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SpongeXan and other YAHFs for the heck of it

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Summary: Several sharacters (one of them Xander) dress differently for Halloween. Characters are either from one TV show/book/etc., or having the same line of work. Hopefully original.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweenKasyblackFR181013,4841215,1481 Oct 1110 Oct 12No

Who lives in a pineapple?..

My idea: on Halloween 2,3 or more people become characters either from one show or from one line of work. One of Them Xander, as making him suffer is one of my favorite pastimes. Onehots so far. Usually proximity to the bust is the reason of having too much of the ‘costume’ left.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor any other show used.

The Sponge, the Squid and the Squirrel

In the beginning, all of it happened because of a mistake on Xander’s part. He mentioned Giles when they were shopping for Halloween. Even if it was Snyder’s fault they had to wear child-friendly costumes that evening. Or perhaps it was all Murphy’s fault as the TV show that appeared in 1999 in our reality, was aired more than three years earlier in the world Scooby gang inhabited. Perhaps, what happened might be partially considered Giles’ fault, as he agreed to keep embarrassing though thankfully totally identity concealing costumes in the library, adding Hellish emanations to the already unstable chaotic magic ready to be unleashed…

They might also fault Buffy-wart for breaking the bust when everyone was pretty close by. If they really wanted to get swatted on the head by the giant Tentacle with the Slayer level strength, that is.

“Good Lord!” – it seemed Giles just could not stop himself. He kept polishing his glasses furiously, unable to formulate anything remotely cognizant. Well, in his defense, it was completely justified.

“It’s not as bad as it looks, really…” – said Xander, trying to placate the man. – “We’re still more human-shaped than Patrick Star, aka Larry and Plankton Snyder… and ain’t it ironic, Plankton Snyder…”

“Dear Lord!”

“Talk about yourself, “not-so-square-pants-Spongebob”! I thought my life was bad being the Slayer, but this… this is beyond ridiculous! I cannot go home looking like a Monster from the Lagoon or whatever it is! I can’t go live in the sea because though I remember the freaking sea from Spongebob’s freaky show, we don’t have anything remotely similar in our world; and NO shoes I’ve bought are going to fit me! And I cannot even find a clarinet to play because this stupid school has none. And let’s not forget that I cannot go home because Mom does not know anything about supernatural and I’ve got nowhere else to go, and I shall starve on the streets… unless I eat demons of course and they are yucky and I’ll never be able to get a date, and even Angel, hell, even Harmony cannot be enough into that freaky Japanese porn to ever try anything with me”.

“But at least now Wills knows karate and kicks ass. And I’d like to see a vamp trying to drain me”.

“Heh, I guess he’ll be more likely to wipe the floor with you…” – The half-smile Buffy had on her face was not all that inspired, but it was there nonetheless.

“Yea… Hey!”

Rupert Giles, Watcher and Council representative on the Hellmouth felt a headache coming with plans of setting shop and already vying for extensions of assets. The Sponge man from the table across of him was staring at him unblinkingly. With the undeniably terrifying shiny eyes. And… unless he was mistaken, there were STARS in them. There was also his Slayer’s figure, looking like one of the Old Ones and complaining more than any of the old crones he’d ever met. Willow seemed almost normal though red hair now covered more than top of her scalp. She also seemed to be holding the white-red underwater gear a bit too tight. And twitching. And erupting into even faster babble-phrases than before.

That was it! He procrastinated long enough, it was time to stop Ethan once and for all.

“I guess the only way we might get information about the spell is right from the source. Time for some Ethan-hunting!” – malicious intent in the room spiked up considerably. Miles away, a certain chaos mage felt like his grave had just gotten stepped on. By something with too much feet and even more teeth. And a collection of ritual daggers labeled “for especially painful ritualistic murder and outdoors fun” in the pocket with Ethan’s name on each item. Hmm, perhaps it was time to skip America altogether…

Characters: Buffy – Squidwart, Xander – Spongebob Squarepants, Willow – Sandy Squirrel, Larry – Patrick Star and Snyder – Plankton .
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