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Public Dancers

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Summary: One wrong word and you are so not where you were supposed to be!

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesXeeliaFR181837001,2932 Dec 112 Dec 11Yes
The characters herein are the property of others, both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood belong to others, which is a real bummer!

This was all Willow’s fault!! “Don’t worry” she said, “I know what I’m doing” she said “Trust me Buffy” she said, hmph! Now here I am stuck in a inter-dimensional strip club with an alpha vampire, AKA the breed that keeps their souls and doesn’t dust! I really HATE the old Watcher’s Council for leaving me so uninformed about the breeds of vampires! Not too happy with Giles about it either!

Ok, ok so I’m venting. Hell this isn’t even really Willow’s fault, it’s mine for not remember her whole, “Don’t talk while I’m doing this or it could send you to the wrong place” speech. It was boring, so sue me!

All I said is I’d rather be going to a strip mall. I never said anything about a strip club!!

So now me and Pam, can you believe that name? I mean yeah Buffy is an out there name but Pam for a vampire, it’s like soo plain!
Oops anyway, me and Pam are stuck in this club with only one way to get out, we have to perform!

There’s some spell on the place! You dance for the patrons or you don’t get out. I am sooo not traveling by portal EVER again!
Pam’s as annoyed as I am but she’s a lot more threatening about it. It makes her all flush and makes her eyes sparkle.

So here we are, all dressed up, or as dressed up as strippers can be, which really if you think about it should be dressed down, and ready to go on stage.

Pam looks really cute, so cute I hate it! She’s in a bubblegum pink vinyl cheer skirt, pale pink boyshorts with the word “sugar” on the butt, a pale pink g-string under those which is all lace, a tiny soft pink baby doll crop t-shirt that says “sweet” and under that a pink lace bra. Actually she’s looks good enough to lick…I mean come on the bitch is HOT.

Anyway I’m a dark purple tinkerbell type dress that’s all gauze with sparkles, my boyshorts are lighter purple and the butt has “Honey” on it, my g-string is velvet and so is my bra, both in the paler purple. I have purple sparkly platform heals on, Pam’s are shiny bubblegum pink.

We decided that since we came together, not that way you pervs, that we’d leave together too. So we will go on stage together. One bonus is all the money we make will transfer to our world so at least we really do get paid, right?

Pam’s hair is up in a high ponytail with glitter in it. Mine is down with purple glitter streamed through it.

I’m nervous, like you couldn’t tell that from the ranting! Oh god our song is starting!

I’m the Slayer, I am a strong woman, I CAN do this. OK here goes!

I slink out on the stage as “VooDoo” but Godsmack starts. Pam is already on stage leaning against one of the two silvery poles. I slink right up to her and we begin the dance. I’m in the role of seducer, she in the role of innocent cheerleader chick.

I wrap my hand around her ponytail and pull her head back, her hands grip my hips. I forget about the audience, they don’t matter. I kiss her hard and rip the baby t from her perky breasts. She falls to her knees and rolls her head then buries it in my crotch as I pull off my dress. She licks my body and I push her over onto her back. I pull off her boyshorts and throw them to the crowd. I pull her legs up and apart and pull her up to wrap around my waist. She’s leaning back and kind of thrashing and I’m pretending to penetrate her.

Suddenly I flip her off of me and she lands with cat like grace. She pulls off my boy shorts and we both go to opposing poles. We climb them and spiral down, legs spred. When we reach the ground we do it again, the second time though when we reach the ground we crawl to one another and pull off the bras. We are making out and dry humping when the music starts to end.

There’s a bright flash and we are in the middle of the meeting room of the New Watcher’s Council on the hard oak table. Giles, Willow, Angel, Andrew and Faith are all there watching us. It doesn’t matter though because we’re too close to release and both climax right there in front of them.

As embarrassing as it is to have your friends and an ex lover see you have sex out of the blue, we did make over five thousand dollars and I learned that Pam, Pam is a great girlfriend!

The End

You have reached the end of "Public Dancers". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking