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Team Possible, Year One

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Summary: The continuing adventures of Kim Possible after the series

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Chapter One

Copyright Disclaimer I don't own Kim Possible or any character from the Kim Possible cartoon, Disney does.


Chapter 1: Ends and Beginnings

More than four years after the Lorwardian invasion. Somewhere in the jungle

The only light in the room came from the giant monitor screen. A man, clad in a long silk tunic, silently stepped out of the shadows and sat in the throne-like chair which dominated the room. He smirked when he saw a dark spot flying over the trees on the monitor

"You can kneel beside my throne, children." said the man

Two female teenagers, dressed in form-fitting ninja-like uniforms, glided out of the shadows and knelt to each side of the throne.

The dark spot continued to grow larger and soon was revealed to be a black helicopter. He was about to order his henchmen to bring down the aircraft when it shot something out of it nose. The screen dissolved into static before switching to a satellite view of the area.

"What the hell just happened?" growled the man into the intercom.

"It's Team Possible, sir, they blanketed the area with an EMP. Our automatic surface defense system was fried." said the Australian-accented voice of the mysterious man's main lieutenant.

"Do your best to defend the complex, but don't be reckless. If they overwhelm our troops, evacuate to the alternate HQ."

"Understood, sir. Shall I prepare your personal transport?"

"No, if things go sour, I'll take the matter... in my own hands. Do your best, Patrick."

"Aye, sir."

His eyes turned to the screen, where the black helicopter was hovering over the approximate location of his subterranean fortress. The image was not clear enough to show the figures jumping out of the helicopter, but he knew that they were there.

"So Team Possible has finally come to me." His eyes narrowed as a smirk grew upon his old, wizened face. "Good."

Four Years Before

Ron hugged Kim and looked into her yes, "I hope that you find the girl of your dreams, Kim."

"Thank you, Ron." responded Kim with a strangled voice, fighting to keep back the tears. "Please, take care of yourself."

Ron broke the hug and he walked to the terminal to catch his flight to Japan. He turned for a moment and waved back at Kim, She kept looking at him until he disappeared in the crowd. Then she sighed and went back to her mother's car, who had driven them to the airport. She sat in silence until her mother stopped the car. Kim was about to get out when she noticed that they weren't home. She looked to her mom and saw her serious expression.

'Uh, oh.' she thought.

"Kim, we need to talk." said Anne Possible.

"Yes, mom?"

"Why didn't you tell us that you were gay?" said Anne.

Kim didn't answer. She hadn't told her parents why she and Ron had decided to break off their relationship. It took several failed dates and a long talk with Ron and Monique to make her realize that she had been living in denial for years regarding her true sexuality. It has been bad enough, although strangely liberating, to accept it. She thought that she was not ready to face her parents about it, but destiny sometimes throws a curve ball.

"How do you know, mom?"

"I had suspicions for some time. The way you looked at the other cheerleaders when you thought that nobody was looking, how did you behaved when Shego was around, and many other little things. Your failed dates and recent break-up with Ron only cemented my suspicions. And finally, this morning somebody sent me this in an e-mail." she said, handing Kim her smartphone and a Bluetooth earpiece.

As she listened to the file, with growing horror, she realized that it was the entire content of her last talk with Ron and Monique, two weeks ago, in the restaurant.

"The worst thing wasn't the blackmail attempt, Kimmie. Why didn't you trust us?"

"Mom... I...

I was in denial...

It took so much...

I couldn't bear to think..."

"What? That we could reject you!" said Anne, astonished "Kim, you are our daughter. The important thing is not what you are, but WHO you are. You are a young woman, who spends most of her free time helping people, and who got accepted in several of the most prestigious universities in the world. So whatif you like girls? Don't make what some uptight, intolerant people think stop you. If they can't stomach your sexual preferences, it's their loss, not yours."

Kim stared blankly at her mother the entire time Mrs. Possible was speaking and for a long moment afterward. Then she dove at her mother and hugged her fiercely, tears running freely. It took several minutes until she pulled back and looked at her mother through her reddened eyes.

