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Gypsy Amazon Princess

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Themyscrian Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: On that fateful Halloween night Jenny Calendar dons a costume to tease Giles and her whole world changes.

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DC Universe > Wonder WomanOlBearFR1313,1002153,8157 Jan 127 Jan 12Yes
Disclaimer: BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Wonder Woman is owned by DC Comics. I own nothing.

Chapter One

Jenny walked into the library and was surprised to find it empty apart from the librarian Rupert Giles.

“Good afternoon Rupert.” She said brightly. “Where is everyone?”

Giles looked up from the books he was reshelving. “Miss Calendar I.” He started to say.

“Please Rupert, my name is Jenny. It won’t kill you to use it.” The computer teacher said with a smile.

“Of course Jenny.” Giles said and smiled at the hands down winner of ‘Sexiest Teacher’ in Sunnydale High. “At the moment Buffy and her friends are getting their costumes for Halloween.”

“Oh is Buffy going to make sure the kids are safe from vampires while they Trick or Treat?”

“No nothing like that. Vampires and demons tend to stay in their lairs on Halloween so it should be a quiet night on that front. Principal Snyder press-ganged them to escort the children. Buffy was not impressed since she was planning on having a quiet night in.”

“So you have nothing planned for tomorrow night?” Jenny asked as she walked over to the counter. Hopping up to sit on it she made sure that she displayed plenty of leg for Giles. She smiled as the Englishman blushed and tried not to look at her, teasing Rupert was fun.

“No I’ll be busy writing my reports to the Council.” Giles said as he busied himself with some books in order to avoid looking at the long, sleek legs that Jenny was showing.

When Giles said that a plan started to form in Jenny’s mind. Something that would show Giles that she was interested in having something more than a professional relationship with him. Jenny just hoped she hadn’t thrown it out when she packed her belongings before moving here to Sunnydale.

“Well.” She said, hopping off the counter, taking a moment to straighten her skirt. “If that’s all you’ll be doing perhaps would care to join me for a drink afterwards?”

“Of course. I’d be delighted to.” Giles said with a smile.

Jenny returned the smile. “Great, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She said and left the library.

Jenny Calendar’s apartment, Halloween night

Jenny looked at herself in the full length mirror and smiled. Yes the costume she’d bought for a party several years ago was still a good fit, though the knee high boots were a little stiff from being unused for so long.

She carefully adjusted the wig she had bought from the new costume store ‘Ethan’s’ earlier today. She giggled as she imagined the look on Rupert’s face when he saw her. Fitting the Tiara she took one last look at herself in the mirror before grabbing her coat and purse and heading out the door. The kids should be gone from the school, escorting the elementary school children on their quest for candy and fun, so hopefully she wouldn’t run into anyone when she arrived.

Unlocking her car she noticed old Mr Patterson looking out his window and waved in greeting. The retiree returned her wave and wished her a Happy Halloween.

Ten minutes later she parked her car and walked into the school. The corridors were quiet but she saw the light on in Principal Snyder’s office. The disgusting little man was probably filling student’s permanent records with venom. She was astounded that someone who obviously hated children had even gotten a job as a substitute teacher, let alone Principal.

Arriving at the library she cautiously opened the door and looked inside. No one was there at the moment but since Giles’s office was open he hadn’t gone far. Stepping into the room she removed her coat to reveal the blue hot pants and red corset of her favourite super hero, Wonder Woman.

Across town Ethan Rayne, his forehead daubed with his own blood, the small plaster bust of Janus in front of him on a pedestal completed the ritual and felt the rush of Chaos energy wash over him.

“Showtime!” He said with a grin.

Diana of Themyscira, known to the world of man as Wonder Woman, staggered and looked around. This wasn’t The Watchtower nor was it her apartment at the Amazonian Embassy. It looked like a library, probably at some school. Plucking her communicator from her waist she activated the device.

“Wonder Woman to Watchtower. One to transport.” She frowned when there was no answer to her request.

“Watchtower this is Wonder Woman, please respond.” Again nothing.

Cursing quietly in ancient Greek she closed the communicator. Something was definitely wrong. No matter what the emergency there was always someone on monitor duty at The Justice League’s headquarters. It was then that she felt it. It was oily, unclean and very evil and seemed to be directly below her feet.

Deciding to leave the library and find out where she was she had just turned to the doors when they swung open to reveal a distinguished looking middle-aged man staring at her in surprise.

“Jenny?” He asked.

“No, my name is Diana. Who are you and where is this place?” She asked.

“Jenny, please this is no time for jokes. I felt a rush of magic just now and I need to work out what is going on.” The man said and reached out a hand to grasp her upper arm.

Wonder Woman simply batted the hand away. Even though she could tell that the man had no ill intentions towards her she would not allow an unknown person to lay hands on her.

“I am not joking Sir. My name is Diana though you would know me better as Wonder Woman. Now what is your name and where are we?”

Giles blinked at Jenny’s declaration. Despite what Buffy and her friends thought he did know a fair bit about Pop Culture. In fact during his younger days he’d been a fan of the TV show Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter. Deciding to worry why Jenny thought she was Wonder Woman later he took a calming breath.

