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Surprising Life

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Summary: When Buffy meets former BAU member JJ, she never dreamed that her life would change forever, or that she would change someone elses life as well.

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Chapter One

A.N.- So, here I am, after lurking on this sight for years, finally posting something. I have to admit that I am scared beyond belief about posting this, especially since I'm gonna try to do all 31 days. My first crossover fiction, and I hope that I was able to stay true to the characters that I love so much.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Buffy belongs to the wonderful man called Joss Whedon, and Criminal Minds is the amazing work of Jeff Davis. And to be honest, even if I could own Criminal Minds or Buffy, I wouldn't cause knowing me, I'd ruin them.

Lines in the Sand

“I can’t believe Dawn! She should be here. She’s the one that wanted to be the human face for us; and yet here we are, meeting this person from the Pentagon, and she’s not here. Military and Buffy don’t mix, do I need to remind anyone of The Initiative? I mean-“

“No Buffy, we all remember the Initiative quite well. And while Dawn may be the public face, I assure you that you if it weren’t for her severe case of laryngitis, she would indeed be here. Now I know that we have some difficulties that we have yet to put behind us, but please, we need to present a united front, otherwise we may end up looking back on the Initiative as fond memories. So, shall we do this together or not?”
Buffy stopped walking and looked at the man that she had viewed as a father figure for years. Sometimes she wished for the rosy glasses that she had worn for most of her past with Giles. But those last few days in Sunnydale had stripped those from her. While part of her mourned that last bit of security she had felt with this man, she knew that she was a stronger slayer and person for knowing not only her beliefs and lines in the sand, but also his.

“Fine, united front while we’re here, but Giles, I speak for myself. You do what needs to be done for the girls, make sure that they’re safe, but I speak for me. No one else has that right, not today, and not tomorrow. We clear on that?”

The look that Giles gave her was mixed, glimpses of pride, regret, sorrow and resignation showed before he was able to put on his ‘stiff-upper-lip’ as Faith liked to call it. “Of course. I’ve learned that lesson thoroughly. Now, shall we?” and with that Giles outstretched his arm, indicating that Buffy should precede him the rest of the way to the conference room where their Pentagon liaison awaited them.
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