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Vox Populi

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Summary: McKinley High is about to get a wake up call, Scooby style. Rewrite of Shaken, Not Stirred.

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Author: Jaded
Story: Vox Populi
Summary: McKinley High is about to get a wake up call, Scooby style.
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, Glee is owned by Ryan Murphy. I write for fun, not for profit.
Warnings: So far, none except for canon boy-boy and girl-girl shipping.
Timeline: Starts just before Season 2 of Glee; Post Chosen for Buffy and Not Fade Away for Angel. Not comic compliant.
Chapter Summary: The Scooby family officially meets their first Gleek.
Acknowledgments: Thanks to Addlcove, Angelskuuipo, Cailleigh, Cmiller, DavidBMorris, fatewalker, feynstrom, GeekGoddess, Havocseeker, KnightOwl, LadyBold, Micah, NutsContract, pinkhairedharry, RandomSelection, ScorpioP, & TouchoftheWind for the reviews!
A/N 1: For those who commented on the supernatural aspect, there's not actually gonna be a whole lot--there's gonna be some, but not a whole lot. So don't expect a big revelation or something. The patrols and job as floodgate keepers are secondary. Thanks. :D


It took them almost two days to unload their things completely. Even with five slayers, Connor, Willow (who could levitate things once they were inside the house), and Spike, who'd retained his vampiric strength upon becoming human, the vans remained parked outside for two nights, until Kennedy, Willow, Giles, and Connor drove them to the rental office the next town over the third day they'd been there.

Inside, the place was chaos. Towards the end, when they'd finished with the one van and were working on the second and third, they'd heard over the radio that a huge thunderstorm was coming in. Upon seeing the black clouds approaching, they'd stopped trying to organize as they went and just dropped boxes and furniture inside at any spot they could find as they tried to beat the rain. They'd succeeded but only barely: the skies had opened up just as Vi and Rona had got to the covered front porch, the last piece of furniture in their hands. Buffy, Spike, and Xander, who'd been closing up the vans, had all been soaked to the skin by the time they got back inside five minutes later.

As they went through everything, they found various surprises, some good, some hilarious, and some really confusing. Either on purpose or on accident, all the bean bag chairs she and Vi had bought for the sun-room ended up in Spike's bedroom, while his actual bed ended up in the barn. After that first night, he had apparently decided he wasn't made to sleep on beans and informed the household of this when he walked into the kitchen that morning. Willow and Buffy were still teasing him about it.

Half of Dawn's things somehow ended up in the library, and though it was an appropriate place for her, still had to be moved back upstairs. Xander's suitcases and boxes with all his clothes ended up in the laundry room and despite the amount of joking that particular discovery brought on, had to be moved to the second floor. For a man who'd spent the last couple years traveling around Africa, Xander had a surprising amount of clothes.

Setsuna ended up having to hunt down all of her boxes, which were scattered all around the house, one even ending up in Spike's bathroom. Rona alone seemed to have gotten everything of hers in her room on the first try—even Vi and Spike had misplaced one or two cartons or pieces of furniture in the mad dash to unload everything.

The vans unloaded, they spent the rest of the work working on unpacking. Dawn had her room done the fastest; by Wednesday, three days after moving in, she'd gotten it completely set up. Setsuna got hers done next, on Thursday, and Rona and Vi were still working on the various things in their own rooms, and all of the kids were far away from being done—only Miriam would probably have hers done by the start of school next month, if they weren't forced to spend an entire day unpacking like Spike had been threatening. Of those unfinished, only Vi had a legitimate excuse; she had had to paint two of her walls, which had been a bright fuchsia, before she could really start unpacking. It took several coats and more than one paint fight, but by Friday, her walls were shining white.

The kitchen was done, courtesy of Buffy and Willow insisting that was the first common room they needed set up, as they needed to eat. The dining room and the little breakfast nook just off the kitchen were next, as they had very little in the way of furniture and knick-knacks. They finished the living room, which included a large flat screen above the fireplace, on Friday. Instead of cooking, they decided to order out as a congratulatory gift to themselves.

