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The Hellmouth Amazon Chronicles. Book 1

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Themyscrian Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Follows immediately after ‘Gypsy Amazon Princess!'

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Chapter Three

Disclaimer: BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Wonder Woman is owned by DC Comics. I own nothing.

A dark clad figure raced along the rooftops of Sunnydale, leaping from building to building without pause. Jenny Calendar revelled in her new strength and speed as she ran the rooftops. Ever since Halloween Night she had been full of energy and the Techno-Pagan had found that running along ‘the aerial highway’ was a good way to burn off that energy.

With a leap she crossed the gap between two buildings and came to a stop. Looking around she realised where she was, the building next to The Bronze, and she could just make out the sound of a band playing. She was about to leave and head back to her apartment when she heard a door open and voices below her.

“So where’s this party at?” A girl’s voice asked. Jenny frowned, she recognised the voice as belonging to Abigail Balton, a Senior at Sunnydale High. Leaning over she looked down to see the girl talking to two men in the alley behind the club.

When she saw the two men her hand instinctively closed on the hilt of her knife. She could tell that the two men weren’t just looking for a good time but a meal. They were vampires.

For a moment she felt a shiver of fear run down her spine. Then she remembered. No longer was she Jenny Calendar or Janna of the Kaldaresh. She was Janta of the Amazons and had been blessed by the Goddess Artemis herself. Taking a firmer grip on her knife she whispered a quiet prayer and stepped off the ledge, dropping to the alley below.

In the alley one of the vampires leered at Abigail. “Actually sweetheart it’s a dinner party.” He reached out to grab her roughly by the arms. “And guess what!” He allowed his face to morph into that of a vampire. “You’re the main course!”

“Let the girl go!” A husky, female voice echoed through the alley.

The vampires spun around snarling, the one holding Abigail placing her so that she was a shield. From the shadows stepped a slender figure wearing a dark coloured hoddie, the hood concealing her face.

“Look here Bob, we got us some dessert.” The one holding the girl smirked. His companion just growled and advanced on what to his nose, was just another woman that he would soon feed on. It didn’t worry him that his new victim was holding a knife in her hand. Everyone knew that steel couldn’t harm vampires.

Despite herself Jenny felt herself swallow nervously as the vampire moved towards her, its demonic features on display. When it got close enough she lashed out with her knife only for the vampire to sway aside from the blade and then punch her in the chest. The blow was hard enough to drive her back several feet and to lose her grip on the dagger.

“Stupid girl.” The vampire smirked. “Did you think you were the Slayer?” He reached down to claim the knife that had been dropped. It would make a good trophy once he had used it to carve up this bitch for daring to interrupt his fun.

As his hand closed around the hilt he let out a pain filled shriek as the knife, wielded and blessed by a Goddess burned him. Jenny didn’t hesitate and charged in and with a wild haymaker she connected with the vampires chin, sending it flying down the alley to collide with the second vampire and his hostage. As the vampires struggled to untangle themselves Abigail broke free and made a run for the back door of The Bronze, slamming it shut behind her.

‘Bob’ had just gotten to his feet when Jenny slammed her knife into the demon’s chest. He looked into the shadowed hood as the blade turned him to dust even faster than a wooden stake to the heart. Still moving Jenny closed on the remaining vampire and dispatched just as quickly.

As the dust and ash settled around her Jenny stood stunned. She had just taken on two vampires and not just lived to tell the tale but was victorious. For a moment the rush of adrenalin threatened to overwhelm her and her vision blurred slightly. Shaking her head to clear it she realised that she couldn’t stay here.

For a second she considered climbing back up to the rooftops to make her way home. But the pain in her chest where the vampire had punched her made her realise that it wasn’t a good idea. Instead she walked out of the alley and into the street and started walking towards her apartment. She hoped that she wouldn’t run into anymore vampires, she wasn’t sure that she’d be able to handle them.

As she walked she thought about the fight and realised that it was only by luck and the knife gifted to her from Artemis that she had survived the fight. Yes she had the strength and speed of an Amazon, which made her almost equal with a Slayer. But what she didn’t have the innate fighting skills that Buffy seemed to have.

Jenny knew that if she wanted to continue fighting she needed training, a lot of training. Her first thought was to talk to Rupert. As a Watcher he would be used to instructing someone with better than human strength, but she wondered how long she would be able to keep her secret from Buffy and her friends.

