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Bump in the night

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Fresh Starts 'verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day 25* Sequel to when in need. Ziva has been rescued but that doesn’t mean her problems are over. How will team Gibbs manage when they learn what goes bump in the night? Bonus Chapter - Rippers meeting!

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or NCIS. I only own my twisted imagination.

Ziva was restless in her hospital bed. Gibbs had not liked carrying Ziva out of the compound. Ziva was always so full of life and strong. Her time in captivity had been harsh and she had had to endure a lot of torture. Gibbs had seen a lot but this was bad.

The team were standing guard over her in the hospital room. She was delirious and muttering random comments. The doctors had assured him that while she had been badly injured, she would recover from her physical injuries. The bit left unsaid, was the difficult recovery would be from the mental trauma.

Nearly, 24 hours had passed before she showed the first signs of lucidity. Given how badly injured she was, she still had a strong grasp. She had grasped Gibbs hand, “Phone Buffy, tell her… he dosed me.”

Gibbs was shocked, “Zivah?”

It looked as if she had used up all her strength to tell him that. He had contacted her once to let her know that Ziva was alive. He had been told to head towards this hospital and Ziva would be taken care of immediately.

Gibbs seeing no alternative did as Ziva had asked. As soon as Buffy had answered, she asked, “Is Ziva okay?”

Gibbs shrugged, “She awoke briefly with a message. She said I should tell you that she had been dosed.”

Buffy started swearing, even Gibbs, a former marine, was impressed by the inventiveness of the curses. Buffy knew that as a ‘Lady’ she was supposed to be more refined but someone had screwed with one of her slayers. She took a deep breath, “I need half an hour and we’ll be there.”

Gibbs frowned, “We’re in Africa.”

Buffy sighed; she had forgotten that Gibbs and his team did not know about the things that went bump in the night. “I’m aware Agent Gibbs. I need 30 minutes. You‘ll get your answers then.”

She shut the phone down before he could argue further.

Buffy was furious she needed to set things in motion. First, she phoned Sam to let him know that she would be out of the country for the next few hours. She doubted that anyone would ask Sam a question. If he were asked, then he would simply say she was in meetings. She promised that she would be back in time for the State Dinner later that evening.

Next, she was on the phone to Giles. She wasn’t stupid; she knew Eli was behind the Cruciamentum drug. She was going to let Giles play with Eli. He deserved to let Ripper out to play every now and again. What Buffy really wanted to do was pay Eli a visit with Faith. Sadly, she was mature enough to realise that was a bad idea, besides; she wanted Faith and Xander to stay with Ziva.

Her next phone call was too Willow. “Willow, Ziva was dosed with the Cruciamentum drug.”

“Oh goddess. Who?” Buffy wasn’t in the room with Willow but she could guess Willow’s hair was darkening.

Buffy sighed, “My money is Eli but I’ve set Giles on him. We need to help Ziva; she’s in a Somaliland hospital.”

Willow calmed slightly knowing that her anger would serve no purpose. “Okay Xander’s here, I‘ll go find the antidote. Faith will be arriving by portal in a minute.”

Buffy was really glad that they had created stable portal’s for their main buildings. She was about to take one as well. Lastly, she called her assistant Amanda in. Buffy explained that she needed to go to Somalia and that she would be back later that afternoon. If anyone called asking after her, then she was in meetings.

Amanda was a good assistant and was very adept at handling very quick changes to Buffy’s schedule.


Gibbs saw the group standing at the door. He recognised Buffy but he didn’t know the others. The group were dangerous but were angered on Ziva’s behalf. He had many questions, starting with how the group managed to arrive from America in less than an hour.

Buffy didn’t have time to bring them gently into the fold. She wanted Ziva safe first, “Wills give her the antidote.”

Gibbs scowled, Buffy wasn’t in the mood, “Ziva has been poisoned in the vilest way. That antidote will help her recover very quickly.”

He nodded, he didn’t know what was going on but he knew that the group was on Ziva’s side. The antidote was given and almost immediately, Ziva started to breathe easier.