"Thanks, mom. I really needed that." said Kim, pulling herself together "Now, you mentioned something about blackmail?"

"Yes, there was a threat of sending it to the networks if we didn't agree to pay."

"Whoever recorded that conversation had to be near us..."noted Kim as she thought aloud "Aha! Bonnie!"

"Bonnie? I knew that you were rivals in High School, but blackmailing us would be a bit excessive."

"You're right, Mom, even for Bonnie, that's beyond the pale. But she was the only person in the restaurant nearby enough to record our talk. But, why now and not before?" noted Kim, and added, "Well, I can ask Wade to work his magic."

They went back home, and went quickly to Kim's room. While Anne accessed her e-mail account, Kim contacted Wade through the Kimmunicator.

"Wade, can you backtrack an e-mail through to the point of origin?"

"Piece of cake. Give me the address of the recipient, the sender of the e-mail and the time of reception."

Kim looked at her mother, who slipped her a note with the data. When she read the note, Wade frowned,

"That's your mother address; I don't want to get myself in trouble with Mrs. Dr. Possible."

"I'm here, Wade." Said Anne from the computer. "You have my permission to do what you have to do."

"Okey-dokey. Now, the sender used an address from the HenchCo anonymous e-mail service, Kim."

"Junior probably has an account and probably gave an invite to Bonnie," said Kim, pensively.

"Kim, isn't hacking into an e-mail service a bit…illegal?" asked Anne

"Technically, yes. But we, I mean Wade and me, have an understanding with Global Justice in these things."

"Ok, now, you are still very sure that it was Bonnie?. The Rockwallers aren't home and none of her friends know where she is."

Kim thought about what her mother was saying. The truth is that she wasn't so sure now about the blackmailer being Bonnie. Without thinking too hard she could think of at least six ways to record the talk from a great distance…

The Kimmunicator beeped "Did you manage to find it?"

"Of course. Whoever he or she is, lives in Middleton.", stated Wade as he gave her an address.

"That's Tara's home!" said Kim, surprised and more than a bit annoyed.

Trying to keep a lid on the anger welling inside of her, the redhead headed for her car, ready to confront her blonde teammate. So it was, barely an hour later from a vantage point overlooking the King family residence that Kim wasn't prepared for what she saw when she started to observe Tara's home with her binoculars. A couple calls to a couple of former members of the cheer squad had let her know that Tara and her family weren't home, but the lights were on.

Through the binoculars she saw Bonnie, in the living room talking with somebody, who was just out of view. She looked normal, but her expressions looked… fake, as if she was putting on a mask of normalcy, for the other person's benefit. After a quarter hour, she went toward the other person and helped her to stand. Then came the first surprise. Mrs. Rockwaller was the other person, and she was clearly very ill. Pale, weak, she seemed to have lost her hair, and really needed Bonnie's support to take even a few hesitant steps.

She saw Bonnie helping her mother to painfully walk toward another area of the house. She waited until they were out of sight and put the binoculars back in the pocket of her utility belt and she started to walk toward the house.

Bonnie had just put her mother to bed, and was sitting at the kitchen table nursing a coffee cup and feeling miserable. Then she heard a knock on the back door.

"Sorry, Zita. Tara hasn't returned..." started Bonnie, before seeing who was really there.

"Bonnie. We have to talk about some blackmail."

Bonnie stood there, paralyzed. Her little plan had gone to pieces. She tried to step back and tripped, falling on her butt. This unexpected confrontation was the last straw. All the accumulated tension from the last year caught up with her.

Kim watched in awe as her former high school nemesis did something that she would have never thought possible of her: crying. After a moment, Kim sighed and helped Bonnie to get back on her feet and guided her into one of the kitchen chairs. Bonnie let her, seemingly still in shock. Kim sat in front of her and waited until Bonnie quieted down and she could get a reasonable answer from her.

