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A day in the life of Alliance Marine Harris

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Summary: Mindoir, Elysium, Akuze, Torfan. Those were Easy. A day in the life of Marine Sniper Harris is a tough one, or so he tells Shepard.

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect TrilogyAlexanderMcphersonFR1522,6473195,23018 Jan 1219 Jan 12Yes

Bullets From Afar

Eden Prime
Usually when one is the victim of a sniper round, there's a spatter of blood, large concussive force, and you drop from shock, and die from either bleeding out or from the trauma of the wound.

However, when one is the victim of a Xander Harris special, they're splatter all over the place in a shower of varren meat, geth circruits or whatever makes up the super-evil being he's firing at.

To see the results without knowing that he's even there? Commander Shepard was livid upon learning about it.

She ducked down into cover, and readied her M7 Avenger rifle for another burst. A blink of her helmet's heads up display indicated it had cooled down now. She moved out, and took aim-


She dove back into cover, and pulled her helmet off, pain from the ringing of her ears. Then she noticed the bits of geth parts landing nearby.


She clutched her ears in pain now, and swore at what she recognised. explosive rounds fired at hyper-velocities.
Bits of a bigger geth, and another immediately land around the area. There are no more Geth, and she pulls her hands away, and note a little blood and that she can't hear a sodding thing.


Xander winced. "Shit." He knew the weapon was loud - and the explosions louder. it wasn't so bad for him, he was well used to them.

He sighed and packed up, ready for a long treck to where the lone soldier was. his trio of sniper rifles that he'd duct-taped together and adjusted so that at a set range he could fire all three with precision from one scope... well. He'd done that because of that damn armeture from earlier in the day, and each one took five seconds to cool down.
He readied his assault rifle, and made his way, his long 2-mile way over.


Xander leaned out of the hanger, the only thing stopping him from falling out was the harness tied to the roof. He readied his sniper rifle, and Joker gave him his window.


Quickly, but still taking a while due to distance, the half-inch-diameter and 6-inch internally-machined 'Mini-nuke' extreme-explosive rocket-propelled and mass-effect guided "Anti-ship" round traveled the five miles and hit on target.


Joker warned them, and they rushed into the MAKO, where the it would protect them from the shockwave.

even so, they still heared it.


Wrex laughed as the squad held on, and through the shockwave of the round that exploded with half the force of a hydrogen atomic bomb, (literally) two of the squad prayed to gods to survive while Wrex and Shepard cheered.

Scant seconds later, the MAKO was rocked again by the debris of a heavy Armeture striking around and on the MAKO.



Xander almost whined that he didn't get to do anything this time.



Xander climbed down the side of a building half a mile from where the Normandy was, and saw through a gap some strange creature.

Half an hour later, and he got the order.

This time, he would need to swap out the hyper-rail mass driver for a slower, larger-payload one. He did, and switched out the ammo machining program from high-explosive to one that would deal with a plant in no time. Thanks to the idea from a James Bond film from long ago, about a 'Torpedo' that drilled into a navy ship of all things, he took aim and fired a bullet that was more drill than bullet.

It struck the plant, and started to burrow it's way through into the heart of it, and when he found the brain, he grinned and hit detonate.



"YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?" Xander screamed, as again he was perched on the lip of the hanger doors, this time with four of his 'xander special' high-explosive sniper rifles all within a turret rig, and each had a coolant feed for sustained fire, and ammo material feed so it wouldn't run out - with thigns going the way they were he'd have used a full block in each one within a minute.


He adjusted aim, for one of the Anti-Air turrets that was slowly turning toward the normandy, and he fired two bursts.



Saren blinked and wondered why he coulnd't hear anything. He looked up, and oh yeah, some maniac had fired 16 god-damn high explosive sniper rounds into the Defensive turrets, and destroyed them. How, he didn't know.


Shepard smirked as Kaidan let down the biotic barrier, now that Xander's "Covering fire" was over.


Xander looked around the team. Liara was looking nervous as ever, Wrex was, wrex. Garrus still seemed like he had a stick up his ass. Tali seemed like she had a crush on him, given his ingenuity for using what was available to accomplish things thought impossible. Ashley was exasperated at his latest invention's destructive demonstration. and Kaidan was glad he hadn't had to follow the original plan to destroy the Defenses.



Xander looked at the door, shrugged, and said, "I can blow it open."

Shepard didn't have time to argue the point, and had a feeling that finding another way would have taken a lot longer than they had anyway.

They got into the mako, while Kaidan stuck with Xander to protect him from the shockwave.

Xander and Kaidan moved behind the MAKO, and Xander got down on his belly, to aim at the door from beneath the MAKO. He lined up his sniper rifle at a structural weakpoint, and fired.


With a grin, the pair got into the MAKO, a tight fit with Shepard and Liara.



Xander slowly made his way to a point on the external hull of the Citadel Tower that would give him a clean shot at Sovereign.

As it fired at one of the ships, he fired too.

THUD, it sounded like as the rifle bucked into his shoulder but the rest of the noise usually made was absent, thanks to no atmosphere.

He grunted, and missed the sound of the Boom as the round struck between two segments on Sovereign's "main body" and exploded with the force of an actual Atomic bomb. They sure made them smaller, these days. The ship then seemed to go dead. Everyone looked at him, and he radio'd over his idea about how a reaper might - 'MIGHT' not have had the power generation to fire weapons and maintain kinetic barriers.


Notes: Blame Zeppo Effect for the bunny. I do.


Done. Meh. you know what, with all the SIPA and PIPO stuff or whatever it is, you know what? I totally own what I write. Afterall, I write it. I'm not the first to uses these characters sure but ppfft, who cares, I'm not making a buck while they are. So they should quit their whining about that I'm using those characters too.


New Note:

No, I do Disclaim. No really. Um. Mass Effect - as if that wasn't obvious, and Buffy - you are on TTH duh. Don't own em.

Apparently I almost brought a Pipe and sipe law suit on the sight for not disclaiming properly. I'd be sarcastic and say 'like those lawyers would care' but apparently, They really do want to live up to the Wolfram And Hart Reputation given the existence of peep and Soil.

stupid lawyers.
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