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Trick a tricker!

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Mr and Mrs Callen". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *twisted shorts - day 23* Callen wanted some advice on how to handle an ex-partner. He seeks his wife’s help. Sequel to Mrs Callen - Buffy/Callen

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NCIS > Buffy-CenteredhellbellsFR1311,338085,55323 Aug 1123 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS L.A or BtVS. I only own my twisted imagination.

Warnings:Minor spoilers for Ep 2x06 NCIS L.A.

Callen had awoken happily. It was a far more enjoyable way to start the day. When he awoke with long blonde hair billowing on his chest. He should have known that something would spoil his day.

It had started normal enough. He reached the office and started on his never-ending paperwork. It was one of the drawbacks to working for the government the bureaucracy was awful. Then Eric had called them into the op centre to brief them in on a situation unfolding downtown.

Sam bristled at the affront of taking hostages in a navy recruitment centre.

The team were watching the feeds; Nell was working as fast as she could on an ID.

Callen was watching the video feed and wondering, when the hell he had stepped through the looking glass. On the screen was his ex-partner, she had been an incredible partner. They had gotten very close, which begged the question why she had taken over a recruitment office. She was a genius and had fallen of the grid. This was very public for someone who wanted to avoid notice.

“No need she’s ex CIA. Her name is Tracey Keller. At least, that is how I knew her.”

Sam gave Callen a searching look, “you know her?”

Callen was flippant, “you could say that. She’s my ex-wife.”

The team looked goggle-eyed. Deeks never one to keep his mouth shut, “How does he always land the really hot women?”

Hetty as always sneaking in, “He doesn’t try too hard Det Deeks.”

Deeks pouted at the put down but there was little that he could do about it.

“So she no longer works undercover?” Deeks asked.

G snorted, “You don’t ever stop. You merely go deeper undercover.”

Eric thought that explained a lot about the agents. He also couldn’t help noticing how unalike Buffy and Tracey were. Tracey was a curvy brunette who seemed slinky. It was a ridiculous phrase and the tech guy knew it. However, since the others allowed him to use surfing expressions he figured he could be forgiven.

Buffy though was thin, powerful and knew exactly who she was. She also had Callen wrapped around her little finger.

The team had worked with Tracy, it was necessary as they couldn’t afford to let the Spike Missiles get out onto the open market.

The team had worked well enough with Tracy, but Callen was still wary. He had voiced his fears to Hetty, who had looked amused, “your wife has the clearance. Why not contract out some help?”

When Hetty made such brilliant suggestions. He often wondered if she could give Machivelli a run for his money.

The team were planning the beach meeting. Tracey was adamant that none of the agents be seen. Callen grinned, “What agent? I’m going to be enjoying the beach with my wife.”

Tracey smirked, “I thought you didn’t want to rehash old times?”

Buffy’s throaty laugh broke their concentration. Deeks scowled, “We should put a bell on her and Hetty.”

Buffy smirked, “Your welcome to try but you’ll walk funny.” It was a solemn promise.

Tracey scowled wondering who this woman was. She hadn’t planned for her presence. Buffy could tell she wasn’t wanted and that confirmed her husbands fear. She decided to let go and channel Faith. She sauntered over to Callen and wrapped an arm around his waist. She had a teasing grin as she asked, “So you’re taking me to the beach?”

Callen smiled and his love was clearly reflected on his face, “Well you have a week before your due back in London, and we could really use the help.”

Callen tried to look, as innocent as possible, when he introduced Buffy, “Tracey I‘d like to introduce you to my wife Buffy.”

Kensi wondered if anyone noticed Tracey virtually sharpen her claws. Tracey appeared polite, “Oh is Buffy short for Elizabeth.”

“Nope.” Buffy informed her and could barely stop herself from laughing. She shrugged it off, “It’s what I get for being born in California.”

Buffy didn’t need to be a trained investigator to hear the woman’s scorn. Buffy smirked and adopted her Queen Slayer persona. Buffy wasn’t impressed; she had faced far bigger bads. Still, while Tracey was grilling her, Callen was able to drop the modified phone into Tracey‘s pocket. If Tracey did run as Callen suspected then Willow would be able to track her across the globe.

Hetty could tell what Buffy was planning and was very happy to help. After all, she was very fond of Callen and he was like family. Looking very officious, “Director Vance has passed on his gratitude to your organisation for your help.”

Buffy smiled, “I was in the neighbourhood.”

“Well thank you again. When finished we should have tea.”

The team looked shocked, Hetty very rarely shared tea. Deeks was pouting, “Hey no fair. You don’t work here yet you’re her favourite.”

Buffy snickered, “I buy her rare tea every time I go to England.”

Callen rolled his eyes before saying, “Guys we all know that Buffy is Hetty’s favourite now back to the op.”

The first part of the op had gone relatively smooth. Buffy and G had never been suspected, after all, it wasn’t hard for them to act like a couple in love.

It had given them an in for the meeting. Callen and Tracey had gone in posing as the arms dealers. However, the team were surprised when Callen had let Tracey go with the money.

They headed back to the office slightly dejected. The team had managed to secure the missiles but the money was in the wind with Tracey. Callen was being frustratingly tight-lipped about the whole affair.

They reached the office to see Buffy and Hetty drinking tea in her office. To the shock of the others, they were drinking it Japanese style.

Callen had a coy smile, “Well.”

Buffy rolled her eyes at Hetty before she said sarcastically, “hey honey. I’m okay. How are you?”

Hetty shook her head, “Manners are a seldom seen virtue these days Buffy.” She said sagely.

The team knew they were missing something and wondered what it was. Buffy smirked at her husband, “According to Willow she’s flown to the Dominican Republic.”

Sam laughed softly, “I should have seen it. You played her.”

“Big style.” Callen replied. For the benefit of the others, “She wanted to play on my supposed affections. It was a good thing that she didn’t know about Buffy.”

Deeks suddenly saw the play and was in awe. “When did you drop the modified phone?”

It was Buffy’s turn to smirk, “When she got in a snit with me. I managed to take up her whole attention.”

Kensi chuckled, “I can’t believe we missed it. You two really are the perfect couple.”

Callen grinned as he wrapped his arm around Buffy’s waist. Buffy said lightly, “We like to think so. Unfortunately, I have to be in London so I’m taking my plane back tonight. Hetty if you like I can give them a ride to London.”

Hetty had a devious smile, “I’m sure Mr Hanna has missed Mr Callen while you’ve been here. Perhaps a holiday in the Dominicans together would work.”

Buffy laughed, “Yes sometime I do feel like the other woman.”

The team broke apart as plans were put into motion. Hetty had given Callen permission to have a private goodbye with Buffy.

Deeks watched as Callen left. He decided to try his luck, “I want my own hottie. I gotta do something about it.”

Kensi was wary, “being proactive helps.”

Deeks smirked, “Well in that case. Will you join me for dinner?”

Kensi gave him a searching look as if debating something. Finally, she seemed to decide, “You’re gonna wine and dine me Deeks.”

Surprised she had given him a chance he seized upon it. “Of course, only the best.”

It just goes to show that there really is hope for everyone.


The End

You have reached the end of "Trick a tricker!". This story is complete.

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