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Xander - the Dragon Reborn

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Summary: It was not just memories that stuck around after Halloween for Xander, how will he handle having 400+ years of memories and a power that has never been seen before!

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Literature > Fantasy > Wheel of Time(Past Donor)zimaFR18711,37302716,75210 Dec 118 Feb 12No

Home sweet Hellmouth

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. I don´t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Wheel of Time those are the property of their respective owners.

A/N: My cat is an evil Genius!! She deleted my story folder. I mean what are the odds?? Anyway here is chapter 7

Chapter 7

Xander woke up gasping for air, no idea where he was or how he got here. He tried to move but only managed to fall of the bed he was laying in smacking his head on the floor. He heard a faint beep beep beep beep in a fast rhythm, Xander’s eyes finally adjusted to the light and he saw the a heart monitor to his right and behind him where a bed so he figured he was in the hospital and then the memories came flashing back, getting shot being stuck in Tel'aran'rhiod, speaking to both Egwene and Rand and then making a deal with the Eelfinn something he regretted immensely because he had been thought the meaning of true pain during his week in their care.

A nurse came running in and saw Xander sitting on the floor by his bed he tried to sit up but his legs where very wobbly and gave out from under him.

“Mr. Harris what are you doing!” The nurse yelled as she hurried and help him up and back in to bed.

“I am okay just bit groggy” He said to the nurse.

“You have been shot Mr. Harris and lost a lot of blood so you should stay in bed. Are you having any pains?” She asked concerned.

“No I am okay just a bit groggy that´s all?” He said truthfully. The nurse then proceeded to give him a checkup and was surprised that he was fine. She gasped when she saw there was no longer any wound where he had been shot.

“Wait here I am just going to call a doctor!” She said running out. Xander just laid there because right now he was to groggy to stand up let alone walk.

“Mr. Harris, it is good to see you awake!” A tall man with a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck and a chart in his hand said as he walked in.

“Who are you?” Xander asked.

“I am Doctor Hamilton and I was the one that removed the bullet from your chest Mr Harris. You are a very lucky man Mr. Harris, if you had arrived any later you would have been a lost to us but as it happens your friends acted very fast and drove you here right away”

“Yea, they tend to be good under pressure Doc!”

“Let me check you over to see if everything is alright!” Doctor Hamilton said first checking the read out of the monitors and then he went to check the wound in Xander’s chest and back. Doctor Hamilton was very surprised to see that not only where there no wound any longer but the skin was unblemished; there were no stitches or even a scar any longer.

“That is impossible!” Doctor Hamilton said shocked. Xander smiled, yea maybe in his world but the one Xander lived in pretty much everything and anything could be possible.

“What is it Doc?” Xander asked faking ignorance.

“Your bullet wound is gone! There is not even any stitches not even a scar!” Doctor Hamilton said starring where the wound would have been.

“Well that’s great Doc then I can probably get home soon can´t I!” Xander said. Doctor Hamilton shook his head in disbelief that was not right so his mind being in Sunnydale and faced with something that was impossible shook it off and nodded and started the paper work to get Alexander Harris discharged. Xander was out by 6 a clock in the morning, the sun was just getting up and he needed to find his friends. All he had was a pair of scrubs and his shoes because everything else had been cut off, he carried the few personal effects in a plastic bag. Around his wrist something he had noticed after the doctor left was that he had a thick bracelet that was attached around his arm with massive blue crystal in the center of it, there were a lot of markings on it.
On one side it said, thus is our treaty written, and thus is our agreement made. Thought is the arrow of time; memory never fades. What was asked is given. The price is paid. In the old tongue on one side and on the other side where the symbol of the Aes Sedai of legends the two tear shaped drops one white one black.

He went to the school library first but it was empty but he figured that someone would come sooner or later. Xander needed to know what had happened because he had been out a week according to the doctor and Xander was having an uneasy feeling as he waited for someone to come.

It was not until 8 a clock that Buffy came storming through the doors heading right for the weapons cage where they locked up Oz during his fuzzy nights.

“Hey Buffy, What is going on?” Xander asked.

“Xander, what are you doing here?”

“I just got out from the hospital”

“You did, are you okay?” Buffy wondered

“I am fine!” He told her, she gave him a smile and a quick hug before she told him what he had missed during his stay in the hospital. Angelus had gone on the offensive since no vampire could enter the school, the bronze or the homes of the Scooby gang he had hired demons assassins to take care of them. After they had arrived with Xander to the hospital Jenny had come to check up on him and told them that she had been trying to translate the old soul curse for Angel but it had been interrupted by the demons and both Willow and Jenny where in the hospital. That freaked Xander out but Buffy calmed him down because she told him that they were going to be fine, apparently Jenny had taken the worst of it since she had been in the middle of the spell when they attacked and gotten the backlash of the magic. Willow had been knocked on the head and had a concussion but that was the worst of it.

“So why are you here so early?” Xander asked.

“Angelus has Giles!” She said.

“What!” Xander yelled.

“They ambushed us last night and took him!”

“Why did they take him?”

“It has something to with a demon Acathla I think it was called. Apparently it can suck the whole earth in to hell!”

“Oh, that is bad!”


“I am coming with you!” Xander told her.

“NO! You will just get hurt again!”

“Buffy I can help and you are going to need me if you want to get Giles out of there alive. You can´t get to him if you are fighting Angelus”

“Fine!” Buffy was not happy but she saw his point and took her sword and crossbow and Xander strapped his sword on this side as they left the school.

A/N: Been a while but here is another chapter, hope you like it. Don´t know when the next chapter will be up but I will try to fit it in to my other hectic lifestyle that my roommate has dragged me in to. Any thoughts on what you want to happen and so on in this story? Tell me I want to know…

The End?

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