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A Less Than Fateful Meeting

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Summary: Not all chance meetings are meaningful or the start of some great adventure. Sometimes they just annoy everyone involved.

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Anime > NarutoAesopFR131612001,14117 Sep 1117 Sep 11Yes
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Naruto or Sacred Blacksmith or any of the characters.  This is not for profit, just for fun.


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Thanks to Storyseeker for his help in reviewing this.  As usual, if you have any comments or preferences, please don’t be shy.  RandR.





To the west of the Elemental Countries lay a nearly impassable mountain range, and few knew what lay beyond it.  Jiraiya had been determined that Naruto was going to see for himself.


It wasn’t that climbing sheer cliffs and learning to avoid landslides and other hazards of mountain travel hadn’t been good training.  It had been. But the idea that they’d have to go back across was exhausting him just thinking about it.


Fortunately, at that moment, he had a distraction.  He didn’t know what they were, but they were big, strong and really, really ugly.  Dodging to one side, he drove the rasengan he’d prepared into the thing’s back, sending it flying into an oak tree some distance away.  It didn’t get up.  He shouted a warning to Jiraiya and sent three shadow clones to distract the group attacking his sensei. 


There were more, though, and they jumped at Naruto even as he summoned the clones.  They were struck down, even as they neared him, driven back, and in some cases torn apart by a highly concentrated blast of wind. 


Looking around, Naruto found the source.  A pretty young redheaded woman stood at the crest of the hill, holding a remarkable sword.  She was among the creatures in a flash, cutting, stabbing and using powerful gusts of wind, apparently produced by her sword, to bring a rapid end to the fight. 


“That was great!” Naruto enthused, congratulating her.  “That’s one impressive sword, and you really know how to use it!”


“That isn’t all that’s impressive,” Jiraiya added, eyeing the woman’s figure.  The breastplate she wore, for some reason Naruto couldn’t guess at, conformed to the contours of her breasts.  “Like watermelons,” Jiraiya murmured before losing consciousness, courtesy of the hilt of the woman’s sword to the side of his head.


“Pervert,” she huffed before turning to Naruto who raised his hands in a placating manner, carefully not looking at her chest.  She introduced herself at length, calling herself a ‘night’, whatever that meant.  He missed most of it, being too busy not looking at her chest.  When she was done, she waited expectantly.


“Oh!” He hastened to introduce himself.  “I’m Naruto Uzumaki from Konoha.”  He nodded at Jiraiya.  “That’s ero-sanin…err, I mean Jiraiya, my Sensei.” 




“Yeah,” Naruto blushed.  “That’s what I call him anyway, cause of the way he gets around pretty women, but he really is a great ninja.”


“I’ll take your word for it.”  A groan from Jiraiya let them know he was coming around, and she turned away, looking at the downed creatures.  “Poor fools.  They should have known better than to…” She shook her head.  “I’ll never even know their names.”


“Huh?” Naruto asked, as he helped his sensei up.


“I don’t like to kill.  Whenever I have to, I want to learn their names so I can pay proper respects.  These men were too far gone to even know their names.”


“Know their names, huh?”  Naruto nodded.  “That’s nice.”


“Ah, great,” Jiraiya groaned.  “I think you just gave him an idea he didn’t need.”  Both of them glared at the old man.  “Ah…yeah, well.  I guess we better be on our way.  Thanks for the rescue.”  His eyes drifted downward again.  “It was nice meeting you two.”


A moment later, the redhead was storming off, too angry to speak.  Naruto sighed in irritation and sat down on a fallen log to wait for his sensei to regain consciousness…again.






The End

You have reached the end of "A Less Than Fateful Meeting". This story is complete.

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