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The Forgotten Woods

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Summary: Sirius Black thought he was the first to arrive at Gordric's Hollow the night of the attack. He was wrong.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Green Lantern
DC Universe > Green Lantern
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The Forgotten Woods


Ruby Paladin

Chapter One


Gordric’s Hollow



Space Sector 2814

Abin Sur landed on the ground outside the damaged house. His ring had detected the attack but to his shame, he was too late. He walked into the house and stepped over the body of a deceased adult human male with dark hair. There was no sign of what had might have killed him which only served to alarm him further.

“Ring, scan for life signs.” He said.

Two life signs detected.The ring informed him. ALERT! One of the detected life signs has a Will Potential of New Guardian level.

“Ring, check again.” He ordered his power ring. “Is that accurate?”

Scan complete. Data is accurate. The ring stated.

Abin remembered the current orders the Guardians of the Universe had issued. In an effort to increase the number of Green Lanterns to patrol the universe, the Guardians created an academy. While patrolling their sector, a Green Lantern would be on the lookout for potential students for the academy. Orphans were preferred as explaining what the Corps was to someone on a primitive world that had no prior contact with the Corps was exhausting to say the least. The standard method of recruiting new Lanterns was still used as the academy concept was still experimental.

A scale had been devised and a way to detect a sentient’s Will Potential was created to assist in the process. Civilian was the lowest level and considered the worst possible candidate. Lantern was the next level up and considered average. Honor Guard was the level after that and most of the Green Lantern Corps already measured at that level. The New Guardian level was the highest level that the scale went to and very few Green Lanterns were at that level.

He was at that level himself as was his good friend, Sinestro, but that was only after years of experience with controlling their power rings. To find someone who was naturally a New Guardian was unheard of.

“The Guardians will want me to bring this person to them.” He said.

He walked up the stairs allowing his ring to dictate directions to him and he found himself led into a nursery where he heard the squalling of an infant child. No matter what species they were, infant cries were universal it would seem. He walked past the silent crib to the crying child. In walking there, he had to step over the body of the child’s mother who lay dead as well. The mother was killed in a similar fashion to the apparent father in the lower level of the house.

The squalling child was an infant that thanks to Abin’s previous experience with the human race was a male. Whatever or whoever had attacked the house was gone but not before the attacker had cut a jagged mark on the forehead of the young boy.

Subject scanned. Civilian level. His ring reported to him.

He turned to the other crib that he had previously disregarded as empty. Abin walked over to it and found an infant female who quietly blinked at him as if she was trying to understand who and what he was. A small tuft of red hair laid across her face as she gazed at him.

Subject scanned. New Guardian level detected. His ring reported.

He gently picked the infant girl up and noted a name was on her pink blanket. He laughed a little.

“Well, let us see how well this Forest can grow.” He said to her. “Though I should take your brother with you, family is important.”

Incoming transmission from the Guardians. His ring informed him.

He laid the infant back down as a holographic image emerged from his ring. Abin recognized the image of Ganthet before him and he nodded his head towards him.

Lantern Abin Sur, the council has reviewed the data received from your ring.” Ganthet said. “The girl must be brought to Oa for her future training.”

“Ganthet, I would like to make a request.” Abin said. “She is not alone here and though her brother scanned at merely a civilian level, I would like to bring him along. They shouldn’t be separated.”

I sympathize, Abin, but we were able to detect a great darkness was detected within the boy.” Ganthet reported. “I’m sorry but he must remain on the planet.”

“Ganthet, this isn’t right.” Abin pleaded. “Judging by their ages, I would guess that they would have to be fraternal twins. To break such a bond...”

Is necessary, Abin.” Ganthet interrupted him coldly. “Should they remain together, whatever this darkness that infects the boy may jump to the girl. For her own good, the bond must be severed.”

“I understand.” Abin said. “I will bring the girl.”

The image faded and Abin shook his head as he walked back over to the boy. His crying made him think about his own feelings in this affair. This wasn’t right but there was nothing he could do. His orders were his orders.

“Ring, can you scan this darkness that Ganthet informed me about?” He asked his ring.

Scanning...dark energy found around scar on subject’s forehead. His ring reported.

“Has anything like it been found on record before?” He asked.

A similar energy pattern has been found in a record dating about four thousand years ago. The ring reported. The energy was identified to come from the entity known as Nekron.

“Is there any way to protect the boy from the energy?” He asked.

Infusion of will energy from ring can create a barrier to repel the energy. His ring informed him. Warning: this procedure is theoretical in nature and it is strong advised against its use.

Abin grinned. “Well, I’ve never been one to take advice well.” He said before he placed his ring against the lightning bolt shaped scar.