“Forgive me. My name is Rupert Giles and we are in the town of Sunnydale in California. Tonight is Halloween.” Giles paused and a fact came forth. “You should know that in this world you are a fictional character. My colleague, Jenny Calendar must have dressed as you for Halloween and somehow become you.”

Wonder Woman looked at him as if he was mad. “Prove it.” She demanded.

The man, Rupert Giles walked over to an office and quickly came back with a small mirror and handed it to her. “Please have a look at your face.”

Diana accepted the mirror and almost dropped it in shock when she saw her reflection. This wasn’t her face.

Turning to Giles. “How did this happen?” she asked.

“I honestly don’t know.” Giles said as he polished his glasses. “But I’ll do everything I can to make this right.”

Diana felt the man’s emotions wash over her. “You care for this Jenny Calendar.”

Giles blinked at the declaration. “Yes, yes I do. She’s a friend.”

Diana nodded, though she knew that this man considered Jenny more than a friend she decided that wasn’t important right now. Walking over to the large, well built table sitting in the centre of the room she grasped the edge and lifted it without effort. Placing the table back on the floor she concentrated, allowing herself to rise several inches in the air. Satisfied that she still had all her powers she turned to Giles.

“I think we should endeavour to find out just why I’m in this body and how to reverse it.” Diana paused and frowned at the floor. “And perhaps you could tell me just why it feels like there is a pit of unspeakable evil right below our feet?”

Giles explained exactly what lurked beneath them and what it meant for the town. Diana/Jenny blanched. “There is a Gateway to the Underworld here? But who is the guardian, surely not you on your own?”

“No not on my own.” Giles said, he quickly explained what a Slayer was though he didn’t mention Buffy’s name and how she and her friends battled vampires and demons that infested the Hellmouth.

Diana blinked, astounded that this world had such a dangerous portal with only a handful of guardians to protect it. Shaking her head she decided to concentrate on more pressing concerns. Such as just how she came to be here and how she could get home.

She watched as this Watcher, Giles started to collect several thick books and stack them on the table.

“Miss Diana. If we can identify the cause of you being here in the body of Jenny we should be able to reverse it.”

Wonder Woman nodded and selected a book, absently wishing that Dr Fate or Zatanna were here to offer advice.

The two of them began looking through the various tomes, trying to find answers to what exactly was happening. Fortunately Diana was fluent in Ancient Greek and Latin so it went quickly.

Suddenly the quiet of the library was broken by a young red haired woman, wearing a mid riff bearing blouse and a leather mini skirt who somehow ran through the wall.

“Giles! Giles! You’ve got to help. Everyone’s been turned into their costumes!” He voice trailed off as she saw who was with him. “Miss Calendar?”

“Not at the moment young lady.” Diana said. Willow just gaped at Jenny.

“Willow! Focus, what exactly is happening?” Giles demanded.

Willow took a deep breath. “We were just about to bring the kids back to the school when there was this wind that was both hot and cold.”

The two listened as Willow explained what was happening outside. When Diana heard that there were people in trouble her first thought was to get out there and protect as many people as she could. But she quickly realised that while she could do some good out there a better plan would be to find the source of the disturbance and end it there.

“So everyone has turned into their costumes?” Giles asked, frowning.

“No not everyone. Cordelia stayed the same and there are a lot of kids who didn’t change either.”

“Where did you get your costume?” Diana asked as the pieces started to come together.

“Um the clothes I got from Buffy’s wardrobe but the ghost sheet came from the new store ‘Ethan’s’. It’s where Xander got his toy gun and Buffy her ball gown.”

“Ethan?” Giles asked as a terrible suspicion entered his mind.

Willow nodded. “Yeah that was the owner’s name. He’s English and about your age Giles.”

“Willow go back to Buffy and the rest. Tell them to stay indoors.” Giles said flatly. Willow was about to ask what was going on till she saw the look on the Watcher’s face. Nodding in agreement she ran out of the library.

“You know what is happening? It’s something to do with magic and the costumes?” Diana asked.

Giles sighed. “Yes I do. It’s someone from my past who I hoped never to see again.”

“A friend?”

“We were once. Not anymore. Miss Diana if you would be so kind as to stay here?”

“No Mr Giles I’m coming with you. This body does not belong to me and the sooner the owner gets it back the better.” Diana stated. Giles nodded in acceptance and the two left the library.

Outside Diana looked around. “Where exactly is this store?” She asked.

“Ten blocks in that direction.” Giles said, pointing to the North East as he started to walk to his car.

She placed her hand on his arm. “Hold on this way is faster.”

Giles barely had time to grab on before Wonder Woman rose into the air and the pair flew away.

Less than a minute later they came to a soft landing in front of the costume store. “That was amazing!” Giles breathed as he reluctantly let go of her arm. Diana smiled as waves of happiness and fascination emanated from the Watcher.

“How do you want to do this Mr Giles?”

Giles walked towards the front door of the store. “I’ll go in the front and if you could cover the back?”

Diana nodded and headed around to the rear of the building.

Giles entered the deserted front of the store and instinctively headed to the rear rooms. In the main storage area he found a bust of Janus sitting on a pedestal.

