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Time Enough For Slaying.

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This story is No. 16 in the series "Grim up North.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: From what Buffy knew about time machines logic suggested that time travel would use ‘wicked’ amounts of power; there didn’t appear a nuclear reactor or flux capacitor anywhere in sight.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: H. G. Wells(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151027,8732519,73818 Jul 115 Aug 11Yes

Chapter One

Time Enough For Slaying.
By Dave Turner.

The Penultimate Grim Up North Story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or ‘The Time Machine’ (1960). I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: ‘The Time Machine’, 1960 version

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar; Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Post Season 7, no comics.

Words: Ten Chapters of 2500+ words each.


Summary: From what Buffy knew about time machines the whole contraption didn’t look as if it could be a time machine. Surely it should have a capsule to protect the traveller also logic suggested that time travel would use ‘wicked’ amounts of power; there wasn’t even a car battery, let alone a nuclear reactor.


Slayer Central, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Cleveland, England. Winter ‘05.

Friday Evening.

Looking out of the window of her brand new office, Buffy hugged herself and sighed happily. The evenings were steadily getting lighter again, soon it would be spring and life would get a little less hectic…at least she hoped it would. Was it only three weeks since Kennedy and herself had wiped out that nest of evil, alien teenagers together? The entire mission hadn’t been one of her finest moments. If being captured by the evil, space, teens hadn’t been bad enough, being rescued by Kennedy (a fact that the younger slayer never failed to remind her of) was just adding insult to injury.

Having escaped the clutches of the murderous, mind controlling, out for world domination, adolescents. Kennedy and herself had gone back to their room (thank-you Giles for screwing up the room bookings so they’d have to share a room) at the village inn, they’d fallen into bed together and had wild-lesbian-slayer-monkey-sex. Or at least they thought they had, neither of them could quite remember, their recollections of that part of the night were, to say the least, a little fuzzy.

Next, after the world’s most embarrassing car journey home to Cleveland, Buffy had discovered that every slayer in the world had turned, suddenly (and in some cases aggressively), incontrovertibly, indisputably, undeniably…gay. It’d was like the great script writer in the sky had thought of an evil new plot twist and *WHAM!* you’re gay! For a moment, Buffy pondered the inappropriate-ness of the word ‘gay’ to describe her present situation.

Buffy still couldn’t work out what anyone hoped to gain from doing this; Willow hadn’t even been able to work out whether it was magic or something else that had caused everyone’s sexual orientation to change. Actually that last bit wasn’t quite true, not everyone’s orientation had been changed. Slayers who were already gay remained so and seemed no different than they’d been before ‘The Night of The Lesbians’ as it had come to be known.

Luckily, apart from feelings of confusion and distraction, most slayers had taken it in their stride. It was slayers like Violet that Buffy had felt so bad about. Vi had a nice, loving, understanding (and rich) boyfriend who she’d only recently moved in with. Suddenly she’d found she couldn’t bring herself to touch him or have him touch her; she’d arrived at Slayer Central the morning after ‘The Night’ in floods of tears, she’d not gone home since.

If it wasn’t for cases like Vi, Buffy could have found the entire affair funny (considering the other things that had happened in her life), she was quite confident that Willow and Giles would get to the bottom of it and be able to put everything right; everything and everyone would go back to normal. Until that happy day arrived they’d just have to soldier on as best they could and hopefully not do anything too embarrassing.

Turning away from her window, Buffy walked back to her desk. Idly she ran her finger tips across the highly polish surface before sitting down in her high backed leather chair. Sighing with pleasure as the soft leather caressed her body, Buffy opened a file on her computer. For months she’d managed to run the entire slayer organisation (it was still called that because no one had yet thought up a really snappy name for it) from a pokey and cold little office. It’d had cracked linoleum on the floor, her desk had been scratched and battered and her chair had squeaked alarmingly whenever she’d turned or indeed moved.

