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To Boldly Go

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer Trek". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A few days after the events of Star Trek: Generations, the USS Corsair finds a distressingly familiar visitor from an alternate universe...

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Vol. I.Chapter 1: Blast from the past


"To boldly go…", Vol. I

Star Trek in all its incarnations and all related characters are property of Paramount Pictures. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters were created and are owned by Joss Whedon. Star Trek, and Star Trek: The Next Generation created by Gene Roddenberry. Tony Castro and the USS Corsair were created by me

Spoilers: Spoilers for Star Trek: Generations

Author Note: the crossover element isn't going to appear for a few chapters. So be a bit patient.


1. Blast from the past

USS Corsair, NCC-1721-C

Near the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone

Captain’s log. Stardate 48711.2

With the situation in Lykandia quiet for now, Starfleet have sent us to investigate the Sagan anomaly, and we have tried to launch several probes inside, but all of them seem to have been destroyed. Originally this mission should have been undertaken by the Enterprise, but…

Captain Antonia "Toni" Castro, seemingly a tall, young woman with black hair and brown eyes, sighed and deleted her last words from the memory of the computer. Then, she added a pretty dry entry, detailing the progresses in the study of the anomaly, and adding the data collected during the last few days.

The ship's counselor, Amia D'Arla, a half-Deltan, half-Vulcan woman, sensed her sadness creeping.

"What’s wrong, captain?" she asked, having learned over the years had learned that, with Captain Castro, the blunt approach was near always better.

"Jim’s death" answered the captain in a soft voice.

The Counselor didn’t need to ask who was ‘Jim’. Toni had been very affected the last few days, since the second death of Captain James T. Kirk.

"You know that he died as he wanted, making a difference." The Counselor tried to reassure her.

"Yes, I know. But to discover that he had been spared all these years, only to die again. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if..."


"Nothing really, Amia. It’s no use to brood about the past. What’s done is done." said Toni "You know, I met him briefly when I was rescued from that energy vortex, but I never saw him again until I enrolled in the Academy. We were somewhat friends, as friends as Starfleet brass and a cadet can be, you know." said the Captain.

D'Arla nodded, remembering her own rough time in the Academy caused, ironically, by Captain Castro, then one of the Academy deputy headmasters.

"He hitched a ride on all the training cruises that he could. He never liked to fly a desk in Starfleet Headquarters, he wanted to be out there, between the stars." She closed her eyes, remembering with nostalgia "He was always there to see the Enterprise sail away or come back home, like a man looking for the love of his life. I was aboard her also on a few training cruises, but we only coincided in her last training cruise, one that I’ll always remember."

"The Genesis incident?" guessed the Counselor, remembering what she had read on the captain service record.

"Precisely. As I was saying, I served on her a few times, but I sensed the… How could I put it? The magic of the ship. The Enterprise-A was almost a carbon copy, but I never got the same feeling from her." said Toni. "But every one of them was special. The best ship of the fleet. Archer, April, Pike, Jim, Decker, Spock, Harriman, Chekov, Demora, Garret and Picard. Without the Enterprises they would have been good captains, but with them, they became legends. One ship has fallen, but another will replace her. The Enterprises are Kirk’s legacy." As she spoke, Amia could feel how the captain’s sadness lifting, to be replaced by her usual energetic mood. The Captain had her occasional dark moments, but they were always short-lived.

Commander Korg Ramirez, first officer of the USS Corsair, a middle-aged klingon-human hybrid who resembled the ridgeless klingons from a century ago, stepped into the bridge and looked around.

He was still getting used to the modifications that had been implemented in the refit that accompanied the repairs after the Battle of Lykandia. Captain Castro had called in a few favors to get the bridge redesigned. Not that he complained about it, the new design allowed for a better communication between the bridge officers.

Captain Castro was in her chair, talking quietly with Counselor D'Arla. It was odd how they had become friends, considering that the last time that they had seen each other before the Corsair was when Captain Castro, as Deputy Headmaster of Starfleet Academy, had thrown Cadet D'Arla into the brig. He had never learned the exact details of the case, but he knew that Captain Castro had asked for a transfer to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards just afterwards.

Behind them Lieutenant Brigitte Ta-Bej, the Tactical and Security Officer, a short blue-haired woman with the stylized look characteristic of the Sajin species, was in her post, looking as if she was bored out of her mind, but he knew that she was fully alert. Her very idiosyncratic approach to her job had been the cause of frictions with the by-the-book Operations officer, Lieutenant Karl Grünning, at first. But oddly enough, or maybe not, the animosity between those two had given place to love. They had been the official couple of the ship until Karl had died in... what exactly?

'The Week' he thought 'Nobody in the ship remembers what happened that week'

Early in the year, the Corsair and the Enterprise had arrived DS9 shortly after the contact with the Changelings by the Defiant crew. The ships remained docked three weeks and nobody either in the Corsair, the Enterprise or the station could remember what had happened the first week. The logs showed that things happened without incidents, but having a hole in the memory was troublesome, so they had gone two full week trying to discover what had happened.

Not wanting to dwell in that strange event, he looked at the Andorian science officer, Lieutenant Khalevathir th'Uvyyn, or as he liked to be called, Khalev. Quiet, reserved, even a bit shy when he had boarded the ship three years ago, replacing the obnoxious lieutenant S'Tes, or, he rembered chuckling the nickname that he had been given, S'Tress, as science officer, Khalev had become a very capable officer. It was a pity to have to lose him, but apparently they needed him at home and soon.

Thinking about the bridge crew brought his mind back to the time where he had been a captain on his own right, commanding the USS Corsair, NCC-1721-B, this ship predecessor, and how his command had ended tragically in the Alkrian sector... A third of the crew dead, the ship damaged beyond repair, in an attack by ships of unknown configuration. Other officers, as his classmate Jean-Luc, had survived such kind of events, but one of the junior officers killed in the attack had been the son of Admiral Grexx, who had done all that was in her hand to see him demoted... As he resumed walking, his hands went to his neck where the three solid pips of a full commander now stood, instead of the lieutenant commander that he had been for years, afterwards. He had been stuck in Records for years, and only an unlikely chain of events had managed to put him back into the bridge of a starship... although only as first officer. At first, he had resented that, and his relationship with Captain Castro had become very adversarial. But he had finally managed to put all of that back over the years passed on this ship.

"Hi, Korg." said Captain Castro when she saw him

"Captain." acknowledged the first officer.

"Always so formal, even after all these years." said Toni smiling.

Korg let flash one of his rare smiles and said:

"Naturality is a trait that I don’t posses in a great quantity, cap… Toni."

"Yeah. I still…"

"Captain." Interrupted Khalev. "The verteron emissions of the anomaly have increased, as if something was coming through."

And then, before Toni could say anything the anomaly flashed. Although the filters kicked in immediately, that flash had been so strong that the afterglow still momentarily blinded them.

"Khalev! What has happened?" asked Captain Castro, knowing that the eyes of the Andorian, would have not been so affected as theirs. And she wasn’t disappointed.

"A small craft has appeared through the anomaly. It seems like a Type 3 shuttlecraft." answered matter-of-factly the quiet Andorian.

‘Type F.’ mentally translated Toni, remembering the old designation, and ordered. "On screen."

What she saw on the screen was a white smudge over the red and blue nebula that surrounded the Sagan Anomaly.


Soon the image changed to an old-style shuttlecraft, whose name and registry number could be easily read now: Galileo II, NCC-1701/7, USS Enterprise.

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