His ring began to glow against the scar and he held his place as black energy began to seep out of the scar. A strange voice came out of the scar.

NOOO! HE WILL BE MINE!!!” The voice yelled out.

“Not if I have anything to say about it, monster.” Abin informed the voice. “In brightest day, in blackest night...”

The voice began to yell loudly and wind seemed to pick up all on its own. The wind pushed against him and the Green Lantern was forced to activate his flight aura as well as grabbing the boy’s sister to protect her from the wind.

“No evil shall escape my sight.” Abin said as he continued his oath. “Let those who worship evil’s might. Beware my power, Green Lantern’s Light!”

The black energy faded away and the air became calm once again in the half destroyed house. Abin approached the boy who seemed to have became rather tired from what had occurred. Forest made a few noises and Abin stroked her cheek as he noticed her destroyed crib.

“I did what I could for your brother.” He said to her.

Life forms are approaching your position. His ring informed him.

Utilizing his ring’s stealth capabilities, he made himself and Forest invisible and flew out a window as a man flying what appeared to be a motorcycle touched down at the residence. Abin sighed as he heard the man’s anguish but there was nothing that could be done now.

Fourteen Years Later...


Space Sector 0

Green Lantern Forest Potter of Space Sector 2814. Your current assignment is to return to the world of your birth. Unusual energy patterns similar to the ones you are known to produce when you are emotionally agitated have been increasing in recent months.” Salaak told her over her ring.

“Understood, Salaak.” She said as she closed the communications link. “Sorry, Uncle Thaal, looks like we’ll have to cut our dinner short.”

Since her arrival on Oa so many years ago, she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Her fiery red hair had earned her the nickname of ‘Firebrand’ though many did not risk calling her by it. Some envied her eyes that shined with a beautiful emerald green that did not come to many Lanterns without their ring being already charged. The only ones who could get away with calling her by her nicknames were her adoptive family.

“Of course, the Torchbearer must be called away to spread the Corps’ light on her home world.” Thaal Sinestro said with a teasing grin.

“Uncle Thaal, I don’t see why I got that nickname and you know I don’t like it.” She replied.

“Forest, you only were fortunate enough to be stuck in another dimension when Parallax broke out of its prison and managed to drain the entire Corps’ power source. Then, you escape from that dimension and manage to defeat Parallax as well as use the remaining charge your ring still held to reignite the Central Battery.” The Green Lantern of Sector 1417 informed her. “If anyone deserves that title, it’s you.”

Forest ran her right hand which was also her ring hand through her hair and scratched the back of her neck. She didn’t like to be reminded of her accomplishments as she didn’t like resting on her laurels though she had no clue what laurels were.

“I wish I could contact Dad and let him know where I’ll be.” She said.

“I too desire to talk with Abin.” Sinestro replied. “We never finished our conversation we had. Stay safe, Forest.”

“Same to you, Uncle Thaal.” She said as she got up and gave her Korugaran uncle a hug.

She ran out of the cafeteria and activated her ring’s flight aura rocketing herself into the air. Flight was always a thrill to her and she hoped the day when she know longer thought it was would never come. She soared out of Oa’s atmosphere and opened a portal into hyperspace which accelerated her on her journey.

Little Whinging



Space Sector 2814

Harry fell to the ground as the Dementor tried to give him their ultimate and final weapon, the Kiss. With that one kiss, they would be able to suck out his soul and there was nothing he could do. His wand had fallen from his hand and lay too far away for him to reach. The holly wand with the phoenix feather core was useless to his Muggle cousin. Out of all the ways he thought he was going to die, this wasn’t one of them because the Dementor’s Kiss was even worse than death.

“Let there be light.” He heard a distinctively female voice say before a green flash of light filled his vision which somehow removed the creature from him.

Harry could only stare as the Dementor screamed in pain as if it was on fire as the green light hit it. In a final burst of energy, the Dementor was no more. The young wizard turned in the direction of the light had came from, momentarily forgetting his own cousin as a second blast of green light hit the Dementor tried to feed upon him. A teenager, he guessed that she was around his age, wearing a bright green costume that consisted of a green top, white gloves, and black pants of some sort that seemed to blend seamlessly with whatever type of shoes she had been wearing. The green energy flowed from her right hand from what looked like a ring. On her top, he noticed a white circle with a green circle which had a line on the top of the circle with another line on the bottom of the circle. The second Dementor met the fate of the other as the strange green light destroyed it.

“Class-Three life form of apparent Parallax origin.” The strangely clad girl said as he noticed she wore a green domino mask and was lowering her now non-glowing ring down towards the ground.