Finally she arrived home and let herself in, leaning against the door after she’d locked it. Her eyes drifted over to her phone and she considered giving Rupert a call. But she doubted that the Watcher would be home right now, Jenny knew that Rupert and Buffy were dealing with the Slayer’s childhood friend Ford tonight.

She sighed as she remembered what had happened over the last few days. Billy Fordson, who had known Buffy back when she was living in LA, had arrived in town claiming that his father had been transferred to Sunnydale and Ford was here to finish his education. Buffy had been ecstatic that her former crush was in town, especially when he told her that he knew about vampires and that she was the Slayer.

But then the truth had come out. Ford was dying! He suffered from inoperable tumours in his brain and had only months to live. To avoid a lingering and painful death the young man had planned to do a deal with the vampires of Sunnydale and become one himself. From what Rupert had told her, Ford had offered to deliver Buffy and a group of teenagers who were besotted with the undead to Spike in return for becoming a vampire.

From what she had been told Buffy had only managed to escape, along with a handful of the teenagers, when she took Drusilla hostage and had locked Spike and his minions, along with Ford in the converted bomb shelter. Now Buffy and Giles were waiting by Ford’s grave to ensure that the demon that now controlled the boy’s body would harm no one else.

Walking into her bathroom she quickly stripped off her clothes and threw them into the laundry hamper. Before getting into the shower Jenny looked at her reflection in the mirror and grimaced. A large bruise was forming between her breasts, a memento from the vampire’s punch, by morning it would be purple and blue and she made a note to ensure that she wore a high necked blouse for the next few days. She really didn’t want to have to explain where it came from, especially to ‘The Scoobies’.

Stepping into the shower she let the warm water wash away the dust and sweat. “Perhaps I’ll ask Rupert to train me here in my apartment?” She thought, the living room was large enough if the furniture was moved to the walls and the thickness of the walls meant that no one would hear them. Jenny grinned when she realised that if she trained here with Rupert it wouldn’t take much to convince him to join her in the shower afterwards to ‘wash her back’, among other things.

With that happy thought Jenny finished her shower and prepared for bed. It had been a long day and she was looking forward to some sleep. But before she slipped underneath the covers she said a quiet prayer to Artemis, thanking her for her gifts.

D.C. Universe

Wonder Woman sat in her apartments of the Themysciran Embassy brushing her long black hair. It was something that never failed to comfort her, reminding her of her childhood when her mother, Queen Hyppolita would brush and braid her hair every morning. Sometimes Diana longed for those simpler days, when her world consisted of nothing more than Paradise Island and days filled with fun and play with her sister Amazons and a kiss from her mother before she fell asleep at night.

Placing the brush on her dresser Diana got to her feet and walked over to the floor to ceiling window of her room. As she looked over the city she thought about what had happened to her that night nearly a month ago. Of waking up in another woman’s body in a world where her and the other members of The Justice League were characters in comic books and creatures from legend and nightmare stalked the night with only a single girl and her friends to oppose them.

When she had awoken in her own bed and body she immediately went to see Doctor Fate, hoping that the Lord of Order would be able to find a way for her to return to the world of vampires and Slayers.

But one of the most powerful magic user’s in this world had been unable to help her. He confessed that since it was Chaos Magic that had sent her to that world there was nothing he, as a Lord of Order, could do to replicate it. Diana was unsure of what to do, perhaps she should return to Paradise Island and commune with her goddesses, surely Athena and Artemis would be willing to aid her cause.

With a sigh she turned from the window and entered her bedchamber, hoping for a calming night’s sleep. As she slipped between the silken sheets she thought about the other thing that was bothering her. Diana had not had a lover since Steve Price, the Army Intelligence Officer, whose plane had crashed on Paradise Island, was it nearly sixty years ago?

After his death Diana had never felt the need to bring another lover into her bed and her heart. But ever since Halloween she had occasionally found herself looking at her comrades, especially Kar-El and Bruce Wayne in a different light. Not as fellow fighters and friends but perhaps, something more.

Shrugging she rolled over on to her side and pulled the sheets up to her chin. The normal sounds of New York, the city that never sleeps, were muted by the sound-proofing of the Embassy, leaving only a background hum that lulled her into sleep.

Diana woke with a start as she heard the sound of waves crashing onto a beach. Sitting upright she looked around. Diana knew this place, it was one of the may beaches of Paradise Island.

“Welcome daughter!”

She spun around and when she saw who had called to her she immediately went to her knees.

“Goddess!” She said with the utmost respect as Artemis approached, a smile on her face.

“Rise Princess, there is no need for you to kneel to me.” The Goddess said kindly as she raised her to her feet.

