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Summary: Jack's older than he appears, and when he's cloned, Mini-Jack decides to go let some others in on the Stargate.

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danteFR1532,09813410,11120 Jan 1221 Jan 12No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate or its characters. I do not own Buffy or its characters. And I do not own Highlander or its characters

“I’m leaving old me.” The younger clone said to the Colonel he had been cloned from. “I’m not about to go through High School again.”

“You know that the brass is going to raise a stink if you disappear.” Jack O'Neill told his younger counterpart.

The two of them had been staying in Jack’s house the past few days. Ever since Thor had fixed mini-Jack’s clone degradation problem.

“Yeah, but that’s what we’ve been doing since our first death.” Mini-Jack replied. “I’ve--You’ve--We’ve been Jack O'Neill for long enough, time to reinvent myself again.”

Jack looked at his younger self. It had been centuries since he had been a teenager. Even with the constant medicals and exams in the Stargate program, he had managed to keep his immortality secret. He had learned long ago to suppress his Quickening, hiding his presence from other immortals, but it had the downside of suppressing his healing ability -- although that was a boon for his role at the SGC. It wasn’t his only secret, but one of the most prominent ones.

“I guess I have to trust myself.” Jack replied. “Just remember you are not immortal anymore.”

“I know. Whatever Loki did made me a pre-Immortal again. This time I’ll try to die a little younger and keep my knees in good shape before that happens.”

Jack chuckled, thinking about all the pain he’s gone through because of his knees.

“When will you leave?”

“Tonight.” Mini-Jack replied. “There’s a few people I want to get back in touch with. Someone who should have been told about the gate when it was first opened. I’m technically not you, so I’ll exploit the fact I didn’t sign the non-disclosure agreements and give her the heads up.”

“You’re talking about . . .” Mini-Jack nodded as Jack continued, “She’ll kill me for not letting her know sooner. When she was teaching us, she warned us against the snake body snatchers. Now I’m going to have to worry about her as well as the Goa’uld.”

“I’ll be going by our birth name if you need to reach me. The Watchers don’t know it, but she’ll recognize it.” Mini-Jack responded. “Take care old me. Make sure the world doesn’t disappear on us.”
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