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To Boldly Go

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer Trek". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A few days after the events of Star Trek: Generations, the USS Corsair finds a distressingly familiar visitor from an alternate universe...

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AntonioCCFR1878,68902310,84413 Mar 1222 Sep 12No

Chapter 7: Revelations

7. Revelations

Janice and Jamie came back, hand in hand and smiling to each other. Inside of the room, Gridenko's tirade seemed to be in the final stages.

"Good news, I suppose," said Captain Castro seeing them

"The best, but that's not important now. We have a mutiny to quell." Said Jamie opening the door.

The noise inside ended instantly. One of the people in the room, and the only one standing, was a short woman with dirty blonde hair and gray eyes, wearing an Earth Starfleet uniform with the rank pips denoting a commander. Natalia Gridenko, I suppose.

"Oh, don't stop what you were doing for me. Please, continue." said Captain Kirk in a sweet tone as she went to the empty chair at the head of the table, while Toni stood behind her, leaning on the wall.

"Captain Kirk..." stammered Ketris, a lanky dark-haired Vorta woman with the usual violet eyes of his people, "We thought...."

"That I had died, and you could make a power grab." Said Kirk, locking eyes with the Vorta. "Well, you were wrong, as always."

They sustained each other gaze for a long moment before Ketris looked away. A Romulan female Commander snorted.

"Is there some problem, Charvanek?" said Kirk looking at her with the same intensity than before

"No, human, there is none." said Charvanek, nonchalantly. "Given your companion I gather that your mission was successful."

"Yes, it was, and if you allow me to explain..."

While Jamie explained the situation, Toni looked around, and immediately noticed the older man with Fleet Captain rank braids sitting to the left of Gridenko. He was probably the commanding officer of the J-class training ship, but he looked familiar somehow.

'Oh, God. It’s him.' she thought. ‘Fleet Captain Chris...’

"Captain Castro." Said Jamie, interrupting her thoughts "If you are so kind..."

"Oh, sorry. I was a bit distracted." Said Toni "As captain Kirk has already said, I’m captain Antonia Castro from Starfleet, commanding officer of the USS Corsair. My ship was studying an spatial anomaly when captain Kirk came through, and we offered to help you. And in my time, we have made contact with all your governments," she looked intently at Ketris. "So all of you can be repatriated, if you want, even if it's one century or more afterwards."

They talked about this and Toni expanded a few things, until all of them agreed to try their luck in the other universe. The got out until only the Starfleeters remained.

"This went better that I expected." Said Jamie

"Fear can be a powerful motivation, Jamie. That's why some of them were supporting Ketris, but you gave them something better to hang on, hope" said the man in a voice familiar to all Starfleet Academy graduates.

"My God! You are Chris Pike!" said Toni.

"Yes, Captain Castro.." said Pike, rolling up his eyes. "I gather that I still got that overinflated reputation in your time, isn't it"

"You can say that" said Toni, thinking of certain medal.

Pike sighed, stood and said, turning to Natalia:

"Commander Gridenko, can you come with me, I want to discuss..."

"Oh, come on, Chris, everybody knows!" said Natalia before jumping into his arms and kissing him deeply. "See?"

Jamie was trying to stifle a laugh, while Toni arched an eyebrow in full Vulcan mode, though ruined by the smirk on her face.

"Were we so obvious?" asked Pike

"It have been three years, Chris. And you have slipped enough for some people to notice. Gossip made the rest." Said Jamie "I don't know how she did pick up that, though"

"That's my secret." Said Toni 'I scrambled, what else?

"Okay, see you later." Said Pike as he and Natalia left the room hand in hand, leaving them both alone.

"And now, I suppose that you'll want to talk with Willow Rosenberg and Alexander Harris, about their presence here." Said Jamie "After all, they come from your Universe, don't they?"

A turbolift in the Enterprise

"She knows about the Dominion" said Ketris "The way she looked at me, as if saying 'I know what you are..."

"Irrelevant." Said his supposed assistant. "The policies of the Dominion can't have changed too much in a Century, so the Federation will be rife with our agents by now." Then his expression turned dreamy as he wavered as if he was liquid "To link again..."

"Master, what are your instructions?"

"Listen carefully, Ketris...."

Briefing Room

"How do you know?"

"I didn't know, not until I mentioned it and saw your reaction." She then smiled crookedly "Payback is a bitch, isn't it"

"Funny. Now, seriously, how did you knew it?"

"Back in the ship I accessed your databases. I got curious and checked on you, only the parts that are available for the general public, and I got the gist of your history." Said Jamie, leaning back in her chair "One of the scientists involved in the development of a FTL propulsion who got thrown through time and space, and due to improper shielding, get de-aged to a preteen for an overdose of metaphasic radiation. That, coupled with your reaction when I mentioned the Hecate, and several mentions from Willow to a 'Doctor Castro' who was lost in a earlier test of their FTL..."

"I get it, two plus two makes four." Said Toni "But how do you know that they were not native...?"

"I checked when we found them, their counterparts deaths are well registered. And there was no Watchers Corporation or the launching a spaceship named Hecate at that time."

"You know, some times I wish that the stereotype of Kirk winning through talking computers to death or sleeping with the right girl was accurate. More people forget that Captain Kirk was godamned smart." Commented Toni. "So, where are Willow and the others?."


The End?

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You have reached the end of "To Boldly Go" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Sep 12.

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