"Sorry... so sorry... Kim... my mother... " she stammered

"I saw her before. She`s very ill, and you felt that you needed money to pay for treatment. But I don't understand why you would have to resort to blackmail, I thought that your family was loaded" said Kim

This brought Bonnie back to the edge of tears, but she took a deep breath, sniffled and started to explain with a shaky voice everything: …her father had lost his job due to the econmomy and things were looking bleak for a bit until Senior Senior Senior generously offered him a job managing some of the Senior's U.S. assets. After graduation (and Bonnie's makeup health classes) she joined Junior at Senior Island. She phoned home nearly every day and after a while felt that something was "off" when her mother started being evasive about if she was doing well. After a couple of weeks of half-hearted assurances and attempts to change the subject from her mother, Bonnie was certain something was up and decided to fly back home.

Her father never picked her up from the airport…even though he had promised to just a couple of days before. Bonnie took a cab to her parents house, but he wasn't at home either. Or at work, or the country club, or anywhere in Middleton that she could think of. He didn't come home that night, or the next day, or the day after that, but Bonnie had been busy taking her mother to the doctor, even though her mother said she just feeling tired and run down, and then they were busy with the inevitable battery of tests the doctor prescribed. After the tests, it was now just a waiting game to get the results, Bonnie finally got a chance to call Junior and ask if he could have his father look into her father's disappearance. Senior Senior got onto the line and in his usuall amicable tone, told her the he would look into it personally.

Bonnie tried calling Junior's personal cell phone number to find out if they had any news…the phone was not answered and she left a message on his voicemail. She tried calling time after time for the next couple of days and always found herself being shunted to the voicemail system. Some time on the third day, Junior's personal cell phone number was finally answered…by a female voice. She immediately started giving whoever this bimbo was the a complete verbal thrashing. The woman on the line waited until Bonnie finally ran out of invectives before identifying herself as one of Senior Senior's personal assistants and telling her icily that Bonnie had some nerve to keep calling Junior "after what she had done."

Bonnie stated that she didn't know what the woman was talking about. Bonnie hadn't done anything, she was just calling to find out if the Senoirs had any news about her father. The assistant informed Bonnie that "her accomplice" had disappeared quite voluntarily, probably to some place in South America. In addition over 60 million dollars of the funds that Senior Senior had entrusted to him were also missing and if it wasn't for Junior's "misplaced kind heartedness," that the assistant would gladly have called the FBI to have Bonnie arrested for her suspected role in her father's embezzlement of the Senior's money.

While Bonnie found herself dumbfounded into speechlessness, the assistant icily told her that Bonnie was now permanently unwelcome at the Senior's estate and that if she ever tried to contact Junior or his father "ever again, there would be very…serious repercussions."

A couple of days afterwards, her mother had her appointment for the results of her tests. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Since her father was terminated immediately for theft, the insurance was now invalid and without her father paying the bills, in short order the credit cards bounced and the mortgage was in default. Also a couple of payments had been missed just a few months before when her father lost his previous job, so the house was foreclosed upon immediately and Bonnie and her sick mother found themselves homeless. Bonnie's sisters had proven useless because their father had been supporting their excessive credit card spending and rent payment, so they were also in deep financial trouble when the payments stopped.

Bonnie found herself begging Tara's parents to take them in. In the space of several weeks, Bonnie had gone from on top of the world with a filthy rich boyfriend to completely destitute with a seriously ill mother.

"I never knew..." Kim trailed off, astonished, "That's why you tried to blackmail me?"


Kim crushed the petty thought that crossed her mind, and decided there that she had to help Bonnie and her mother.

"Bonnie, I'll talk with my mother. She knows some people that can help your mother."

Bonnie looked at her incredulously and asked:

"Are you going to help me?. Even after all what I did to you?."

"Yes, that's what I do, help people that need it." She took a pen and a piece of paper from one the pockets of her belt. "And I think that I can convince somebody to offer you a job. Go to this address tomorrow at ten."

"What is it?"

"I train there. You are going to be my sparring partner tomorrow."

"Your WHAT!"

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