next station Faith was quizzed about her memories of Akuze, Virmire, and who was put in humanity’s seat on the Council, when they got to the station Faith found herself in front of the Illusive man, so to speak, and he asked her to investigate the disappearing colonies.

Once on Freedoms Progress the small group was attacked by mechs and after getting through the mechs Faith felt her jaw drop when she saw Tali’Zorah vas Neema.

Tali spoke, “Shepard? Is that… you’re alive?”

“Hello Tali, how’d the data John and I give you work?” Faith replied.

“It helped.” The Quarian replied before ordering her men to lower their weapons.

The two groups worked together to get Veetor; the Quarians had gone ahead and were almost demolished by the heavy mech. After learning what happened to the colonist Faith let Tali take Veetor but not before getting the data from the younger Quarian’s Omni-tool.

The three returned to talk to the Illusive man where Faith met her new pilot, she turned around to see Joker standing behind her and they talked as Joker showed Faith the new Normandy.

Faith and her crew first went to Omega to get the three possible new members, then they went to Purgatory and got Jack before heading to the Citadel where they collected Kasumi Goto, then Faith met up with the Council and was sort of reinstated.

Faith asked Anderson, “What happened to Johnny and Ash after the Normandy was destroyed?”

Anderson answered, “John is on Illium with Liara T’Soni, he retired after you were declared KIA and I heard that they have a daughter now. As for Operations Chief Williams; she’s still with the Alliance but I won’t tell you more while you’re with Cerberus.”

“So I have a little blue niece? As for Ash, I get it.”

After that Faith set course for Korlus to get Okeer, only to get a tank bred perfect krogan.

With a newly name ‘Grunt,’ Faith couldn’t help but think that she was collecting the oddest group of people. She set a course for Horizon after having a talk with the Illusive man.

Faith and her crew saved half the colony and ran into Chief Williams.

The Slayer Commander said, “Hey Ash.”

Williams growled, “’Hey Ash,’ that’s all you have to say after two years?”

“Um… never did get that rematch,” With that comment the two former crew members argued over what Faith was doing right now.

After Horizon, Faith headed to Halstrom to get Tali, after fighting her way through the Geth Faith found Kal’Reeger; a Quarian Marine that was sworn to protect Tali.

Faith herself gave him an order to stand down saying, “I’m not having Tali lose her entire squad just so you can play hero. You and I both know that a good marine knows to follow orders.”

With that Faith stood up and started to head for the sniper perch but just as she stood up the Geth Colossus fired an energy pulse that slammed into Faith, whose shield had already been knocked down. Grunt and Miranda watched in shock as their Commander just stood back up and shook the blast off.

After rescuing Tali, the Normandy set a course for Illium. Once there Faith met up with Liara, who called John in. John walked into his wife’s office with their daughter to find his sister standing awkwardly off to the side.

He hesitated before saying, “Faith?”

A slight smirk crossed under the helmet, “Hey Johnny-boy.”

The Slayer found herself in a bear hug from her brother, after the reintroductions and introductions were done Faith asked about a couple of people that she was trying to recruit. Leaving the office Faith headed to the transport station and helped the justicar and got the justicar’s help in return, then Miranda asked for help with her sister’s relocation, they also dealt with the mercs and recruited the assassin.

The Illusive man sent them into a trap that was on an inactive Collector ship, after that Faith decided to help as many of her crew with their personal issues as best as she could: she kept Tali from being exiled, helped Mordin find his student, Grunt with his rite of passage, helped Samara with her daughter, Thane with his son, Garrus with his vengeance and Jack with her past, she also helped Zaeed and Kasumi with their missions.

Before going to deal with the Derelict Reaper and the IFF that they needed to get through the Omega 4 Relay they found a disabled Geth that Faith reactivated and named Legion, after making sure that the ship was upgraded to top specs Faith helped Legion reprogramming the heretics.

Faith broke up a fight between Miranda and Jack by telling them, “We don’t need this distraction right now, let’s focus on the Collectors and then you two can have your battle royal, hell I’ll even sell some fucking tickets. But save it.”

She also had stopped Tali and Legion from blasting each other by commenting, “Tali if those experiments were done on humans, I’d of told the alliance but Legion, Tali you two need to stop fighting one another and focus on the Reapers right now.”

While the squad was off the ship the rest of the crew were taken by the Reapers.

Faith growled, “Enough, We’re going through to get our crew back, damn it.” They went through and only lost Jacob before they blew the base sky high.


Flashback ends.

Standing in front of the Alliance brass Faith thought back to the two missions that lead her to this point, while the chase for Saren and the fight with the Collectors were bad she knew that it was helping Liara and John take down the Shadow Broker and doing a mission gratis for Admiral Hackett that got her here.

But before the trail could get that far underway the alarms in the building went off as the very building started to shake. Everyone headed for their ships while Joker and both Normandy crews got to the newly upgraded ship. But as John and Liara were running out of the building they watched in horror as their daughter tripped and the roof started to fall on top of her, little Danni was scared as her Aunt Faith was covering her with her own body.

The little Asari watched in awe as her Aunt lifted the roof off of them and pick her up, then she buried her face into Faith’s neck as the Slayer jumped out the third story window and landed in a crouch about fifteen feet from John and Liara, who were both standing on the loading ramp of the Normandy. Faith shot forward and made the five foot high jump onto the ramp as large ships descended onto the Earth’s surface.



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