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It Could Be A Wonderful Life…

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Summary: The 1999 Sunnydale High School Graduation ceremony was a quite literal disaster, and appeared to have lead to the end of the world. A great number of people are determined to prevent that from happening again.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsGreywizardFR18515,01823514,97623 Dec 114 Feb 13No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: The Scoobies all belong to Joss and ME, Ding Chavez and Team One belong to Tom Clancy, Kyra the Seer belongs to Brad Kern and Charmed (I think), the original Highlander concept belongs to Gregory Widen while the Highlander TV series belongs to Gaumont, RTL Plus (Germany), Rysher Distribution (United States), Reteitalia Productions (Italy), Amuse Video (Japan) and TF1 (France) according to Wikipedia, and any other crossover characters you think you recognize don't belong to me, either. Deal with it. I have.

Category: Multi-crossover with the Rainbow Six universe, Charmed and Highlander, and a couple of other series or shows scattered throughout the story as we go along.

Time Frame: Starts several months after extremely AU versions of both BtVS and AtS, and approximately two and a half years following the equivalent of the Season Five Angel, Episode Fifteen, 'A Hole In The World.'

Spoilers: None intended, but if you don't know what happened up to this point, why are you reading this story?

Character Bashing: Be warned, people, the Cordelia Chase you'll be seeing in this story is not the canon character you saw in the series, nor are any of the Cordettes, so please don't tell me I'm portraying them incorrectly when you see how things develop in upcoming chapters. Xander and Andrew are also going to be somewhat different from their canon portrayals, because of their prior life experiences.

Feedback: Of course!

Archiving: Talk to me first, please.

Author's Note 1: Many thanks to Bill Haden and Theo (Starway_Man) for beta-ing this story.

Author's Note 2: As usual, "word" indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.

Author's Note 3: Note that the starting point of this story is an *extremely* AU version of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel: the Series.' Details of just how AU will be provided in the course of the story.

Author's Note 4: This is story #23 for my Christmas Challenge Fic-A-Thon.


Title: It Could Be A Wonderful Life…If the Apocalypses Would Just Stop!

One of the sub-basements below Lowell House
UC Sunnydale campus
Sunnydale, CA

October 11, 2007

"Are you *sure* you guys can do this, Mr. Wells?"

Major (simulated) Domingo Chavez asked his question as he watched the surviving members of a clandestine ultra-black group (one which he hadn't even heard rumors about prior to his arrival at the campus earlier this afternoon) rushing about, assembling and carefully positioning some of the strangest-looking pieces of equipment he'd ever seen in his long and admittedly unusual career.

"Nope, not at all, Major," the blond-haired and bearded young man he was addressing, and who had been identified as the head of 'Project Yesteryear,' shook his head negatively as he glanced up with eyes which looked even older than his own.

{ Damn, the kid can't be much more than twenty-five, maybe twenty-six, if that, } Ding thought to himself as he considered what little information he'd been briefed on regarding this project he and Team One had been assigned to support. { And he's gotta be brilliant, too, to be the head of this project, at that age. Or they're that desperate… }

"Everything we're trying to do here is based on conjecture, partial translations of incomplete scriptures from long-dead civilizations describing both Illyria's and several of her minions' primary abilities and incomplete hypotheses of how the energies we *think* might be involved could possibly interact with the laws of physics which the scientific community has worked out over the course of the past two hundred years. There're also various bastardized combinations of several rituals I and some of our other mages *are* familiar with, and a freakin' big truckload of prayers to any deity who might be listening and inclined to help, to tell you the truth," was the answer the RAINBOW team leader received, and it was one he didn't like hearing, in the least.

"What I can tell you with complete certainly, however, Major," Andrew then added, "is that if we *don't* try this, then humanity has absolutely no chance of surviving as anything more than a plaything of the various Old Ones who have emerged from the Deeper Well over the course of the past eleven months. Most of us will die; only a *very* few suitable only for whatever menial duties and chores the demons don't want to perform themselves will be allowed to live.

"Personally, I find that very concept to be completely abhorrent and antithetical to everything I believe in. And I am more than willing to risk not only my life, but my very soul, to ensure that something like that will never happen," he declared vehemently.

"Since one of Illyria's recognized abilities is temporal manipulation, it is vital to the success of this mission that the entity not be given the opportunity to recognize the potential ramifications of what it is we're attempting to do," Wells went on, "which is where your team's actions come into play.

"If your people can't get the artifact close enough to Illyria to ensure that it is within the blast radius at the instant of detonation, then all of the time and effort we've expended setting this operation up is going to be completely wasted," the project head stated as he stared at Chavez.

"C'mon, give the man a break, Andy," Ding heard one of the other members of Wells' team call over from his position on the far side of the ritual circle, where he was either checking, or still inscribing, various runes into the concrete floor.

"The Major's entitled to ask why he's being ordered to lead his people on what is almost certainly gonna a suicide mission," the older, dark-haired man in the wheelchair said, as he apparently finished whatever it was he'd been doing, and began maneuvering his chair so as to join the two other men where they were standing near the room's entrance.

{ Well, at least Wells and his people are being completely upfront with me about this whole cluster fuck, } Ding thought to himself cynically as he considered the other man's words.

"Major Chavez," the black ops veteran's thoughts were interrupted by Wells' voice, "I'd like to introduce you to my best friend and a fellow mage, Alexander Harris – without whom, we'd have absolutely no chance of this project succeeding, at all."

{ Holy shit! Harris can't be all that much older than Wells, } Ding realized with a start of surprise, while hoping he'd concealed his reaction upon seeing the other man up close and personal.

The scar tissue marring the left side of his face and the black eye patch covering his left eye combined with the prematurely grey hair to make the man look much older than he actually was. The fact that he was missing both legs from approximately mid-thigh, as well as two fingers from his right hand, merely exacerbated the entire picture, and invariably led to an initial, erroneous conclusion that Harris was an old man, either rapidly approaching or past his prime.

Harris also surprised Chavez by forgoing any false modesty regarding Wells' praise, and merely said, "You'd be surprised how much you can learn about anything, given the right incentives, Major."

Nodding his agreement with Harris' attitude, the SF vet asked, "Exactly how close do we need to get to Illyria, to make sure that it won't be able to interfere with your initiating your project, Dr. Harris?"

"Oh hey, I'm no doctor," the scarred man shook his head dismissively. "I've just been lucky enough to know some very smart people, who pointed me in the right direction when it came to learnin' things.

"And the Mutari generator needs to be no more than a hundred yards from Illyria when it's triggered, or else the demon will be able to resist the initial effects long enough to warp itself out of the area, Major," he noted. "If your team can achieve that goal, then we'll make the rest of the operation work.

"That much I can promise you, Major," Harris added, an intensity shining in his remaining eye that Ding had seen far too many other times over the course of his career. And it had always shown itself in the eyes of the most fervent and passionate elements of the tangos he'd been sent to neutralize.

For some obscure reason, seeing that same light now evident in Harris' eye reassured him on a visceral level regarding the ultimate success of this project that simple words would never have been able to achieve.

"All right," Chavez nodded his head as he came to a decision.

"You tell us when you need that bastard neutralized, and we'll do it for you," he said.

"And I know you'll do your part, too."

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