Spike was arguing with Xander and Buffy about the amount of pizza they got—Buffy insisted it was too much, Spike and Xander insisted it wasn't but refused to tell her why—when the doorbell rang.

“I'll get it!” Dawn yelled, hurrying over to the door. Behind her, she could hear Giles ask if they ordered anything else.

“Hi, can I help you?” Dawn asked, opening the door and finding three people on the porch, two older gentlemen and a girl Dawn's age with dark eyes and hair. She was holding up a plate of cookies, in various shapes. Dawn blinked; one of them was shaped like a Star of David.

“Hi!” the girl chirped. “My name is Rachel Berry and these are my fathers, Leroy and Hiram. We just wanted to welcome you and your family to the neighborhood and bring over these sugar, gluten, and milk free cookies.”

They were all smiling pleasantly but there was a guardedness there, like they were expecting to be attacked at any moment. She wondered what that was about.

“And here I am, in my PJ's,” Dawn said, smiling wryly. She stepped inside, waving them in. Rachel absolutely beamed at her and her fathers seemed to sag in relief before it was quickly hidden. She frowned.

“Well, I'm Dawn, Summers, that is,” she said as everyone looked over, Giles standing to hold out a hand to the couple. “Um, this is Vi, Setsuna, Rona, Connor, Kieran, Miriam, Z, Erin, Brooke, Clare, Shayla, Kennedy, Willow, Giles, Xander, and my older brother and sister, Spike and Buffy. Uh, this is the Berry's.”

“I'm actually Rupert,” Giles said, shaking the dark skinned mans hand. “Giles is my last name and what most of the children call me.”

“You're not their father?” Hiram, she thought it was, asked.

“Oh, not biologically, for any of them,” Giles answered. “I was Buffy, Willow, and Xander's high school librarian and we simply...never grew apart.”

“He was our dad when none of us had one,” Buffy shrugged and Dawn saw her sister frown at the girl. “You look familiar.”

“I...don't believe we've ever met...”

“Show choir!” Setsuna blurted out and everyone stopped and looked at her. “You were at the show choir competition, Regionals, in Cleveland last year. You remember, Buffy—you claimed you had nothing better to do and tagged along when we went to watch. You grumbled about the results the entire way home.”

Buffy's eyes lit up as Dawn, Vi, and Rona all realized she was correct. “That's right!” she grinned. “I remember now—you were with the group that did Journey … You got robbed.”

Rachel was practically shining, she seemed so happy. “Well, the cheer-leading coach at our high school doesn't like us and she ended up one of the judges so you may not be wrong,” she admitted. “But even I have to admit, Vocal Adrenaline was epic.”

“Stupid lead singer,” one of the Mr. Berry's muttered. Rachel flushed, looking embarrassed, and Dawn exchanged amused looks with Vi.

“Anyway, we just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood,” Mr. Berry—Hiram—said. He paused and then added bluntly, “And to tell you on our own that we're gay.”

“The other neighbors would get around to it eventually but...” Leroy added, trailing off as everyone exchanged confused looks.

“What's wrong with being gay?” Willow asked, frowning. “I'm gay.”

“The neighborhood is not very accepting, I take it?” Buffy asked, scowling. The guardedness was making a whole lot more sense all of a sudden and Dawn felt a brief pang at what the family must have gone through. “The realtor never mentioned that.”

“They wouldn't have,” Hiram answered and there was such blatant relief that Dawn realized past reactions must have been horrible. “Not many people in this area would want to live next to a gay couple and their teenage daughter.”

“That's stupid,” Spike said, scowling. “Everyone's got a right to love whoever they damn well please—gender shouldn't make a difference.” More than one person in the household looked at him funny at that. He rolled his eyes. “What? I can be mature!”

Dawn wasn't the only one to snort. He scowled at the room at large and Dawn thought she saw Rachel hide a smile.

“You're in good company,” Xander said, shaking his head and looking at the couple. “I'm sure we're gonna get some flak.”

