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The Worthy

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Summary: Xander dresses up as a certain Marvel Thunder God for Halloween.

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Xander-CenteredSnowyMountainFR1826,20124712,62324 Dec 1120 Nov 12No

The Costume

1/25/12 Update: I just wanted to thank the many comments and reviews that I had gotten for this chapter. I was amazed and stunned by the many people who clearly thought this story deserved to be continued so I feel obligated to do so. I also did the liberty of expanding on my original work which I felt was a bit scanty here and there. I hope you all enjoy this revised and expanded version of "The Worthy".


Xander sneezed violently as the cloud of dust erupted from opening the old footlocker. He blinked his eyes to clear the dust particles still floating in the air and waved his arm frantically to dissipate the cloud. Not quite as bad as when vamps went poof, but undead ash tended to disperse a lot faster.

Ahh! He mentally crowed and his eyes widened as he spotted the old army fatigues he had seen several years ago. He picked it up and shook it out to examine them. And then frowned as he picked at a rather large hole in the fabric. It seemed that some moths had a nice meal judging by the sizeable holes in the pants and jacket. Xander would be flashing a good deal more of himself than he would have preferred.

With a sigh, he bundled up the fatigues and dumped them in the trash can as he left. He jogged to the new costume store, Ethan's. Hopefully, they had something he could use and cheap too.


The Worthy

Chapter One: The Costume


Xander scowled as he examined the price tags on the costumes. They were a lot more pricey than I can afford, he quickly realized. He might have to simply forego a costume entirely. Surely the Troll wouldn't begrudge a non-costumed chaperone…

His eye caught a flash of red and he stopped in his tracks. He bent down and picked up a rather bedraggled looking red cape and studied it thoughtfully. Hmmm, waitaminute…


"Hey, how much for just this cape?"

Ethan Rayne turned from his last sale and wrinkled his nose at the poor condition of the material. "Well, it's in poor shape," he admitted as he picked it up and stretched it out. "Looks like everyone's been trodding on it all day."

The dark haired teen nodded, "Yeah, I found it on the floor."

Ethan scowled. "Are you sure you don't want something else?"

The boy grimaced and spread his hands out with a shrug. "I can't afford anything too pricey."

"Well …" Ethan considered. The Chaos Spell might not work on just the cape, it was too non-specific. Still… he mentally shrugged dismissively. "I'll let you have it for a dollar."

"Sold!" Xander exclaimed and presented a wrinkled bill to Ethan who pocketed it and folded up the cape into a neat package.

"Just out of curiosity, what character are you going as?" Ethan prodded.

"Dunno yet, depends if I can find all of the bits and pieces."

Ethan shrugged as he turned to his next victim—er customer. It was just a ruddy cape after all. Pity that it won't cause that kid that much trouble. But I should get lots of fun from everybody else… he soon forgot about the whole incident from his mind.


Xander grinned as he hefted the sledgehammer and rapped it gently on the Summers' door.

Joyce Summers cracked open the door and her eyes widened in surprise. "Oh my, Xander. Just who are you supposed to be?"

Xander appeared affronted, sticking his nose into the air and intoned solemnly, "Fair maiden, are you unfamiliar with the Mighty Thor, God of Thunder?"

"Thor?" Joyce wrinkled her forehead as she surveyed Xander's costume in confusion. "I'm pretty sure that the Norse God never wore anything like that…"

Xander waved his hand in negation, "Oh no Mrs. S, this is Thor from the comic books!"

"Oh … right," Joyce said shaking her head ruefully. That was like Buffy getting her Greek education from watching Kevin Sorbo in Hercules. Although, she remembered watching the man flexing on the screen—she mentally fanned herself and refocused her attention on her daughter's friend, inviting him in.

Buffy was descending the stairs and stopped midway when she spotted the armored and armed Xander.

Xander broke out into a wide grin and sketched a quick bow. Buffy heard a faint clanking of metal coming from him. "Buffy! Lady of Buffdom!" he mock-announced.

Buffy eyed her male friend's makeshift costume critically from head to toe. "Where did you get that getup?" she asked at last.

"Oh a bit here and there. I got the cape from that new costume shop but I got the shirt and hammer from home. These big metal plates were old hubcaps that I swiped from my Uncle Rory's junkyard, and I got the helmet and chainmail from Giles."

"Giles let you borrow that?" Buffy asked surprised.

Xander looked sheepish and temporized. "Uh … borrow is a strong word."

"Riiight. If Giles asks … I know nothing."


Ethan grinned as he raised his arms in supplication. “IT’S SHOWTIME!”


"Kids have absolutely no freakin' respect these days," Xander growled under his breath as he watched his group of midgets troop up to the next house. His costume was not lame and Thor was not a fairy.

He eyed the sledgehammer and noticed it was looking a little grubby. He used part of his sleeve and some spit to try and polish it up a bit covertly before the little monsters came back from their candy run.

He suddenly heard screaming and shouting. His head snapped up and there was the brightest light he had ever seen, blinding him and the sound of thunder reverberating in his eardrums and—


Xander felt like he was floating. He was in the midst of a dense fog. Lightning crackled and thunder pealed occasionally. Weird. It was like he was floating in storm clouds.

Funny, most of his dreams usually involved naked super models and stuff like that.

"Hello Alexander Harris."

Xander jerked and whipped himself around. He found himself standing before a huge muscular giant with long blonde hair dressed in a tunic. Xander suddenly realized he was naked and tried to shield himself. "Who are you?" he demanded a bit shrilly.

