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Marching On

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Summary: Buffy is on a super-secret mission to infiltrate the Stargate base.

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredthegirlinquestionFR7611,08438019,98625 Aug 1124 May 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter Six

Marching On

Buffy is on a super secret mission to infiltrate the Stargate base.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

A/N: Not set during any particular time for Stargate, but after Season 7 for BtVS. Just a bit of fun that was begging to get out :]

Chapter Six:

Sitting in her rental car once again, Buffy hunkered down in her seat and peeked over the edge of her windshield. The dusty tome that was the sole reason for this crazy mission was tucked into the passenger seat, the seatbelt firmly strapped into place. No way was she going to risk this stupid book. She was this close to finishing this mission successfully, the last thing she wanted was to damage the damn thing while driving it to her hotel.

Squinting at the not-so-secret mountain base, she could tell the moment word got up to the underlings guarding the entrance. Things slowed down, activity came to a standstill, and more soldiers came upstairs to watch the top world.

They looked like ants, so uniform and in line. A little shaken at the news that someone infiltrated their base, but still following orders and keeping a vigilant eye out.

Shaking her head, Buffy sat up straight and put her key into the ignition. She put her car into gear and eased out of the parking lot she was waiting in.

Time to get this show on the road.

“Something about this doesn’t seem right,” Jack said as Carter, Teal’c and still invisible Jackson followed behind him. Teal’c and Carter exchanged looks of disbelief, and Jackson rolled his invisible eyes.

“Is there anything about this situation that does?” Daniel asked, running his hands through his hair. Jack ignored him as he led his team through a set of doors that swished shut behind them. They walked in silence for a few minutes, finally reaching a control room where the security camera equipment was housed.

“It’s just… The ringtone,” Jack finally answered, drawing Carter’s attention as he took control of the monitor that currently showed all activity inside the base. “First off, what self respecting alien race carries around a cell phone?” He asked, looking up into Carter’s face. She turned her head and jerked it back a little when she realized how close their faces were.

“Let alone a Katy Perry ringtone,” Daniel piped up, turning red when three heads turned to look at him with raised brows. Jack had a smirk on his face as he took in his newly visible friend. “What?” Daniel asked defensively. “I can know stuff.”

“Major, do your thing on this computer,” Jack said, pushing back from the chair and gesturing at the monitor. Raising a brow, Carter complied and sat at the newly empty seat.

She took control of the computer, entering her security control to gain access to the records of the base’s video feed for the last few hours. “Sir, I’m going to bring up the video focusing on Daniel’s office from the past couple of hours,” Sam said, catching Jack’s attention. The Colonel gave Daniel one last smirk before focusing on the screen.

The four members of SG-1 watched a sped up version of the video feed showcasing Daniel’s office door. There were standard comings-and-goings of the regular base personnel, including Daniel entering and leaving his office a few times. They finally hit pay dirt when the door to Daniel’s office opened seemingly on its own.

“There!” Daniel practically shouted, finger shoved onto the screen. Smiling slightly, Carter slowed the tape down to regular speed. They watched the screen, transfixed, hoping to catch a glimpse of what had entered the office. A few minutes after the door had closed behind who ever had entered the office, Daniel appeared at the edge of the screen and approached the door. “I-I was in there with it,” he said in astonishment, shoving his glasses up his nose.

They watched for a few more minutes until they saw Daniel leave his office once again. Fast-forwarding a bit, they watched the door intently for any sign of activity. They were soon rewarded when the office door was opened a crack. Sam hurriedly pushed the key to bring the tape into real-time, and the team was shocked when a blonde head poked out of the door.

Leaning back, Teal’c let his passive face adopt a minor surprised look. “This alien does not appear to be invisible all the time.”

“Appears so,” Sam said, watching the blonde alien step out of the room. Unfortunately, it did not look up at the camera. Instead it marched towards the bank of elevators, stopping for a moment to speak with a passing scientist who gestured her towards the elevator. She looked at O’Neill out of the corner of her eye, noticing a speculative look on his face.

Once the blonde disappeared from sight, Sam frantically brought up the video feed from each floor while they waited for the alien to pop back into sight. They were rewarded when she, it, whatever it was… stepped out of an elevator and made its way to the cafeteria.

“Crap,” Jack muttered with a look of realization. “I ate jell-o with an alien.”

“I’m really quite impressed, Buffy.”

Buffy smiled in satisfaction, leaning back in her chair next to Willow. The rest of her trip had been uneventful. She had made a pit stop at her hotel to collect her things, then returned the car to the rental place she got it from before boarding a flight back to Cleveland. The flight had been fast and smooth, and before long she had landed in Cleveland where a car was waiting to pick her up.