“How so?” Hiram asked, frowning.

“This is a Sineya House, a home for athletically and academically gifted students who have no other place to go,” Giles said. “We're part of a corporation that runs out of England. All the students but Dawn lack living relatives that we could find. Kieran and Connor are helping out with the move, but the rest are all staying here.”

“Dawn's my sister and I'm one of the big-wigs,” Buffy added. “But I'm working out of Rome and Dawn wanted to finish high school in the US so I sent her here with Spike and Xander.”

“They're the Den Fathers,” Giles added. “The guardians for the girls. We tried getting a woman but that doesn't always work out—we don't have enough to evenly try and spread them out through the various houses we've set up around the country.”

“How'd you choose Lima?” Rachel asked, surprised. “Why not somewhere like New York or California?”

“We have offices there as well but we try and stick with smaller cities and towns, with not as much inner-city violence,” Giles explained. “The main US office is in Cleveland, so it made sense to have at least one Sineya House in Ohio.”

“Dawn blew up a map of the state and threw a dart,” Xander supplied dryly and Dawn smiled sheepishly. It wasn't actually a lie—when they'd been talking about what towns to investigate as possible floodgate spots, she really had blew up a map and threw a dart.

“Technically, she threw two darts,” Vi smirked. “Cause the first one nearly hit Faith instead of the board and Dawn had to run for her life.”

The Berry's both chuckled; Rachel just smiled, amusement in her eyes. “Hey, you know, you want some pizza?” Willow offered, waving a hand. “We have plenty.”

“Oh, thank you but I'm vegan,” Rachel said, smiling brightly. “But I appreciate the offer.”

“We're going out to dinner anyway,” Leroy agreed. “But yes, thank you.”

“Speaking of which, we should get going,” Hiram said, glancing at his watch. “Our reservations in half an hour and it'll take that long to get there.”

“If you need anything, just let us know,” Leroy added and he seemed genuinely honest. “We're in the yellow and blue house down Yew Drive, number 3123.”

“Are you going to McKinley?” Rachel asked quickly as the adults spoke a little bit more. Dawn nodded. She beamed. “If you have questions, just come over.”

“Will do,” Dawn agreed. The family said goodbye and left, the brunette practically skipping as she walked out the door.

“I was getting some serious Willow and Xander vibes from Rachel,” Buffy declared once the door was closed. “That girl needs friends.”

The two Scoobies in question as well as Giles all nodded “She did rather remind me of Willow when I first met her,” the watcher agreed. “But there's something about her, something familiar...”

“Cordy,” Xander said and everyone got quiet. “The fire in her eyes, that's what you mean, right? That's Cordy-esque.”

Willow and Buffy looked like they didn't agree but kept silent. “So, what are we gonna do?” Vi asked, plopping back down on the couch and grabbing a pizza.

“Do?” Giles asked, confused. Vi nodded, swallowing a bite as the four potentials and two juniors grabbed two of the boxes and went to the sunroom. Evern though it was supposed to be for everyone, the six of them seemed to be trying to mark it as they're territory. Vi had complained at first but Dawn had set her straight quick—if the teens gave the six kids the sun-room, Spike and Xander might be more agreeable to them claiming the tower.

“She brought cookies--”

“Really, really good cookies,” Setsuna added from where she'd just inhaled three.

“--and she seemed nice,” Vi continued, wrinkling her nose at the other slayer. Dawn and Connor exchanged amused looks. “So, what are we gonna do?”

“Recon,” Rona said. “We do recon and then go from there.”

“You think they remember this isn't a Mission?” she heard Spike murmur to Buffy. Her sister snorted.

“Trust me, Spike, everything the mini's do, they do as if they were Missions,” she replied as Setsuna, Rona, Vi, Connor, and Kieran all began talking over one another, planning on how to do recon on Rachel as they grabbed pizza again. Dawn just leaned back, nibbling on her slice and letting the others do the work. “This is normal for them.”

“If you say so.”

"I do say so."



"Eat your bloody pizza."
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