“Hello Ripper.” Ethan Rayne stepped out of the shadows and smirked. “What no hug for your old mate?”

“Ethan.” Giles said flatly as he removed his glasses and carefully put them in his pocket. “I shouldn’t be surprised, this stunt stinks of your work.”

“Well I’m not one to blow my own trumpet. But you must admit it’s a masterpiece of being careful of what you wish for.”

“It is evil and harms only the innocent.” Giles said.

“And you’re such a great defender of the innocent aren’t you Ripper?”

“I’m no longer that person. Now how do I break the spell?” Giles demanded, stepping closer to Ethan.

“Ohh now you’re scaring me Ripper. I wonder what your Slayer would say if she knew about your past?” Ethan raised stretched his arms out. “What’s in it for me to tell you? Can’t you just feel the Chaos?”

Whatever Ethan was going to say next was cut off as a golden lasso dropped over his head and bound his arms to his body. With a flick of her wrist Wonder Woman looped the lasso over a support beam and pulled, hoisting the Chaos Mage off his feet.

“Mr Giles asked you a question Sorcerer. Answer it!” She said in a frosty tone.

With a glassy look in his eyes Ethan began to speak in a monotone voice. “The spell will end naturally at sunrise or if the bust is broken.”

Giles immediately walked over to the bust of Janus and picked it up. He was about to throw it to the floor when he stopped and looked at Wonder Woman. “Your Highness.” He said, remembering that this was the daughter of a Queen. “Once I break this statue you will be returned to your own world.” He paused. “I’d just like to say that it has been an honour to have met you.”

Dianna smiled. “No the honour is mine Mr Giles. It is a privilege to meet a Guardian of the Light. Be well, perhaps we will meet again someday.”

Giles smiled back and raised the bust above his head and dashed it against the floor. When the bust shattered it released a wave of energy across the town.

In an alley Xander Harris shook his head and looked down in bemusement at Larry Bledsoe who was lying bloody and unconscious in a pile or garbage.

“What just happened?” He asked. Behind him Buffy removed the elaborate wig she’d been wearing.

“I don’t know Xand, I’m just glad that it’s over.” She turned to Angel and Cordelia who were just running up to them. “You guys Okay?”

Angel nodded, thankful that Buffy was alright. He jumped slightly in surprise when Cordelia reached out to link her arm with his. “Thank you for saving me.” She cooed and fluttered her eyelashes, ignoring the death glare that Buffy shot at her and Harris’s gagging.

“C’mon guys, we’d better find all those kids and get them back to the school.” Buffy said. Angel disengaged his arm from Cordelia’s and moved so that Buffy was between him and Queen C.

Xander looked around. “Where’s Willow?” He asked with concern.

Willow took a shuddering breath and sat up. Getting to her feet she let her ghost costume fall to the ground. Looking around she started to walk towards the school. Hopefully everyone would be there soon. As she walked she didn’t notice a van that had stopped at an intersection.

A young man with blue highlights in his hair watched as she crossed in front of his van. “Who is that girl?” he breathed.

Spike snarled as the pack of mini-demons he’d recruited turned back into children and ran off screaming when they saw his demonic face. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes he reverted to his human face and lit one. Blowing a plume of smoke he stalked off. “Next year.” He thought. “I’m staying in on Halloween.” His plan of finding and killing his third Slayer was over. Spotting an open liquor store he decided to grab a couple of bottles of whiskey before heading back to his lair. “Next time Slayer you won’t be so lucky.” He muttered as he checked his coat for his wallet.

Back in the costume store Giles blinked to clear his sight. The first thing he saw was the now empty lasso. Ethan must have run off as soon as the spell was broken. Then he saw Jenny laying on the floor. Rushing over he gently checked and gave a sigh of relief when he saw that she was still breathing.

Jenny’s eyes flickered and opened to see Giles looking down at her with concern.

“Rupert, what happened?” She asked and struggled to sit up.

“Easy Jenny.” Giles said, helping her to her feet. “What do you remember?”

Jenny blinked. “I arrived at the library to see you then.” She swallowed as memories flooded in. “Then I was Wonder Woman! How did that happen?”

Giles took off his Tweed coat and draped it over her shoulders. “You were the victim of a Chaos spell.” He said as he led her out of the store. “I’ll tell you exactly what happened but first we should go back to the school and make sure everyone else is alright.”

Jenny nodded and the Watcher and the Techno-Pagan walked off. Giles thinking perhaps it would have been better to have driven here instead of flying.

DC Universe

Diana of Themyscira woke with a start and looked around. She was back in her quarters at The Watchtower. “What a strange dream.” She thought. Or was it a dream?

Reaching over to her bedside table she grabbed her communicator and keyed it. Seconds later the gravelly voice of Batman was heard. “Good morning Wonder Woman, what can I do for you?” The world’s greatest detective asked.

“Good morning Bruce. Is Dr Fate available? I think I need to talk to him.”

The End

Authors Note: This was just an idea that entered my mind and refused to leave. I don’t know if there will be any follow up stories but who knows. Ol Bear.

The End

You have reached the end of "Gypsy Amazon Princess". This story is complete.

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