The book was currently sitting in front of Giles, who had a pleased look on his face. Next to him was Willow, who kept shooting Buffy looks of disapproval. Buffy ignored her the best that she could, sending her a look that promised explanations soon.

“I mean, really,” Giles continued, oblivious to looks exchanged. “I’ll be honest, Buffy. I didn’t expect this to go as smoothly as it did.”

Buffy laughed uncomfortably as Willow flew into a coughing fit. Giles shot her an odd look, brows furrowed before turning back to Buffy. “What, did you expect me to get caught or something?” Buffy asked, smoothing her face into a serious mask.

“No, no, no,” her Watcher replied as he took his glasses off to clean them. “Well, yes,” he admitted.

Buffy shot Willow a smug look and her red-headed friend rolled her eyes before letting a small smile escape. “C’mon Giles, have a bit more faith in me. Maybe… maybe now that I’ve proved myself I can get more time out in the field, maybe get some more missions?”

Clearing his throat, Giles put his glasses back on with a small smile. “It seems that may be something we can work out.”

The Slayer shot her fist in the air in triumph before leaping up. “Thanks Giles!” She practically shouted as she grabbed Willow’s hand. “Now, girl talk.” Giles sent a vague wave in their direction, eyes firmly on the book in front of him.

Buffy dragged Willow towards her office, the witch giggling as they shut the door. “Ok, spill! What happened? Did you talk to anyone? Who saw you? Man I was so worried when you called! I knew something like this was going to happen! I can’t believe we’re lying to Giles about this, if he catches us-”

Laughing at her friends rambling, Buffy sat her on the loveseat and began her story of how she infiltrated the Stargate and ate free Jell-O.

“What do you mean, you ate Jell-O with the alien?” Carter asked, pausing the tape to look at Jack incredulously.

Jack shifted in embarrassment. “She… it might have sat next to me in the cafeteria and struck up a conversation with me. What?” He asked in defense, throwing his hands up. “She looked like a normal, attractive, woman. She ate blue Jell-O and told me she was assisting Jackson for the day.”

“I didn’t have anyone come to help me with anyone today,” Daniel said, staring at the faint pink tinge to Jack’s face.

“Well, I gathered that,” Jack responded sarcastically.

“O’Neill, did you not notice anything odd about this woman?” Teal’c asked, face impassive as he gazed at his comrades face.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jack ran his hand through his salt and pepper hair, ruffling it before trying to smooth it out again. “Not really. She couldn’t get Daniel’s name right, but I chalked it up to nerves. She didn’t have a deeper voice like the alien we spoke to. Just, go back to Daniel’s office on the tapes, wait until she returns,” he commanded, gesturing to the monitor in front of Sam.

The Major complied, turning her chair back around and pulling up the feed of Daniel’s hallway. She sped it up again until she saw the alien approaching from the elevator. Unfortunately, her face wasn’t tilted up at the camera enough to get a clear picture of what she looked like. The team watched as she entered Daniel’s office without hesitation. A couple of minutes later, Daniel reappeared on screen.

“You have the worst timing Danny-boy,” Jack commented while letting out a whistle.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Daniel replied absently, eyes fixed on the screen. Five minutes passed and the door flew open with a bang. “There, that’s when I left to go find Jack,” he told them, pointing at the screen once again. Jack nodded and motioned for Carter to speed the tape up until they were able to see the three visible members of SG-1 approach Daniel’s door.

“So we know she-it, whatever, didn’t leave after Daniel. She was for sure there when we entered the room,” Carter noted as the on-screen version of herself entered the room.

“And she would have probably gotten out if her phone hadn’t gone off,” the Colonel said, scratching his head.

They watched the tape for a few more minutes, picturing the frantic scrambling that was taking place in the office. Soon enough, the team exited the room after about 10 minutes, closing the door behind them as they headed to General Hammonds office. Swiveling around, Carter faced Jack once again as the tape kept running on the screen.

“What did she say, in the office?” She asked, a look of concentration on her face. “She was here to borrow a book?”

Snapping his fingers loudly, and causing Daniel to jump and turn his attention to him, Jack let out a curse. “She said the same thing in the cafeteria. About borrowing a book… about ancient prophesies or curses or something. Said Daniel had it and she needed to use it.”

Closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose, Daniel let out a gusty sigh. “The majority of my books pertain to prophesies or curses. That doesn’t narrow it down. Besides, I don’t have a totally up-to-date inven-”

“O’Neill, Major Carter,” Teal’c interrupted, drawing their attention back to the screen. “The door to Daniel Jackson’s office reopened.”

Whipping his head back to the monitor, Daniel saw the door slowly close on its own.

“Son of a bitch,” Jack muttered. “She was still in there when we left.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Marching On" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 May 12.

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