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A Tail of Two Cities

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Summary: A certain saiyan on his way home finds himself pulled through a portal opened by a crazy hell goddess. On Earth, a certain sister vanishes into said portal. How will Vegeta like Sunnydale? How will Dawn like alternate Earth? **Updated with New Content**

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Anime > DB/DBZSaiyaSithFR1343,742032,50122 Aug 1119 Feb 12No


1. Prologue

Title: A Tail of Two Cities

Author: Saiyasith

Disclaimer: DBZ belongs to Akira Toriyama, not me. BtVS belongs to Joss Wheadon. I own nothing, this is a fan-based tribute to the wonderful work of the creators of those series.


The silence between the Earth and its moon was broken by a noticeably well-used spacecraft speeding by. Mottled sections of dirt flaked off the ship leaving a mist-like trail through the open space. On course for home, the dented capsule flew out of the asteroid belt, making its way towards Earth. The sun's reflection sparkled off of the pocked white globe; its lone occupant was bruised, battered, and content for the first time in his life. An unusual sense of joy hedged the man as he thought about the results of his journey . Speaking out loud to himself in pride, his face etched in its trademark smirk, the walls of the pod echoed with his voice: “I have FINALLY achieved my destiny. Super Saiyan! I, the Prince of all Saiyans, am now the TRUE Legendary Super Saiyan!” Vegeta’s grin reflected back at himself haloed in the porthole glass. “Now not even that low-class idiot Kakarot can stand before my might! I will show him my supremacy then he will bow before me!” Ahead was Earth, and his adopted home, Capsule Corp. The night landscape below was glittering with lights from the cities. Just as the ship was preparing to land, a jagged rip in the fabric of reality suddenly appeared in the air in over Capsule Corporation. Inside the strange tear swirled a kaleidoscope of scenes that boggled the pilot of the approaching ship. Images inside the widening vortex were like dreams. Some were hellish landscapes teeming with creatures that unsettled even the mighty Saiyan Prince. These were quickly replaced with scenes of previously unimaginable beauty. New scenes straight out of someone's nightmares flashed by. Creatures flew through the air as they rushed out of the rip in the sky. The ship jerked and was tossed by the wake of the energies, and it was unable to avoid the massive portal that had appeared. Vegeta’s ship plunged through dimensional rift, and the Saiyan was knocked unconscious by the energy coursing within.

On the other side of the threshold, a falling figure landed on top of the capsule with a thud. Soon, both came to rest at the bottom of a gigantic tower that hovered next to the pulsating portal. On top of the construct, a lone figure stared in horror as more and more creatures began to pour through the dimensional opening. Realizing that her fate was sealed, she gave a whispered apology. Gathering the last of her courage, Dawn Summers ran to the edge of the platform and leaped into space. She disappeared into the hole in the sky.
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