“Who are you?” He asked.

She began to walk towards him. “I am the Green Lantern of this sector of space.” She said. “Is there an actual designation for those creatures? I should update this sector’s database.”

“They’re called Dementors but shouldn’t you know already?” He asked. “You’re a witch, aren’t you?”

The Green Lantern shrugged her shoulders as her costume seemed to disappear revealing a black leather jacket, opened to show a blue blouse was underneath it. She also wore blue jeans and black boots. The now normal appearing Green Lantern walked over to his cousin and Harry couldn’t help to think that the girl looked familiar to him despite the fact he knew he had never met her before. Her red hair reminded him of pictures he had seen of his mother. A green penlight formed out of her ring that she used to shine light into Dudley’s eyes. The penlight vanished back into the ring and she looked back over at him.

“Are you okay?” She asked. “You seem familiar with these creatures.”

“You would be right.” Harry said as he chuckled at the thought. “I was about to do a spell that would have repelled them but they managed to knock my wand away.”

He walked over to pick up his wand and looked back over to her. “My name’s Harry by the way.” He said. “Thank you for saving my life and my cousin as well.”

“Forest,” she said as she attempted to lift his cousin off the ground by hooking her right arm under his left shoulder. “care to help me get your cousin home?”

“Sure.” He replied.

They hefted the heavy load that was Harry’s cousin up off the ground as the boy seemed to have had lost all thought to his own independent motion. As they left the alleyway, a woman stopped in front of them and Harry hastily tried to put his wand away.

“Keep it out.” She said scared and angry at the same time. “Who knows if they’ll be back?”

“Mrs. Figg?” Harry asked questioningly.

The conversation that Harry began to have with this Mrs. Figg became something quite alien to her as she helped Harry take his cousin home. She wanted to use her power ring to lift this heavy load but didn’t want to have to explain exactly what her ring could do.

“I didn’t use the Patronus Charm.” Harry said to the older woman as they continued down the road.

“Dementors don’t just vanish.” Mrs. Figg replied.

“Forest used that ring of hers and just killed them like she was swatting a fly.” Harry said jerking his head towards the redheaded Green Lantern.

“It was nothing really.” Forest added.

“They’re Dementors, my dear; that isn’t nothing.” Mrs. Figg informed her. “They aren’t suppose to be able to be destroyed.”

“No one counted on my ring.” Forest replied.

“I am so relieved that you came here tonight, young lady. When I get my hands on Fletcher; I can’t believe that man went to make a deal on stolen cauldrons.” Mrs. Figg said aggravated. “I’m a Squib. What was I suppose to do when I saw those Dementors?”

Forest laughed and Harry watched her as her costume reformed on her. She seemed to be rather happy.

“Great, a hour on this backwater planet and all I show for it is so far is some guy who is trying to buy stolen cookware.” Forest said. “Oh well, not all missions are blasting away comets or busting smugglers hauling blink bombs.”

“You can’t arrest him.” Mrs. Figg replied sharply. “He’s a member of the Order.”

“I don’t care if he’s a member of the Jedi Order.” Forest exclaimed. “He’s still a criminal and my job is to arrest him.”

“You called Earth a backwater planet yet you know Star Wars.” Harry said to her.

“It’s my dad’s fault. He wanted to make sure I learned some cultural references from my birth planet.” Forest replied.

“So, you’re from our world then.” Harry said. “Why haven’t you been here until now?”

“My father found me at a house a criminal had attacked.” She replied. “My parents were dead and I was just an infant alone with my brother. Due to a protocol the Guardians of the Universe had instituted, he scanned our willpower potential. My brother was found to be too weak but I was found to have enormous potential. More so than any recruit should have had.”

Harry’s eyes seemed to Forest to gain a look of sadness. “You were taken away from what was left of your family.” He said.

“Can't say I don't wonder about him and what his doing, but can't regret what Abin Sur did. If he hadn't taken me away, then I wouldn't have been able to save all the lives I have.” Forest said.

“Sounds like Star Trek.” Harry replied.

“It also earned me a nickname that has followed me ever since.” Forest said making a circular gesture with her right hand as she dismissed her uniform. “I am the Torchbearer.”

“Much better than my nickname.” Harry replied. “I’m called the Boy-Who-Lived.”

Forest laughed. “You’re right. My nickname is better.” She said.

As they approached a house that Forest assumed was where Harry lived, she noticed two people arguing outside. One of them was a shabbily dressed man with light skin while the other was a dark skinned male wearing gray robes. The shabbily dressed man seemed to teleport away with small cracking sound and the dark skinned male walked towards them.

