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Coal? That's a Myth.

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Summary: If Snyder was going to crash their plans, they were going to crash his, and Giles would be their champion.

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Literature > Dresden Files, TheVampireCowFR151752172,43510 Jan 1210 Jan 12No
All recognizable characters do not belong to VampireCow. This is a fan work, no monies to be made. Buffy the Vampire Slayer goes to Joss Whedon, and The Dresden Files to Jim Butcher. Thank you.

"We are taking a stand!" Xander announced as he dropped a large brown paper bag on the library check-out counter. "For too long, we have bowed to his shiny-headedness! For too long, we have scurried in the dark, student and teacher alike, for fear of attracting Herr Snyder's attention! No more!"

Giles rapidly cleaned his glasses, but just like all the other times he had done so the image didn't change. Every sentence Xander uttered was answered with a cheer from the small group of students at his back. Willow and Buffy bracketed the boy, dressed in pleated skirts and green tights, but Giles also recognized Miss Madison, Mr. Levinson, and several other sophomores and juniors dressed in medieval fare. There were even two faculty members -Miss Calender, and one of the biology professors- hanging in the back of the mob.

"We will not be cowed! We will not go quietly! We are taking a stand! Giles, G-man, are you with us?" Xander finished, hands on hips, and Giles had to wonder where he got the green leather jerkin.

"I-I'm sorry? With you on what?"

The crowd groaned, and it was a little intimidating. Jenny waded over, and he couldn't help but notice she was sporting a rather fetching fedora along with some prosthetic, pointed ears. "Come on, English. The resistance needs a leader, and you're the only one the kids could agree on."

Giles stared at the collective, horrified, an imagination fueled by his own teenage exploits feeding him visions of flaming toilet-paper, broken eggs, and glass. The things a group of disgruntled children could do... "R-resistence?!"

"We got press-ganged, Giles." Buffy whined as she rocked on her heels, her own smaller paper bag swinging from her wrist. "Snyder jumped us practically last minute!"

The group nodded.

"I had, we had, plans! Very good, important, movie marathon candy plans! Now we've got to dress up in itchy outfits and follow thigh-high demons around." Buffy finished with a pout, crossing her arms under a forest green velvet blouse. He'd seen her rip a vampire's head off bare-handed, but with her lip jutting out he had to fight the urge to take her aside and give her a hot cocoa.

Willow continued the explanation. "So we're rebelling." She ducked her head with a blush. "Except, you know, not. 'Cuz no one wants a month of detentions or summer school. We're being all passive-aggressive like, fighting for our rights!"

"But we need a champion, a king." Xander opened the bag on the counter with overly dramatic reverence. He lifted out a familiar holiday icon, but it was entirely the wrong season for it. "Do you, Sir Giles, promise to rule your subjects fairly and justly, and to protect them to the best of your ability from the Dark Lord Snyder?"

Giles' mouth twitched. He had intended to stay in and index, between teenage drama and apocolypses he'd not had the time, but Jenny raised an eyebrow and his children were gazing at him with pleading eyes. Giles sighed. "Oh, very well." He plucked the red hat from Xander's hands, marveling at the realistic white fur lining the brim, and put it on his head.

The children cheered, and Giles shook his head. Elves, he supposed, though only his trio wore the traditional Christmas green of Santa's helpers.

"Where did you get this?" Giles asked as he pawed through the bag, removing a finely worked leather belt.

"Some new place." Amy Madison gestured vaguely while touching her own costume ears self consciously. "One of those seasonal places, you know, like Spirit."

"I hope you children didn't spend much..."

"Don't worry, English." Jenny grinned, popping her lips as she put away her lipstick. She turned to the milling crowd of fae children and clapped her hands. "Okay, kids! Prisoners arriving in ten! Places!"

The children filed out, all dressed with a distinct winter theme, but not before Xander pressed one of their short swords into Giles' hand. Shrugging, the English native thrust the blade into his new belt and went to his office to change.

A/N- Forewarning: Updates for this particular story are most likely to be glacier slow. But Giles is going to be a Fae Lord, so stick around.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Coal? That's a Myth." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jan 12.

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