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Back to the Beginning...Sort of

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Long road ahead". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dean volunteers Sam to help Sarah on a hunt to get whatever information she may have on their dad while he stays behind and gets to know BUffy a little better. More than one old flame will ignite.

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Supernatural > GeneralpoetFR1588,328001,7774 Mar 1210 Mar 12Yes

Chapter 8

The next day, Sam told Dean about their dad’s message. “He really expects us to back off?”


Sam expected Dean to accept what their dad said, but was surprised instead when he replied, “I don’t give a damn what he wants, he started us on this path and now we’re gonna finish it.”

“Are you seriously talking about disobeying a direct order?”

“Hell yeah I am Sammy. If he’s planning on going after the yellow eyed demon then we’re gonna help. He can’t do it on his own.”

“Then I may be able to help.” They turned to see Willow, Sarah, Buffy, and Giles walking toward them.

“What’re you talking about red?”

“We believe there is a demon in Chicago with a connection to the demon you seek.” Giles handed them an envelope containing newspaper clippings.

“I wasn’t able to find your father, but I decided to scry for the yellow eyed demon. When that didn’t work I searched for connections to him and Chicago came up red hot.”

“Thanks Willow,” Sam hugged her, “we’ll give it a look.”

“Yeah, thanks red.”

Sarah gave Sam a hug followed by a kiss. “Don’t be strangers, okay?” She hugged Dean next.

“You know us,” Dean said followed by a wink.

“That’s my point.”

Buffy pulled Dean in for a kiss. “Don’t forget about me.”

“Not a chance.”

They said their goodbyes to Oz, Faith, Robin, and the rest of the girls and hit the road. They were definitely going to have to make Cleveland a frequent stop from now on.

The End

You have reached the end of "Back to the Beginning...Sort of". This story is complete.

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