“Harry, Dumbledore sent me.” The man said. “What happened tonight just stirred a hornet’s nest at the Ministry. You’re being accused of using the Patronus Charm on a pair of Dementors.”

“What’s the Patronus Charm?” Forest asked.

“Oh, great.” He said as he pulled out his wand.

Harry realized what the man was about to do but Forest reacted quicker than he had anticipated. She let go of Dudley and her ring glowed with green energy as a green straightjacket formed on the man that restrained his movements. Her costume formed on her again as she knocked the wizard to the ground.

“I’ve dealt with teleporters before.” She said as she glared at him. “Try to teleport and you’ll find you left pieces behind.”

“I thought you were a Muggle so I was going to erase your memory.” He told her.

Before she could question him any further, they heard someone, clearly female based on the voice, behind them yell out a name and what Harry recognized as a stunner spell. “KINGSLEY! STUPEFY!

A sphere of green energy surrounded not only herself but Harry and the restrained wizard. Harry and Forest turned to see a young woman with pink hair and a heart shaped face with a look of fear on her face.

“For Merlin’s sake, Nymphadora Tonks, stand down before you piss that Lantern off anymore.” Alastor Moody exclaimed.

Harry saw the one-eyed former Auror come up from behind and Forest’s shield dissolved as the redhead looked at the older man.

“I’m surprised anyone knows about the Corps here.” She said to him.

“Met one of you during the War.” He replied. “I’m guessing Abin ain’t around anymore.”

“My dad’s still around.” Forest said shaking her head. “The Corps been expanding the ranks.”

“Good, think you can let Kingsley go?” He asked. “I think he learned his lesson.”

Forest dissolved the construct and Kingsley got off the ground quickly. He made his way to his partner and they both looked frightened by Forest. Moody saw this and laughed.

“You two better be glad she was in a good mood.” Moody told them. “When I met Abin, he blew a hole through the chest of one of Grindelwald’s dark wizards the size of a watermelon with his fancy piece of jewelry.”

“Harry, get your cousin in the house.” Forest said to him. “I’ll be fine.”

“And stay in the house, boy.” Moody said as well. “You’ll be seeing a few letters shortly.”

Harry lugged his cousin into the house as Nymphadora Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt approached Forest rather nervously. Tonks thumbed her wand as if she wasn’t sure she’d be able to use it if need be. Forest reverted back to her civilian clothes and crossed her arms.

“So, is someone going to tell me what’s going on?” Forest asked. “Or should I just go back on patrol?”

Moody held out an empty whiskey bottle towards Forest. “Could you grab a hold of this?” He asked. “I’ll explain shortly.”

Forest didn’t think any harm would come from doing what he asked and grabbed a hold of the bottle. She noted a word that she didn’t recognize nor could her ring translate for her before she felt what seemed like something grabbed hold of her navel to jerk her away. Finding herself outside some older appearing houses, she pointed her ring at Moody.

“Probably should’ve explained a bit.” He said to her.

“Would have helped.” She replied. “Where am I?”

“You’re outside the Order’s headquarters.” Moody said as he held out a piece of paper for her to read.

The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, London.

She didn’t know why she had to read the note but her line of thinking was interrupted as she heard a strange cracking sound. The houses seemed to stretch apart without any of the inhabitants of the neighborhood noticing anything at all.

“That is unusual.” Forest said.

“Come on then, lass, Dumbledore will want to talk to ya.” Moody replied he ushered her inside.

Her first impression of the inside of the newly revealed residence was that someone had abandoned it for several years and was only recently coming back to live in it. She walked over to a painting on the wall that turned and glared at her. Forest stepped back a bit surprised and the woman in the portrait began to yell at her.

“MUDBLOODS AND BLOOD TRAITORS!” The woman in the portrait yelled.

“Shut up.” Forest said as a green construct gag was used on the woman’s mouth.

A dark haired man ran into the hallway to stare at the portrait. He seemed amazed as he watched the woman in the portrait struggle to remove the gag from her mouth.

“I didn’t think anyone could shut my mother up.” He said as he turned to look at Forest and his expression changed from amusement to shock. “ can’t be.”

“What can’t be?” Forest asked.

A very old man wearing odd robes stepped into the hallway. He gazed knowingly at Forest and the twinkle in his eye was unsettling to her.

“I believe he is wondering how you can still be alive, Miss Potter.” The man said. “In fact, I’m wondering the same thing.”

Author’s End Notes: Well, I know that I’ve done it again but I couldn’t help it. The plot bunny was kicking me from the inside of my head much like a massive headache. I had to do it.

Revised End Notes: I decided to address a few issues that a few people brought up and I hope did well. Let me know.
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