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Occult Killer

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Summary: the BAU calls in occult specialists for a case

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Television > Criminal Minds(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR1585,90467654,94120 Aug 1110 Feb 12No

chapter 8

Title: Occult Killer.
Author: pinkhairedharry Summary: the BAU brings in occult specialists to help with a case.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. BtVS and Criminal Minds are owned by their respective creators.
Beta: Ltloncf. All mistakes left are mine.
AN: AU for Angel, They’re still running Wolfram and Hart. Not comic compliant for either series. thank you to all my reviewers. you keep my muse very happy.

Chapter 8

Willow handed the laptop to Kevin before she retook her seat. Spencer and Garcia looked as if they were holding back a million questions. The rest were just stunned and a bit shaken.

“So, what happened at your graduation?” asked Morgan as he pulled himself together.

“The Mayor turned himself into an Olvikan demon. I made a really big bomb, please don't arrest me, rigged it up in the library, Buffy tricked him into chasing her in there, then we blew him the hell up after Buffy cleared the blast range,” answered Xander grinning at the memory. He then winced slightly at Faith's pensive facial expression.

“What’s an Olvikan demon?” asked Spencer ignoring the fact that he just admitted to building and setting off a bomb.

“A really, really big snake demon. He ate principle Snyder in one bite,” answered Xander.

“Don’t forget the army of vampires we had to fight while Buffy distracted Mayor McSnake,” added Willow after a wan smile to Faith. “Harmony’s a vampire now but she’s still around so does that make three or four casualties?” As it was with the Scoob's other losses, they never discussed Larry. They'd liked him after he came out of the closet.

“I’d go with three. Harm has a job, she pays taxes and rent, she even buys her blood from the butcher’s shop and she’s generally harmless,” offered Dawn.

“Remember when she kidnapped you and tried to kill us?” asked Xander barely holding back laugher. Dawn and Willow smiled at the memory.

“Yeah, she’s a pretty good secretary but she’s definitely the least competent vampire I’ve ever met,” added Faith with a chuckle.

“Where the hell does a vampire get a job as secretary?” asked Rossi genuinely confused.

“At an evil law firm run by demons,” Willow chirped.

“Let me guess, Wolfram and Hart?” asked Hotchner.

“How’d you know?” asked Willow.

“I was a lawyer before I became an FBI agent. Wolfram and Hart lawyers are worse than their clients. I’ve seen them get clients off even though it shouldn’t have been possible,” replied Hotchner.

In the silence that followed each of the BAU members thought about the group of young people that had been fighting to save the world for the better part of a decade. All the BAU agents were worried on how the duty of protecting the world affected the group in front of them. The entire group seemed to suffer at least some signs of PTSD.

They'd all noticed that the others seem somewhat protective of Faith’s emotional state while talking about the Mayor. Faith may be the slayer but she was still a young woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She had something dark in her past, but she was a fully trusted member of the group now.

According to all the information they’d been able to find on the group Dawn Summers was their Spencer. She’d seen a great amount of death and horror from an early age, but it hadn’t seemed to affect her negatively. She had gotten a Doctorate in ancient languages faster than should have been possible. They’d noticed her confidence and eagerness to assert her opinions. Yet they’d also noticed her acceptance of her limitations at the same time; she was proud of her position of Research Watcher and didn’t seem to want the Field Watcher position. The group treated her as their little sister but they listened to her when she spoke. They were all clearly protective of her and she used it to her advantage.

Willow seemed to be a super-powered mix of Spencer and Garcia. She was highly intelligent, working on two doctorate degrees. There seemed to be something in her past that the entire group including herself was wary about. They had all looked uncomfortable when Kevin had jokingly asked how powerful she was. She and Faith seemed to share a mutual tenseness whenever the past was mentioned. She could physically manifest good and evil representations, which was slightly terrifying in the fact that she had to have done something to gain that ability.

Alexander Harris aka Xander was actually the hardest to profile. His file was sketchy at best. He’d spent the better part of two years randomly (according to the file) wondering around Africa after the Cleveland school was established. He was the only member of the NSWC board with no education after high school; even Faith was working on a bachelor’s degree in her spare time. He used humor to deflect questions none of them wanted to answer, but he’d also shown a serious side. He showed more signs of situational awareness then the others, including Faith. They were all aware of where everyone else was located at all times, but he alone had noted the gun holstered on Hotchner’s ankle.

The entire group was touch happy and not in a sexual way. At some point in the past they’d gotten in the habit of little touches as if they were making sure the others were really there. The four of them seemed to subconsciously need the reassurance of physical touch. Willow and Dawn were clearly at ease touching all the others, while Faith and Xander both tensed slightly when they touched each other but did it anyways. They didn’t seem to be aware of how much they touched each other though.

Faith cleared her throat, drawing everyone’s attention and said, “Nice as it is goin’ down memory lane and all we need to get movin’.” The profilers noted how the others winced slightly at Faith's words. “So, seeing as how we’ve given you proof, can we get back to the reason we’re here?” After the collective nod she received, Faith continued, “We aren’t equipped to handle this person or group of people. We deal with demons, werewolves, warlocks, wizards, witches, ghosts on occasion, and end of the world apocalypses at least once a year, not so much the psychopathic human elements.”

“They are blocking our attempts to locate them mystically so we’re gonna have to find him or them the mundane way. We don’t have the training and experience that all of you have in finding the human monsters and it’s working against us here,” added Willow.

“Are you absolutely sure it’s a human or group of humans doing the killings?” asked Hotchner.

“We’ve talked to all the neutral demons we know, none of them know anything about the killings. They haven’t heard about anyone claiming the kills either. And one thing that all the Bads have in common is that they always gloat. No one’s claiming these kills,” answered Dawn.

“Demons always gloat. There’s always at least some clue left behind because they are either running on demon instinct or they think humans are so beneath them they don’t bother to hide the evidence. We’ve never had no leads before. We couldn’t find any evidence of demonic involvement at all. It’s why we let the case get bumped to the BAU,” added Xander before his cell phone started to ring.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Occult Killer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 12.

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