This is not really Themyscira is it?” Diana asked.

“No this is a dream. Even now your body still sleeps in your bed. I brought you here for a specific reason.” Artemis replied, taking the Amazon’s hand and leading her from the beach. Soon they were in the forest and minutes later they came upon a training area where a woman was practicing stick fighting techniques, albeit clumsily.

Diana frowned, she knew every single one of her sister Amazons, by name and face but the woman was someone she’d never met before. Then it came to her, a memory of a reflection in a mirror on a night when she wasn’t in her world.

“Is that?”

“Yes it is Diana. That is Janta, your newest sister, who was once known as Jenny Calendar.”

Wonder Woman’s mouth dropped open in shock and surprise. There had not been a new member of the Amazon Nation in centuries, not since the birth of her sister Dana.

“But why?”

“Because her world needs more protectors than a series of girls condemned to fight and die before they’ve truly learned to live.” The Goddess explained. “While Janta is now a Amazon she lacks the fighting skills she will need to survive and protect her world. I want you to teach her.”

“But Goddess, it took me decades to learn my skills, not just in the training arenas of Themyscira but in battles all over the world. There is no way I can teach what she needs to know in one night.” She said at the same time wincing as Janta/Jenny tried a riposte with her stick and almost tripped over.

“You won’t have just one night daughter, but all the time that you need, and you will wake up in the morning after only one night has passed.” Artemis smiled. Diana nodded in understanding and the two walked down to instruct the newest member of the Amazon Nation what it meant to be a Warrior Woman.


Jenny heard her alarm clock sound and stifled a groan at the thought of moving. Last night she had gone to sleep only to wake up once more in the meadow where she had first met Artemis and became an Amazon. The Goddess had congratulated her on her victory over the vampires and that she had saved an innocent life. Then she told her that she was lucky that the vampires hadn’t seen her as a threat before they attacked, otherwise the fight would have ended differently.

Leading Jenny to a sand filled arena Artemis handed her a short staff and told her to practice what she knew before leaving her alone. For nearly an hour Jenny fumbled through the routines she had seen Buffy do in the library as well as what she remembered from seeing martial arts displays over the years. It was only after she’d nearly tripped over her own feet for the sixth time that she realised that she wasn’t alone.

Jenny could only stand there stunned as Diana, Wonder Woman, more beautiful than she appeared in comics, walked towards. She thought her heart was going to stop when the Princess told her that she was here to train her.

And train her she did, with liberal doses of pain to correct even the smallest mistake. A misplaced foot or a hand that held a weapon incorrectly resulted in Diana using her staff to smack Jenny when she least suspected it, usually in a sensitive part of her body.

To Jenny the hours quickly ran into days, then into weeks as Wonder Woman showed the skills that made her such a formidable opponent. Finally after a furious fight with staffs that ended with Diana knocked to the ground and the point of Jenny’s staff at her throat Wonder Woman told her that she was finally ready to fight as a true Amazon warrior.

Wonder Woman then wished her luck in her future battles and expressed the hope that one day they might side by side before telling her it was time to wake up.

Regretfully Jenny opened her eyes and stared at the date displayed by her clock. To her it felt like she had been gone a month but according to the clock it was less than eight hours since she had closed her eyes and gone to sleep. Slowly she got to her feet and staggered to her bathroom to shower. As the warm water eased the phantom pain in her muscles she thought about all that had happened to her last night while her body slept.

Even as they trained the two women had talked about their lives. Diana had been curious about Jenny’s life, growing up as a Gypsy and what it was like to live on the Hellmouth. Jenny had told her that she hadn’t even known that she was a Gypsy till she was twelve years old when her father had brought her to a gathering of the clan. As for life on the Hellmouth, it was both mundane and terrifying. You could walk down the streets in the daylight without a care in the world but those same streets could mean your death once the sun set.

As for Diana, the princess talked of growing up on Paradise Island and the tournament where she bested every one of her sisters in order to have the honour of being the Amazon to leave the island and be part of the World of Man. Her meeting of the champions of that world, Superman and Batman and how together they formed The Justice League.

Stepping out of the shower Jenny quickly towelled herself dry and ran a brush through her damp hair before slipping on a robe and heading to the kitchen. Despite knowing that it had only been a night and she had slept for most of it she felt famished. She was just slicing a bagel prior to toasting it when she heard a knock on her door.

Opening the door she blinked in surprise when she recognised who it was on her doorstep.

“Uncle Enyos?!”

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