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Mass Effect: Last Hope

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Summary: While in her coma Faith is giving the chance to be what was denied to her by the other side. The PTBs have giving her one last chance as the Watchers set out to end her life on Earth. Warning may contain Femslash, Warning Need good understanding of ME1&2

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Chapter 6

Disclaimer: Same as previous chapter.
Pairings: John Shepard/Liara T'Soni, Faith (Lehane) Shepard/Ashley Williams/Miranda Lawson
A/N: There are slight spoilers for Mass Effect 3 but whatever was shown at E3 will have my own twist on it. Also I decided to bring in one more Buffy character for a short period of time.



Chapter 6



Kasumi Goto, who had just doubled back into the mess under her stealth cloak, overheard the question and fought hard not to laugh as the master thief crossed over to the three women as silently as she could, thinking that no one save Shep would be able to hear her.

Buffy looked up at the sound of footsteps, her movement stopped both Miranda and Ashley from speaking. The blonde Slayer spoke, “Whoever’s there better come out now, because I don’t think Faith would want me breaking her crew.”

Kasumi blinked back into view saying, “Okay, I thought only Shep could know when I was around.”

Miranda raised her eyebrow, “So that’s why the Commander never seemed shocked when you walked up behind her.”

“Yep, Shep’s badass like that,” the thief looked at the new blonde asking, “So I know I heard the explanation that you and Shep gave but how are you both able to do that?”

Buffy studied the woman in the hood before replying sarcastically, “Well according to the little one, Faith’s Superman so she has super hearing and I’m Spiderman, so I have a stronger sensing ability,” She grinned before giving an honest reply, “Faith and I are Slayers’ and that means our five senses are heightened to give us an edge in a fight, we also both have a sixth sense to pick up weird or evil vibes.”

Kasumi nodded her head before turning to other two women asking, “So are you two going to answer her question?”

The Slayer and the thief had dissolved into giggles at the deer caught in headlights look on the two dark haired women faces, Miranda and Ashley both glared at the other two after they got rid of the shocked looks.

Ash spoke, “I don’t think the Skipper realizes that Miranda and I actually want her, though she does seem attracted to both of us.”

Buffy’s laughter died down as she said, “Well, the Faith I knew would have jumped both of you at the slightest show of interest. But this Commander Faith is a little preoccupied with saving the galaxy.”

“Yes she is,” Miranda commented, “And I don’t know about the Lieutenant but I don’t want to give Faith anymore stress at the moment,” Ash nodded her head at the raven haired woman’s comment.

“You know what waiting would do, don’t you?”

Kasumi added her two cents, “Yeah, Shep may be stressed now but don’t you think getting laid would help?” After her comment both Slayer and thief ended up cracking up again.

The four women talked for a while longer before Ashley lead Buffy to the armory to give her a quick lesion in using mass accelerated weapons and guns.


After the explanation of what was going on Faith and Johnny headed to the CIC while Liara took Danni back to her and John’s quarters for the little one’s nap.

John asked his sister, “How do you feel about having her here on the Normandy Fay? Especially with what you two explained as your history together.”

Faith looked over at her twin before replying, “Johnny, no matter what the two of us did to one another; B and I are siblings because of destiny while you and I are siblings by blood. Can you give her a chance?”

“Okay Faith, if she’s family to you then she’s family to me.”


While Faith was using the Galaxy map to set a course to Thessia, Buffy and Ashley came out of the armory. The Lieutenant’s look of shock surprised Johnny as he had turned towards the opening door, Faith looked up to see her sister Slayer looking smug while her Lieutenant looked shocked. She snickered at the looks on all three’s faces as she said, “So Ash, did B pass with flying colors?”

Ashley was shaken out of her shock at her Skipper’s voice and she glared at the grinning Slayers as she replied, “You knew she would pass like that, didn’t you Skipper?”

Faith’s grin turned to a smirk as she said, “Why do you think I breezed through the N7 training like I did?”

