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Necessary Connections

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Summary: JJ finds out why the Pentagon wanted her so badly that they forced a promotion that she’d already declined.

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Television > Criminal MindsGypsyDruidFR718191184,61427 Dec 1127 Dec 11Yes
Necessary Connections

Disclaimers: Joss Whedon owns Buffy. Mark Gordon own Criminal Minds. I own nothing and no one. Therefore, no profit has been or will ever be made from this story.

Rating: PG

Summary: JJ finds out why the Pentagon wanted her so badly that they forced a promotion that she’d already declined.

“Thank you for coming, Agent Jareau. Please, have a seat.”

“I wasn’t exactly given much choice.” Jennifer Jareau said, still unhappy at being forced to accept a promotion that she didn’t want and had already declined. Regardless, she modulated her tone to express her displeasure, without unduly insulting the man before her. People with government careers just did not insult the Secretary of Defense willy-nilly.

“I do understand, I assure you.” The SoD told her. “And under normal circumstances, we would never have forced the issue this way, but it has come to our attention that you have certain... shall we say... connections, that we are in great need of at the moment.”

“I don’t understand.” JJ’s brow furrowed in her confusion. What connections could she possibly have that they couldn’t get? “Any connection that I have could be easily obtained by anyone.”

“Not in this instance.” The SoD shook his head. “To be completely straightforward, I speak of personal connections, rather than professional ones. Three weeks ago, you and several members of your team spent time with a group of young women. Those young women belong to an organization that we desperately need stronger ties to. Unfortunately, they have been burned on more than one occasion by members of both the United States Government and its military forces.”

For the life of her, JJ couldn’t figure out who the Secretary of Defense could possibly be talking about. Seeing that she had no idea what he was talking about. The SoD sighed and handed her a folder. Opening it, JJ’s eyes widened at the surveillance photos of her, Garcia, and Emily with Buffy, Dawn and Faith during their last outing. The BAU agents had been taken out of rotation after a particularly brutal set of cases and, in that still mysterious way of knowing that the other women had, one of the girls had shown up at each of their houses and dragged them to the airport, whisking them off to Key West for some real decompressing.

“I’m sorry, sir,” JJ said, a little disturbed that her vacation had been monitored, “but I still don’t understand.”

“First, let me set your mind at ease by assuring that you and your fellow agents were not the ones being monitored. The young women that you were with, are all members of an international organization that deals with highly dangerous situations, and are discreetly monitored whenever more than two of a select group of them enter the United States at the same time.”

“Why?” JJ asked before she could stop herself.

“Because it usually means that something catastrophic is on a very nearby horizon. However, the last several times they have been in the US, has involved members of your team, in some way. If you would not mind, and this is not an order, we would like to know just how your groups were introduced.”

“Ahh, someone called them in to help when the Boston Reaper went after Agent Hotchner’s wife and son.” JJ said carefully. If all of this was true, and they didn’t already know about Kevin, she wasn’t going to be the one that outed the young man. Garcia would never forgive her.

The SoD could tell that she knew who that ‘someone’ was, but was unwilling to give him a name. He let it go. Forcing this unnecessary issue would, in the long run, probably be detrimental to what he was trying to accomplish. Besides, he could always find out another way. There couldn’t be but so many that would have had access that the kind of access to BAU casefiles.

He stood and bent down to retrieve the box at his feet and place it in front of her.

“Institute of Guardians?” JJ read.

“While you will have other assignments, this will be your primary.” He told her. “Study every file. Watch every video. Let me assure you, right now, the everything in this file has been verified as truth. While we do have a division dedicated to this particular threat, this Institute is, by far, our world’s best defense.”

JJ’s curiosity was running rampant by now, but somehow, she managed to keep it contained, at least until the end of the meeting. The Secretary of Defense must have seen something in her eye, however, because, with a smile, he released her to the temporary office set up for her, that was already set up with a desk, chair and a fresh pot of coffee.

Setting down the file box, JJ fixed herself a cup and made herself comfortable. Pulling out the first folder, her eyes widened as she took in the label.

Buffy Anne Summers, Head Slayer.

What the hell is a Slayer?

The End

You have reached the end of "Necessary Connections". This story is complete.

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