Eventually, Xander had decided that the Slayer-in-Chief needed an office which more reflected her position in the organisation. The leather chairs, plush carpets and intricately carved wooden furniture now proclaimed to all the world that Buffy Summers was a woman of importance and should be treated with the respect that she so richly deserved; at least that’s what Xander had said.

Opening her diary, Buffy checked today’s date; just one more thing to do and she’d be finished for the week. As long as there were no apocalypses, she could take the entire weekend off. The last thing Buffy needed to do was to take a couple of the young slayers out on a patrol. After completing their two week basic slayer training and before they were released back into the ‘wild’, Buffy liked to take as many of the girls as she could out on a patrol, it was like a final exam, but without all the tedious writing. Just as she was about to check who she’d be taking out there was a knock at her door.

“Come in,” Buffy called looking up from her computer screen.

The door opened to admit ‘the twins’.

“Hi-de-hi, Miss Summers!” chorused the girls in perfect harmony.

The two girls stood in front of Buffy’s desk with eager grins on there happy, innocent, scrubbed faces with absolutely no idea what effect their presence was having on the senior slayer.

“Ho-de-whatever,” was all Buffy managed to get out.

‘Oh my god’, thought Buffy, ‘not the twins!’ Already Buffy could feel her mouth filling up with saliva and her pulse begin to race. She could feel her skin flush and her hands trembled as if she had the DT’s again. It was ‘the twins’! They were so cute and identical standing there in front of her desk. Her palms itched to feel their nipples grow hard under her hand as she stroked and caressed those four large, firm breasts. They were also only fifteen, Buffy tried to control her feelings. She’d seen them arrive two weeks ago and had immediately fallen in lust with them. Since then she’d tried to keep well away from the girls; to have done anything else would have been reprehensible. It was like she was their teacher and to take advantage of that fact would have been…words failed Buffy as to just how bad that would’ve been. As bad as seducing a student at the new Sunnydale High when she’d been a school counsellor perhaps?

“So-so, girls,” Buffy smiled nervously as she tried to keep control of her voice, “your turn to come out with me?”

“Yes Miss,” smiled the girls innocently.

“G-good,” Buffy found herself staring longingly at their blonde pigtails and corn flower blue eyes.

Her pulse started to race again as she imagined taking the girls to a club, watching them dance together, feeling their young, nubile bodies next to hers, to…to…

“Excuse me girls,” Buffy stood up, turned and rushed into her private bathroom.

Gillian and Maddy exchanged a puzzled look as they stood there in front of the desk.

“Do you think she’s okay?” Gillian, the older girl by five minutes asked as they listened to the loud moans emanating from the bathroom.

“Maybe she ate something bad?” Suggested the younger girl.

“Yeah,” Gillian nodded her head, “that must be it, that Toad in the Hole, I think the sausages were a bit off, y’know?”

“Uh-huh,” agreed Maddy, they’d both eaten the curry instead, “hope she’ll be okay to take us out.”

Both girls had been looking forward to going on patrol with the famous Buffy Summers; other girls had been chosen to go out with Faith or one of the other slayers from Sunnydale. But they’d been lucky, they’d drawn ‘Miss Summers’ herself. Buffy was like a goddess or a rock star to the twins. They’d worshipped her from afar ever since they’d first seen pictures of her. Now they had the opportunity to actually go on patrol with her, but it looked like it was all going to be spoilt by a sausage that was past its ‘use by’ date.

Two pairs of sharp slayer ears picked up a muffled scream coming from behind the locked bathroom door. The girls looked at each other, should they knock on the door and ask if everything was alright? They sighed with relief as they heard water running then the toilet flush. Moments later the door opened and Buffy walked out into her office (looking a little flushed) and smiled at the girls.

“You okay, Miss?” Maddy asked hesitantly.

“If you’re not feeling well,” Gillian looked hopefully at Buffy willing her to say everything was okay, “we’ll understand if you can’t take us out.”