Tony finally was able to relax but McGee was confused. “What is going on?”

Faith smirked, “Xan you’re the watcher of the group.”

The one-eyed man looked affronted, “I’m not a man in tweed.”

Buffy snickered, “I’ll tell Dad you said that but you should tell them. I told the President and joint chiefs. It’s your turn.”

Xander had no comeback to that and he knew it. He looked to the NCIS agents and began, “the world is older than you know. In fact, it began with demons….” Xander went on to give an explanation about the things that went bump in the night.

He saw the looks of disbelief and chuckled, “Willow here can create portals. These portal can bring a lady from Washington to Somalia in the blink of the eye. Faith was in Rome..”

Gibbs assessed the group, the brunette woman and Buffy were the biggest threats. The man was continually scanning for threats, Gibbs would have done the same if he was on a mission. The scary thing was that even the redhead was scanning her surroundings.

Tony had cocked his head to the side and asked Buffy, “What do you actually do apart from scare politicians?”

Xander snickered, “She is the oldest slayer. She scared the monsters, long before she ever scared politicians.”

Faith took up the explanation, “We were given the skills to fight the monsters.”

McGee understood what she was implying, “You fight what is not seen by the world.”

Willow snorted, “Do not underestimate the human capacity to ignore what is in front of them.”

McGee frowned, “What do you mean?”

“How about Vampire bites? The hospital in Sunnydale would list them as barbeque accidents, even in the winter.”

Gibbs shook his head in bemusement. He agreed with what had been said, but he found it sad that this young group was so cynical to the world.

He looked to Buffy, “Lady Giles, you told Ziva to explain Sunnydale. What does a sinkhole in California have to do with anything?”

Buffy was pleased that the group were asking sensible questions. “A while ago there was a big battle for a hellmouth. It’s exactly what it sounds like. An ancient evil wanted to bring hell to Earth. I objected and changed the rules.”

Gibbs was quick enough to put the clues together, “you’re the reason why Sunnydale collapsed?”

Buffy shrugged, “The town was abandoned and it was either close the hellmouth, or, let hell come to earth.”

Gibbs could hear the defensive tone and added, “I’m glad you made the right choice. I have only one more question. Why is Ziva one of yours?”

Buffy remembered he’d been there for her conversation with Eli. “When I was 16 I died for a minute and the line continued. The slayer after me died and Faith was called.”

Tony interrupted, “You’ve been fighting since you were 16?”

Buffy nodded, “Actually I was fifteen. Faith was 14; I’m not sure how old Kendra was. Ziva was called in the mass calling of Sunnydale. I am the head of the line and all the slayers are mine”

Buffy frowned when she looked at her watch, “Unfortunately, I have to return to DC. I have a State Dinner that I can’t escape without questions. Xan and Faith will you stay here?”

They looked affronted at her even asking. Willow had her resolve face, “Is Giles dealing with Eli?”

“Yes Will, why?”

“I’ll track down the person who made that vile serum.” Buffy hated the serum with a passion. She could still remember the helplessness she had felt when she had been given the serum. Willow would think of an appropriate punishment.

Gibbs still had many questions but he remembered his manners, “Thank you.”

Willow gave him a bright smile, “Ziva is important to us. She will need us all to heal.”

Gibbs vowed, “We’ll be there.”

Of that, Buffy did not doubt. Ziva had suffered greatly but she would heal with the presence of her true family. It wasn’t her blood family but it was her real family.

No one ever found out what transpired in the meeting between Giles and Eli. However, Eli was being surprisingly well behaved. Gibbs greatly enjoyed the more well-behaved Eli David. In fact, he was so grateful that he sent Buffy a gift. He figured she would enjoy the knife. Ziva had told Gibbs that she and Buffy were alike - preferring weapons to flowers.

As for learning about what went bump in the night. It had been a shock but in the grand scheme of things, not surprising. So some evil had horns? To Gibbs it wasn’t as bad as the human evil.
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