Johnny chuckled, “You cheated by using your natural abilities huh?”

“Yep. You see a Slayer can instantly know how to work a weapon after using it a couple of times. That’s why I wanted B to learn all the guns in the armory.”

Johnny nodded his head before turning to Ashley saying, “Williams, I was hoping I could talk with Buffy and my sister alone,” She nodded before heading back into the armory to clean the weapons.

Buffy shifted uncomfortably as she stood in front of her counterpart’s brother. She knew thatif she was in John’s place and she had learned that the person that had stabbed her sister was standing in front of her, well she’d kick their asses.

John watched as several emotions crossed the Blonde’s face before it settled on stoic. He then said something that surprised the woman, “Welcome to the Shepard family.”

Buffy’s jaw dropped as she spoke, “What?”

Faith fell back into the railing behind her as she had turn towards the others to watch the exchange. Through her laughter, Faith said, “B, your family,” Upon seeing the slightly sad look the Dark Slayer sobered and walked over to the blonde, “No matter what you or I do to one another B we are still the only two that can truly understand one another. What Johnny was saying is that now, for as long as you are here, you are a Shepard.”

Buffy blinked back tears saying, “I’m going to hug you both now,” Both Shepards found their arms full of a sobbing blonde. The twins share a look before returning the hug.

Buffy pulled back saying, “Faith, I do have an answer for you now,” while wiping her eyes as a very serious look crossed her face, “I’m willing to shoot to kill and follow the orders you give.”

Faith nodded as she replied, “If we somehow find ourselves back in Sunnydale then that will be reversed where if you give an order, I follow it. But as long as you are willing to listen to any suggestions I may have.”

Buffy nodded before asking, “Where can I get freshened up?”

“EDI will you direct B to the restrooms?”

The blonde slayer jumped when a synthesized voice replied, “Of course, Commander.”

The Shepard twins laughed at their new little sister’s reaction to the AI’s voice. Buffy stuck her tongue out at them before following the directions given to her.

The Normandy was about thirty minutes to landing on Thessia so Faith met her crew down in the shuttle bay. She knew at least one person she had to take with her was Liara, given that the Asari maiden had, after the twins cleared her mother’s name, pull because of who her mother was. Faith also knew that the Justicar Samara was meeting them at the landing pad to take them before the Asari Republic.

Clearing her throat Faith spoke, “Okay; so B, Liara, and Kasumi, you three are coming with me.”

While everyone accepted Faith decision Buffy couldn’t help but ask, “I know I said that I’d follow orders Faith, but why me?”

“Because Buffy you need to see some of the planets and what better way to start your time on the Normandy than with an easy ground mission,” At the blonde’s look of disbelief she added, “B, we’re just meeting with the Asari to ask for their help.”

With that said everyone said their goodbyes to the ground team as they climbed onto the shuttle.

Buffy and Kasumi were talking in the corner about something or other and Faith knew that the master thief was just trying to get her sister slayer’s mind off what they were about to do.

Liara sat next to her sister-in-law asking, “Are you ready for this?”

Faith volleyed back, “Are you?”

“I think I am.”

“Li, it’s been decades since you’ve been here and years since we cleared your mother’s name. It’s alright to be nervous.”

The Asari gave her Commander a look before saying, “Oh really? So if I said I’d rather be back on the Normandy with John and Danni what would you say?”

Faith, catching the teasing tone, joked, “Tough shit,” The two friends laughed as the shuttle touched down and the door opened.

A more mature voice sounded from outside the shuttle with, “Commander Shepard.”

Faith gave a small smile as she stepped up to the Asari Matriarch, “Justicar Samara.”

Samara calmly studied the young Commander saying, “Shepard, you seem at peace for something as deadly as a Reaper Invasion.”

Faith glanced at the blonde behind her replying with, “Let’s just say I’ve made peace with my past.” With that said, Samara led the small group to the Asari Republic’s chamber.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

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