“Its okay,” Buffy gave a relieved sigh, “I’m fine.”

Having dealt with her feelings of desire for the two teenagers herself, Buffy did indeed feel fine, for now. They just needed to get out of her warm office and into the cold night air and kill something then everything would be alright. The girls were leaving tomorrow so she’d be able to forget about them…she hoped.

“Come on,” Buffy said more cheerily than she actually felt, “let’s go dust some vamps!”


Standing behind a bush, Buffy watched as Gillian and Maddy took down the three vamps that had been terrorising the little, run-down park. The bloodsuckers appeared confused by facing two identical slayers, it seemed to put them off their game, a fact that the girls took full advantage of. Buffy suspected the twins had been using their identical-ness to confuse people all their lives, it was like watching synchronised slaying. Maybe they could have that as a new Olympic sport?

As the last vampire turned to dust and drifted away on the raw, damp northern air; Buffy stepped out of the shadows to congratulate the girls. Hardly breaking step, she rammed Mr Pointy into the heart of a forth vamp that’d tried to pounce on her from out of the flower beds. Of course it wasn’t the original Mr Pointy, that stake was lying at the bottom of Lake Sunnydale. This Mr Pointy was one Xander had made for her to replace her favourite stake. It was a good weapon, but somehow it wasn’t the same, she still missed the original Mr Pointy.

“Now let that be a lesson to you girls,” Buffy slid Mr Pointy back up her sleeve, “Vamps are sneaky, just when you think you’ve got ‘em all, up jumps another one, okay?”

The girls nodded their heads; their hero worship knew no bounds. Now they’d seen Buffy actually stake something they’d have done anything for her.

“Other than that,” Buffy smiled at the two eager faces, “you did pretty well there. Good technique, nice fighting style, but I gotta warn you…don’t rely on always fighting together, go off individually and develop your own style away from your sister.” Buffy checked her watch, “Now, who’s for shopping,” she grinned like a sixteen year old, “I feel a wicked shoe craving coming on.”

“Oh yes please!” Squealed the twins, all the time hating themselves for sounding like a couple of star struck eleven year olds.

“Okay then,” Buffy turned and headed towards the park gate, “lets get going.”

Walking out onto the street, Buffy looked around trying to get her bearings. They were in a slightly run down area of old Victorian houses. Although some were still occupied, (mainly by students) others were semi-derelict, a perfect hangout for vamps. They’d have to walk down the road aways until the came to the main road where they could catch a bus to the Cleveland Shopping Centre.

The CSC stayed open until after midnight on a Friday night and was a favourite haunt of the younger slayers with its cinemas, shops, cafes and amusement arcades. With so many eager young slayers frequenting the place, few but the most stupid vamps or demons bothered anyone there. The place was safe and as such Buffy found it relaxing to wander around window shopping not having to worry about fighting for her life.

As she led the girls towards the road, Buffy felt something tug at her senses. Pausing she turned to peer into a long neglected garden. Through the bare, dripping branches of the trees and bushes that choked what had probably been a nice garden once upon a time; Buffy caught a glimpse of something glitter like the reflected glow of a street light.

“What is it Miss?” Maddy (or it could have been Gillian) asked as she stopped and turned to face Buffy.

“Maybe nothing,” Buffy replied distractedly as she pushed a branch out of the way and looked more closely into the jungle of a garden. “Look,” she turned to smile reassuringly at the twins, “like, its probably nothing, but I’m going to take a look. You two carry on to the bus stop and I’ll catch up with you in a few minutes, okay?”

The twins reluctantly nodded their heads.

Leaving the girls standing on the pavement (or sidewalk as her American mind still wanted to call it) Buffy stepped over the low wall that separated the garden from the street. Carefully she pushed her way between the old knurled branches of long neglected bushes until she stood at the edge of what had once been a lawn. Light was coming from one of the downstairs windows of the huge Victorian town house that stood on the other side of the grassed area.