"You are selfish and impetuous. Immature and arrogant Alexander Harris," the blonde giant growled as he strode around Xander.

"Gee thanks. Could I get a pair of pants or something?" Xander asked plaintively.

The blonde man stopped, his eyes remote and distant as he looked far off. "But so was I … once upon a time. And despite your flaws; I see courage in you. Nobility. And the capacity of self-sacrifice."

"Anything would do really. Towel? Bed sheet?"

"You are Worthy."


The blonde giant smiled faintly. "You will understand in time."


—Xander blinked and found himself standing in the middle of a warehouse about to bash Spike's head in with a walking cane. "Uh … what just happened?" he asked confused and looking around in a daze.

The previously cowering vampire was quickly recovering as he straightened up from his crouch. He brushed his long coat into place and tried to smooth back his hair and appear calm and composed. "Back to normal then peaches?" he inquired lightly.

"Spike?" Xander blurted out, focusing on the blonde vampire and then let out a shrill shriek and jumped backwards instinctively, backing away.

Spike chortled and in a blinding blur, grabbed Xander and hefted him by his neck even as his face morphed into his demonic shape. "Guess so," Spike remarked blandly. "That bit of crashing through the roof, throwing lightning and all that shit? Damn scary mate. I thought my undead life flashed right before my eyes. Figures I should return the favor."

Spike flung Xander across the warehouse, sending the depowered boy to go flying. Xander's limbs flailed and his leg smashed into a support pole with a sickening crunch before he landed in a crumbled heap and into merciful unconsciousness.

"Payback a real bitch Harris—" Spike began when a hand clamped on his shoulder and swung him around. He found himself facing an angry Slayer. Oh right, knew I bloody forgot something.

"—and so am I!" Buffy roared and slugged him, sending him hurtling through the air and smashing into several crates, shattering them.

Spike gagged and wheezed, as he felt his chest and winced feeling at least two broken ribs. Right then, he thought to himself as he rolled onto his knees and shambled away. As the saying goes; he who runs away, lives to suck a Slayer another day, he thought to himself darkly.

And there would be other days, he promised himself.

He spared a moment to glance over his shoulder to see that the blonde bint had gone running off to check her downed friend. Good, that meant that he had the chance to escape. And at least next bloody time, I don't have to face a soddin' comic book hero.

If he had gotten dusted by one, it would be just … embarrassing.

For a moment, Spike had a vision of a group of demons sitting in a bar gossiping. 'Oh right, William the Bloody. Got 'imself offed by a comic book character didn't he? Wasn't that tough bastard now was he? HAHAHAHA!'

Spike shook his head mortified and ducked into the sewers. Bloody hell, I'd never live it down.


Xander brooded as he stared at the descending sun. It had been two weeks since Halloween. Since apparently some crazy ass sorcerer decided to make with the mojo and transformed everyone in town into their costumes.

It had taken a few days for him to remember that night. Transforming into Thor. Being Confident and Powerful. A God walking the Earth filled with Mortals.

He even remembered some of Thor's memories dimly of titanic battles and fighting alongside the Warriors Three, Sif, and his half-brother Loki. Even his more mortal escapades alongside the Avengers such as Iron Man, the Wasp, and even the noble Captain America. He even remembered meeting Spider-Man a few times. Gah.

He shook his head at the utter weirdness of his life. He had gotten an entire history of Thor's upbringing and life crammed into his noggin.

He even remembered most of Halloween. Sort of. He remembered a sissified Buffy screaming a lot or fainting alternatively. Saving Cordy and then smiting a lot of vampires and creatures and other demons with Mjolnir all over Sunnyhell. And then seeing Buffy being pursued by Spike and coming once more to the rescue. And then—

He winced as he touched his still healing leg in the support brace. The doctors had performed a few surgeries on his knee and proclaimed that he would never regain the full use of it and would have a limp for the rest of his life, although the pain would diminish somewhat.

People always used to say that "at least you've got your health". Xander had always thought it was a trite and stupid saying.

At least until he couldn't walk down a hallway without pain shooting through his leg like hot knives. Running was out of the question as well.

Buffy had visited him in the hospital and suggested that he should retire from assistant slaying with his disability—crippled leg, he bitterly corrected with a snort. And as a lovely parting gift—he lifted the wooden cane that Buffy had gotten for him. So long, farewell, and good riddance.

His hand twitched and he gripped the wooden handle, feeling the urge to throw it as far as he could and—Xander blinked as he lifted the wooden cane carefully. He frowned and held it in both hands reverently, testing it. This cane—was familiar to him. He remembered holding it in his hands many times. Feeling it's familiar weight, it's balance, it's heft. Feeling Mjolnir transform itself from this form and back many times. Like it had back in the warehouse when the Halloween Spell ended.

He snorted. No. It was impossible. Silly. Ridiculous.

Still… he hefted the shaft with both hands. What the Hell. What did he have to lose after all?

He lifted his eyes heavenward and said a prayer. To Asgard. To Odin. To Thor.

He brought up the cane and slammed it down. Lightning flared and the Thunder roared even as Xander heard the solemn voice of Odin intone.

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be Worthy, shall possess the Power of … Thor!"


A/N: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. This takes place in the infamous 2nd Season, 6th Episode “Halloween”.

This particular incarnation of the mythological figure of Thor was based on, belongs to Marvel Comics and was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby.

I had watched the Thor movie DVD not too long ago and came up with this idea of combining the two.
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