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A Tail of Two Cities

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Summary: A certain saiyan on his way home finds himself pulled through a portal opened by a crazy hell goddess. On Earth, a certain sister vanishes into said portal. How will Vegeta like Sunnydale? How will Dawn like alternate Earth? **Updated with New Content**

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Anime > DB/DBZSaiyaSithFR1343,742032,50122 Aug 1119 Feb 12No

Ruins and Rumbles

4. Ruins and Rumbles

Vegeta smirked at the two creatures facing him. Heh. Might get to have some fun after all. he thought. The Saiyan took a deep breath and rolled his shoulders to loosen them up after being cooped up for so long. He then lifted his hand and gestured rudely at the hulking monsters before him. He decided to taunt the beasts in the hope of spicing up the fight. “You pitiful beings think you can bring a challenge to the Prince of all Saiyans?” he called out. “You are WEAK. You are NOTHING!” he called. “I’ve EATEN things tougher than you when I was a CHILD.” He laughed. “Maybe this might just prove to be amusing after all.” He spoke to himself.

Suddenly, it looked to the spectators like he just vanished. They blinked then saw him delivering a crippling punch to the first beast’s midsection. The demon was bent in half around the Saiyan’s fist. Its head flew forward and vomited a large puddle of acid on the pavement beside the Saiyan. Smirking, Vegeta turned and slammed his elbow into the second unfortunate “amusement”, and it flew towards the ground. Its horns dug furrows in the roadway. Vegeta seemingly vanished again, then reappeared in a flipping, wild seemingly impossible loop. With a loud crack, the Prince kicked the first monster in the front of its head causing a huge spray of radiant green ooze to blanket the asphalt in front of him before turning lightning-fast and burying his hand in a karate-chop to the back of the second creature. Its torso squished then expanded against the ground, and Vegeta landed softly behind both creatures. Small “thumps” were heard as the pieces and the bodies fell bonelessly to the ground. “All too easy.” He snorted.

Looking around for something more challenging, the Saiyan was disappointed to see that there was nothing left to fight. With a sniff, he gracefully turned back toward the van and its gob-smacked passengers. The Scoobies were gaping out the window, eyes wide in dumb amazement. Feh! Those weaklings haven’t seen anything…yet, he thought to himself. Just give me some time. His trademark smirk firmly on his face, Vegeta sauntered up to the van. “What are you fools staring at?” He asked.

“You just…” Xander sputtered out.

“How did you???” Buffy asked.

“What in the hell just happened!?” Spike blurted.

“I am the Prince of all Saiyans, the strongest fighter in the universe. I “ just happened.” the Saiyan said, now grinning.

“Oh dear…” the former Watcher breathed just before passing out.

“Pitiful” Vegeta said, glancing at Gile’s still form.

“Hey now, don’t be rude!” Willow spoke up in defense of the teen’s mentor. “He’s had a horrible day…we’ve, we’ve all had a horrible, horrible day. You can’t talk about him like that! Cut him some slack!”

Something about the redhead reminded him of days long gone by. Of small Saiyans defending their kin against insurmountable odds, and somewhat strangely, of cats…

“I will ride with you to this ‘medical center’” he said. “You will tend to your wounded. I will keep any ‘monsters’ ” he snorted, “at bay while you do this…I need something to alleviate my boredom. Perhaps I may even find something challenging along the way. ”

The Scoobies didn’t know what to make of this newcomer. Obviously, he was much, much stronger than anyone they had ever seen or heard of. He seemed to be, at least for now, on their side. No one had any idea what else to do- Who could make him leave anyway… Tara thought. In awe, and not a little fear, they scooted aside and made room for the self-proclaimed “Prince” in the back of the van. Not caring if his actions caused anxiety in the group, Vegeta approached the vehicle. Upon reaching the back door, he ducked down to avoid having his hair scrape the top of the vehicle; he then took the proffered seat next to Buffy.

Her wary gaze examined the alien male. He was slightly taller than she was, and his jet-black spiky hair made him seem taller than Xander. In reality, however, she decided that he was a bit shorter than all the other males in the vehicle. His outfit…uniform?...was tattered and dirty, holes in some places and dents in what appeared to be some kind of armor. She wondered what could have caused that kind of damage to his outfit, yet had not injured HIM. She decided that she didn’t like where that train of thought led her, so she turned her attention to his attitude. He seemed arrogant, and had already proven himself bossy in their brief time together. Of course, she wondered, is it really arrogance if you have the ability to back it up? She noted the steely glint in his eyes and the obvious musculature of his arms, legs, and chest. She secretly wondered what he would be like in bed, but quickly banished that thought. Realizing that he could do what he wanted and that she could do nothing else, she decided upon what approach she would take with him. Taking a deep breath, she offered her hand. “We haven’t been introduced.” She said. “I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Four winged beasts wreaked havoc in one of the larger cemeteries. The creatures lifted headstones from the ground and threw the marble at one another. When they missed, chipped stone flew off of mausoleums and peppered the air with granite shrapnel. Trees splintered as grey, leather-like wings beat against the foliage in their rampage. Blistering shrieks reverberated against tombs, voices and bodies proclaiming dominance over the new territory. The battle looked to be evenly matched. Vampires and other earthly demons cowered in their hovels as there was no end in sight.

In town, a large, dragon-like creature assaulted the bank. Its talons ripped large sections of roof off of the building and its wings battered a near circular pattern in the wreckage. Viscous goo spurted from the fiend’s mouth, covering all around the area with layers of hardened spew. Once satisfied with its results, the beast flew around gathering trees like twigs, and it carefully lined its new “nest” with wood and vegetation.

Six green tentacle things brought destruction to an abandoned housing development. Entire houses were uprooted and crushed into matchsticks as the monsters made flat the openings they created into new burrows. The caves and sewers below the neighborhood provided the perfect place for the creatures to brood.

The sewers were overrun with new, powerful vermin. Some were small, the size of horses, and fierce as wounded lions. Others barely fit into the tunnels as they sought out heat and food. Especially preferred was moving food. Demonic life exited the underground in mass numbers; possibly facing the Slayer was preferred to certain, horrible death. Even the vampires dared facing the sun rather than being ingested by creatures out of their nightmares. The whole of Sunnydale’s “nightlife” was in complete and total disarray at the hands of these terrifying “homewreckers”. Glorificus herself did not inspire the fear that these newcomers did.

And below the ruins of the old high school, the Hellmouth rumbled.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Tail of Two Cities" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Feb 12.

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