Running silently through the knee high wet grass, Buffy came to the boarded up window from which soft orangey-yellow light escaped. Pressing her nose against the boards she peered between the planks into the room beyond. The light was so soft because the illumination came from candles and what looked like an old fashioned storm lantern. Just to the left of her field of vision, Buffy could see the edge of some sort of contraption.; she smiled at her use of a Giles-ism. However, there was no escaping it, ‘contraption’ seemed to fit as a good adjective.

It was all brass and polished wood, or at least the bit of it she could see was, Buffy moved further round the window and put her eye to a knot hole. Now she could see all of the ‘contraption’. It was indeed all polished brass and wood. Enclosed in a sort of brass rail affair was a leather chair rather like she imagined you’d find in one of those gentlemen’s clubs you saw in old films. Behind the chair was some sort of weird looking machinery and attached to that was a big (at least six feet across) convex bronze disc. In front of the chair was what could only be a control panel with levers sticking out of it at all angles. Buffy could safely say she’d never seen anything like it in her life. It was obviously some sort of machine, but she had no idea what it was for, she needed to get in there and have a closer look, Giles would want to know details.

Just as she was about to start tearing boards from the window frame, Buffy caught sight of a man inside the room. He was tall, dark haired, well built and maybe in his mid thirties. He was also wearing strange old fashioned looking clothes. The sort of clothes that you might have seen the original occupants of the house wearing; Buffy’s immediate thought was, ‘vampire’.

Frowning, Buffy reconsidered her initial reaction, she wasn’t getting any vamp-vibe off him and the way he walked around the room taking notes in a little note book was very un-vamp-like. However, this still didn’t look like anything of the good. Men in old fashioned clothes with strange incomprehensible machines usually didn’t add up to hugs and puppies. Looking at the boards that covered the windows, Buffy gauged their toughness. Certain they weren’t slayer proof she decided to burst in and capture both the man and his weird machine. Next she’d call Giles and leave everything for him to sort out.

“There,” she smiled to herself, “I have a plan…a good plan too.”

Without a second thought, like, it might be an idea to call Giles first, Buffy ripped the boards from the windows. By chance she’d chosen a section that had covered an old French Window. Smashing in the rotten old door, Buffy rushed at the man and pushed him up against the far wall.

“Okay, buster,” Buffy snarled holding Mr Pointy to the man’s throat, “what’s your game? Planning on opening a gateway to hell maybe?”

“My dear young woman,” replied the man as he pushed the tip of Mr Pointy away from his throat with his free hand, “such a thing, were it possible, would be the furthest thing from my mind.”

“You what?” Buffy relaxed a little, generally speaking evil wizards or whatever didn’t call her ‘my dear young woman’, that was more something Giles might say.

“Though I suppose after all the wars, society must have regressed so far as to rediscover a belief in demons and such like.”

He spoke more to himself than to Buffy.

“Wars?” Buffy released the man and slipped Mr Pointy back into his hiding place.

“Yes,” the man straightened his jacket and tie then picked up his note book from the floor. “I assume from the lack of gunfire that the fighting has stopped.” He made a note in his book as he looked Buffy up and down, “But, by your outlandish dress and the fact that you’re reduced to using wooden weapons the war obviously caused civilisation to collapse.”

“Hey,” Buffy looked down at her outfit, “watch what you’re saying about the way I dress.”

“I’m sorry my dear,” the man smiled pityingly in Buffy’s direction, “but those are not the clothes of a civilised woman. Also the fact that civilisation has fallen to a point were young women have to go out at night to hunt, well…”

“Now just a minute,” Buffy advanced on the man again and waved a finger under his nose, “now who the hell do you think you are coming in here dissing the way I dress?”

“I’m sorry,” the man held out his hand to Buffy, “I should have introduced myself before, I’m George William Henry, inventor, at your service and you are?”

“Buffy,” replied Buffy slowly still half believing this guy was a demon despite his human looks, “Buffy Summers, aka The Slayer!”

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